Zeliker refuses to bow down or kneel in front of Sektar and his sons. He has his pride as a demon prince and he intends to keep it that way. He peeks around before staring at Sektar.

Gizelis and Riseptos who in front of Sektar already kneel to their king.

”We have brought Flinks prince, Zeliker Asterostes, to meet you, Your Majesty, ” informed Gizelis.

Sektar nodded. ”Rise. ”

Silvert and Gizelis stood up and went to stand on the side. They watch Zeliker who ignores everyone and the supposed etiquette.

Will he be fine…?

Gizelis didn doubt it. After all, Zeliker doesn seem to care about everyone watching him.

Sektar stood up and went to Zeliker but not too close. He knows that even a collar can break loose if he wasn careful. He wondered why this demon prince looks so calm and acceptable to be taken away from his home.

What has made this demon prince look like this?

Theres no anger, violence or pressure released by him. It was like he was just a normal demon, not a demon prince. Sektar was sure that all royal demons would have snarled or struggled to get free by now. Or would fight to the death with them.

Is this why Gizelis able to capture him?

He was Nekruiss son for goodness sake! It was impossible for no one to not know how cruel Nekruis was. All his children followed after him. But this Zeliker… Why does he look a bit different from his siblings?

Just like Sektar was sizing him up, Zeliker does the same thing. Sektar doesn look like he was over fifty. He has dark blond hair, blue eyes and a light moustache. His body was not robust as most kings would be.

Does that mean this king was not greedy like the rest?

Should be impossible. A king would always be greedy in his eyes. His sight went behind Sektar.

Sektar children, Xcerox and Miulwess carry Sektar matching sides except Xcerox has dark green eyes. And both show no fear toward him. He also was sure the eleven men with them were the kings protector by their attire with high defence armour. Their rigid countenance can be felt by him.

He was actually defenceless though. Why are they so afraid of him?

Everyone in the hall remains silent. The kings protector was already ready with their weapon if Zeliker does something wicked. And some of them were demons like him.

Zeliker notices it before he enters because the demon inside him can feel other demons presence. None of their eyes shows fear towards him. He focussed back on Sektar when he heard him speak.

”Prince Zeliker, I really mean you no harm if you wouldn lay a hand on anyone. But I doubt you can attack anyone right now anyway. Gizelis? ” Sektar turns his head to Gizelis.

”Your words have been delivered to him, Your Majesty, ” replied Gizelis.

Zeliker finally knows the real mastermind that put the collar on him. But he kept a secret about the collar not affecting him much. A while ago when he was jolted by the current, he suddenly realised it didn hurt him much. If these people know it, they will assault him and bring him down to a cell or something. Or much worse skewed him.

Yeah, right… Humans were not evil like them.

He even notices the collar was useless if he can draw his power out and it would be shattered before anyone can capture him which he would rather not do so. He was lazy after all.

Moreover, he wants to know what they
e planning to do with him.

”Good. ” Sektar faces Zeliker again.

”It was an honour to meet you but your presence already threatens us here. However, we all agree to let you go back if you aid us by meeting your father and telling him we mean no harm to you. Our hands are already full of problems these few years and as you can see, we welcome demons to our homeland. Now, we need you to leave us the same way you are brought here… Accidentally. ”

Sektar narrows his eyes at Gizelis. Hes the reason they were in this mess. And also, Riseptos had to grab Gizelis while he was holding the demon prince. The people present at that time almost had a heart attack from seeing the black hair demon.

Why can he just leave him there for goodness sake?!

Thats why he ordered Gizelis to send Zeliker to his home to recuperate where it was further from this city. Its just to ensure that Zeliker didn go berserk when he knew he was brought somewhere. And also put the control device on him just in case.

”So, whatd you say? ” He hopes Zeliker agrees.

”Since it is our wish, I would rather fulfil it. ” Answered Zeliker without any argument.

He already knows the danger they
e going to face. He wants to leave them unscarred and unharmed.

