Gunsmith and Dungeon

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Magnum park.

Is a place in a game called Gunsmith and Dungeons. Most players refer to it as – GAD.

Magnum park is where players can hang out with each other. They can engage themselves with different activities such as challenging other players in a duel, dancing, roasting chickens, chatting, and practicing their driving and shooting skills.

Its an additional feature in the 2nd Season of GAD.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A moving target was down.


A target was down.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gunshots after gunshots, targets were down. This is a mini game in Magnum park, commonly referred to as Target shooting.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In each shot, everyone was awed on how precise each shot the player did. No bullets were wasted.

”Who the hell is he? ” a guy wearing a school uniform said while roasting a Chicken.

”Isn he the partner of that pretty sniper we saw last week? ” another guy wearing a yellow hoodie said while drinking a soda.

”Yeah, no doubt he is. Hes also good at sniping too. ” a girl wearing a school uniform said while reloading her Mini 14.

”Why don we invite him to our next game? ”

”Are you sure about that? I heard, his skills have been declining recently. ”

”Oh, maybe thats the reason why hes hanging
ound here. ”

”Ho, but look at his aim right now. ”


Two moving targets were down in one bullet. His sniper ran out of ammo, so he switched to pistol.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With four shots, four moving targets were down.

”Well, a real target is different from a fake target. ”

”Maybe he just hasn played a lot recently. Thats one good reason for your skills to decline. ”

”I think thats not the case. ” a guy in a Premium Sheriff cosmetics said while assembling the DBS in his lap.

”Then what is, Sherlock? ” the guy took a sip on his soda after asking.

”Isn it obvious? ” the Sheriff dude said, and loaded his DBS.


The loud loading sound of DBS resounds as the Sheriff dude looks at the guy they were talking about.

”Look, hes entering the battle grounds alone. ” says the Sheriff dude as he sees SHÓOT equipping his primary, secondary, and throwables after the target shooting game.

In the middle of the Magnum Park, a large scoreboard stands. This is where the mini game scoreboard shows the top shooters in the target shooting. And the name in 1st place is…

”Thats SHÓOT… ” the Sheriff dude grabbed a soda and opened it.


”He used to be a good solo-player. ” he said as he brought the soda can close to his mouth.

”Let it be, solo, solo man duo, or solo man squad. ” he said after chugging down his soda.

”I don want to face him. ” says the Sheriff dude.

”What? You never missed a shot from a shotgun before, why would you be afraid to face a bum like him? ” says a guy, expressing his honest admiration to the top Shotgun user in GAD.

”Even though Im the best shotgun user, I would never underestimate that player you call a bum. He has weird ways to eliminate the enemy. His skills might be declining for some reason, but, as you can see, he keeps returning to the battle grounds. ”

Since SHÓOTs in the top scoreboard. Every time he leaves Magnum Park, everyone will be notified.

SHÓOT entered a game.

”See, he just entered another battle alone. ”

SHÓOTs character was as if taken away by the light. His character disappeared after glowing brightly. Once again, SHÓOT entered the battle grounds alone.

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