God Of Sleep

Memories From The Past: Apart Two

The father of all monsters, what kind of creature did Fahima make me sign a contract with? It doesn matter I will figure it out later. The announcements from Fahima continued.

[Congrats, You Have Earned 100 Qualification Points]

The kid suddenly started to jump around and sang strange words, was he happy to sign a contract with me? Or have I made an error signing a contract with this lunatic?

I can call him a kid no more now that he has become my master; I don even know his name or why he appeared in this place.

”Master, whats your name? ”

Hundred qualification points, I didn know how to contain my excitement and started to jump around singing hundreds of qualification points when I heard the voice of Typhon.

”Good question; I have no idea my name or who I am. ”

I see; he has no memories of who he is; the only explanation I can come up with is soul transfer. The humans must have something to do with it. They are known for using forbidden magic to bypass their limited powers, but humans can overpower a God. It must be the Demon Gods. Lets get out of this cave before I worry about anything else.

”Master, how do we get out off- ”

I was about to ask about the prisons exit, but before I could finish my sentence, the ground started to shake, and a moment later, a massive magic circle appeared. I have never seen this kind of magic before. It had no chanting; it also gave off a pleasant smell and flashed a golden color. My body felt relaxed, and I began to sleep. The sleeplessness of thousands of years started to fade away, and its place took peaceful relaxation. Before I dosed off, I heard a womans voice .

”Typhon, You Need To Sleep ”

I answered Typhons question about my name, but he faced away from me, and about a minute later, he started to fall asleep. Then the voice of Fahima sounded in my head.

[Transportation Circle Activated]

I didn order her to use magic, but somehow, she activated a magic circle; I was about to ask Fahima how she used magic, but before I could ask her, she had already read my mind.

[The Host Is The One Who Activated The Magic Circle]

Uh, I did, but when did I learn how to use magic circles? Before I could ask who did what and how, the magic circle shouted bright light, and the dragon had vanished. I was clueless about what happened, but my body started to fade into the magic circle, and I too vanished into thin air.

A moment later, my body began to surface, I started to survey my surroundings, but the only thing I noticed where many black trees around me and I couldn find Typhon, but I felt he was near me.

[Transportation Circle Completed]

I was transported from the cave to a forest, but something didn feel right; this place looked beautiful but dangerous.

I could feel this place was full of life, but no sound or wind was blowing. Its completely silent. I started to call out for Typhon, then, a moment later, I heard a mans voice behind me.

”Master, Im here. ”

I was expecting to find a giant dragon, but I was surprised to see a black human kid with blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed in a black butlers Uniform. I stood there staring at him. While his eyes kept shutting, he yawned and said.

”Master, why are you staring at me? ”

”Why do you look like a human? ”

”I don know; I woke up like this, but master, you also have a human form. ”

He was right; my white skin color changed into silky smooth brown, but thats the only change I could see.

”Typhon could you describe my human form; I can see my skin color but nothing else. ”

”Master, you look a lot younger than before, and your hair went from gold to white, but your eyes still have a golden color. ”

I was in the middle of conversing with the cute dragon when I remembered the words of Fahima, before I met with the Guardian.

”Fatima, I can use the qualification points to Unlock or buy anything, right? ”

[The Host Is Right: What Do You Wish To Buy]

”My Past Memories ”

[Confirmed: It Will Cost You 100 Qualification Points, And You Might Not Like What You See. Do You Wish To Continue]

”Yes, I Want to remember. ”

[Confirmed: 100 Qualification Points Have Been Consumed, Unlocking Memories From The Past]

[Time Reversal Activated]

The master stood still, his face filled with happiness and a bit of concern, but mostly he looked happy staring at something in front of Him. Then All of a sudden, he looked at me and said.

”I will be back. ”

He then vanished; afterward, a golden screen of white writing appeared in front of me. I have seen a similar thing before, but this one was much bigger.

[Do You Wish To See Your Masters Past Memories]

Wait, I can see Masters memories From the Past; Im Curious to know what kind of sins he has committed to end up in the River of Forgetness.

”Yes, I would like to. ”

The writing on the screen changed to a black vision; I could see the masters figure. I felt like he was right in front of me.

”Hey, strange woman, what is this? ”

[My Name Is Fahima, And You Are Watching Television]

”Riveting, I never heard of It ”

I admired this weird thing that could show a moving picture of master. Then the ladys voice sounded.

[Time Reversal Completed]

I was shocked; I stopped staring at the television; if what Fahima said was true, my master has returned to the past, and only a God Of Time can manipulate time, and no other being is capable of producing time back to the past. I went back to the television, and a figure of A little boy appeared, whose location was weird; I had never seen so many significant buildings before, then I saw the most beautiful thing ever, a blue sky stretching miles.

”Fahima, whats the name of this magical world? ”

[Planet Earth]

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