God Of Sleep

Memories From The Past: Part One

[Congrats, You Have Earned 5 Qualification Points]

Finally, the qualification points came. I was confused as to why seeing the Guardian would give me five points. I was in the middle of celebrating when I heard a voice coming from the direction of the Guardian.

”Who dares to wake me up. ”

The dragon let out a powerful aura, I stood there, not able to move, and acted tuff, but deep inside, I was terrified. His gorgeous eyes radiated dark energy and pierced through my soul. I found myself falling into a deep hole full of blades. I tried to breathe, but the atmosphere surrounding me was full of toxic smoke. I was about to doze off, but then I heard the beautiful voice of Fahima.

[Detected, Hostile Intimidation Aura Of Sovereignty, The Host Is Advised to Protect Himself]

”Fahima, how do I protect myself? I could hardly breathe. ”

[Calm Your Breath And State your Desire]

I closed my eyes and slowed my breath. I would face more dangerous and influential people in the future, and I don want anyone to be looking down on me. I want to be able to use my powers to defend myself. I want to rule and leave behind my legacy. The Guardian would be my stepping stone to enter the center stage of this world. At this moment, I could feel the mighty power inside me start to take shape; then, I heard Fahimas voice ring out.

[The Aura Of God Activated]

Dark and powerful energy jumped out of my body; the toxic atmosphere around me became easier to breathe; I opened my eyes and looked towards the Guardian.

The Guardian felt a powerful aura coming toward him; his cold eyes looked concerned, and he put on a shield of magic to protect himself, but it was fruitless. The powerful energy pierced through his shield and grabbed hold of him. A drop of sweat dripped off his face. He roared and spoke.

”Interesting, to make me feel fear, I can remember the last time I felt fear, boy. What purpose do you have coming here? ”

”My companion told me if I want to get out of this cave, I need to defeat the guardian. ”

The dragon laughed and said.

”Indeed, Im the guardian, but you won be able to escape the chains of death by defeating me. ”

”I don understand. Could you explain to me what this place is? ”

I was once the most powerful creature on this planet. Still, I was betrayed by those I called friends, and locked me in Lethe the Internal river of forgetness, were sinners of Erubes are prisoned and made me the guardian of this place, but I could tell you are not a prisoner of this place, who are you?

I was somewhat relieved to know the name of this place and why I couldn remember anything. If this is the prison of sinners, what did I do to end up here, and the guardian is proper? I could feel the moment I woke up that I didn belong in this world and to answer the guardians question.

”I woke up in this place unable to remember my past self; I hope you have answers for me. ”

The dragon shook his head and stared me down; his beautiful yet dangerous eyes twitched and glowed a bright light and said.

”Soul Search. ”

The Guardian, Launched an invincible attack on my soul; I felt the eyes of a dragon enter my body, then Fahima spoke.

[The Guardian Has Used The Skill Soul Search; Host Would You Like Me to Cancel It]

Fascinating soul search; hes able to search the souls of others; at the moment, I don have anything to hide, so I would like to know what he finds.

The Guardian began to search my soul, but a minute later, he coughed blood, and his tone and demeanor changed into that of a little kid, and he yelled

”Impossible; you have the soul of a God, who doesn belong in this world, but at the same time, your body does. ”

I made the right choice to let him search me; my body belongs in this world, but the soul doesn ; engaging, the answers created more questions, but what does he mean my soul doesn belong in this world?

”What do you mean my soul doesn belong in this world? ”

”The Gods of this world are evil and power hungry, and their souls are corrupt, but your soul is clean, and no one in this world has a clean soul. ”

”No one has a clean soul; what kind of world is this? Everyones soul is clean when they are born, right? ”

e right about that, but this world is a dark and cursed one, and everyones heart is blanched in darkness the moment they are born; even the nobles like me are born to become evil in the end. ”

I liked talking to the dragon; he looked cute and knew this world. His an information pool for me, so I decided to negotiate with him.

Fahima, is there a way I can make him my loyal servant?

[Yes, Would You like to Sign a Contract With The Guardian]

”Yes. ”

”I planned to defeat you and leave this creepy cave, but I have changed my mind; how would you like to become my companion. ”

”Its impossible to get out of here; I have been locked up for thousands of years unless you break the chains of death. ”

”Whats the chain of death? ”

The Guardian pointed his head down to his right leg. An Invincible black chain was wrapped around his right leg; a scar caused by the chain was still visible, and he said. ”This is the chain of death even the Gods can break. ”

Even the Gods can break it; interesting, I would not let this chain keep me from leaving here. ”Fahima, can I break this chain? ”

[Yes, Approach The Chain And State Your Title]

”Guardian would you sign a contract with me; if you do, I will set you free from the chains of death? ”

We dragons are noble creatures and don sign a contract with everyone, but this person has a strange soul, and it won be impossible for him to break the chains; the old me would laugh at me right now, but I have been here for too long. I want to see the sun and fly freely.

”I agree, but I have one condition. ”

”Ok, state your condition ”?

”Thousands of years ago, I fell in love with a human woman, and I was about to marry her, but unfortunately, I was on my way to the human kingdom when my friend betrayed me, and in the end, I was locked up here, not able to see her, and my condition is to visit the human king. ”

The dragon put his head down to hide his tears. Love even made a dragon cry; cute, I have no issue with a man chasing his lover.

”I promise, one of these days, we will visit the human kingdom, but humans have a short life, and I think shes long gone. ”

”That woman won die so easily. ”

I approached the chain of death, but I could feel the dark energy from miles away; I closed the distance between the chain, but I felt like I was walking backward, then the chain took the shape of a black snake and attacked me. I did as Fahima said.

I, God of sleep, curse you to sleep for eternity. ”

The chain stopped its approach, and all suddenly dropped to the floor.

[Eternal Sleep Activated]

”Impossible; you made the chain of death fall an eternal sleep, haha; they would cry If they found out their most powerful weapon is put to sleep by a kid. ” I was still shocked at what the kid did, but an even weirder thing appeared before me.

[Would You Sign A Contract With God Of Sleep] [Yes] [No]

”Interesting; yes, it would be fun to see what kind of trouble this kid creates in the future. ”

[Congratulations, You Have Signed a Contract With Typhon, The Father Of All Monsters]

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