”Unfortunately, the condition saying I should meet my father may not succeed. Once you return me, hell decide to attack you and Im hopeless to stop him. My father is not a patient king and he too knows you all capture me which gives him more reason to attack this kingdom. ” His reason gives a chill to everyone.

”Heh! I knew it. What do you recommend then? Die or pursue your father until he wouldn attack us? Im not as patient as he is either. If hes going to attack, bring him on. ”

Sektar doesn like playing with fire and he also will put out the fire if that helps to protect his people.

Zeliker was amused. Sektar and his father could be in the same team since both don seem to have much patience.

But its really brave for a human to say lets fight. He can see Sektar was a bit immature for a king.

Isn he already 56 years old? Still so childish… Oh, whatever.

”You want me to leave this kingdom and my father will attack after I go home. The only thing I keep thinking now is why he didn attack after I was sent here. Its not like him to be so patient. ” Zeliker folded his hand.

e his son. Shouldn you know him better than anyone? ” Xcerox interrupts them while rolling his eyes.

”Yes and no. I can guess that he sent a few rescuers and assassins to locate me after a few days had passed since my kidnapping. Surely someone has advised him that warring with your kingdom could waste the resources. ” Zeliker shrugged.

Everyone glares at him in slight anger. It seems fine if he doesn explain about wasting the resources.

What?! Do Nekruis think they
e that weak?! Bring it on!

Zeliker chuckled. ”If you want this place to be safe, Your Majesty needs to hide me somewhere where none can find me. Wait for a couple of months to ensure someone doesn locate me before you return me home. My father wouldn know where I am and I promise not to tell him a single thing you did to me or where you hid me. The outcome, Flink won come to disturb your door. ”

Sektar mulled over his suggestion.

”How can we know you wouldn tell him? You
e a demon and his bastard son after all, ” Miulwess doesn think Zeliker will keep his promise.

He trusts none of the royal demons since he knew how wicked they were.

”No, Your Highness. I trust he will keep his promise. ”

Everyone turned in surprise toward Gizelis who spoke it. He comes in front of Sektar and kneels again.

”Do you trust him? Tell me the reason you did. ” Sektar wants a reasonable answer.

”I believe him, Your Highness. He used to be my master a decade ago. ”

Gizelis told the truth about his past. He does not need to hide this from them if he wants them to lower their vigilance on Zeliker.

”You mean hes the one who releases you? ” Miulwess look startled.

Never had they heard a demon royal would free their slave and of course not from Flink.

Gizelis nodded. ”Same also for other slaves under him. He doesn kill or eat them. He releases us. Prince Zeliker is none like the rest of his royal demons. I assure you, Your Majesty, he can be trusted. ”

Gizelis had investigated a lot of things after he brought Zeliker to Eskimos. Especially old rumours about a demon prince from Flink releasing them but no people would believe it so the rumours died not long after. But, Gizelis managed to get the information because he gets the help of his friends from other kingdoms.

”I have proofs here from the information I have to investigate, Your Majesty. ” Gizelis pulled out a scroll from under his armour.

Zeliker glares at him. He wished he could burn the scroll with his flame but the device struck his neck again, warning him.

”Why did he investigate it?! Don you know you
e going to get me in more trouble with other royal demons or my father if he knew this?! I am screwed! ” Zeliker anxiously thought but his face shows nothing of his internal distress.

His back starts to sweat profusely. His secrets were finally exposed and it embarrassed him more than he thought. It was like he was stealing a cookie without anyone finding out about it.

Sektar took the scroll and read lots of names on it and their circumstances while they were captured and enslaved under the youngest son of Nekruis. He was stunned before he looked at Zeliker in bewilderment.

So, a kind and sympathetic royal demon does exist!

”He is right, Your Majesty. I was once a demon general for Flink and I found that Zelikers slave always ended up missing the moment we leave him alone with his slave. And since Gizelis was one of them, the truth he told along with the proof is true enough to tell us what he did behind his father. I believe Prince Zeliker is more kind-hearted towards humans than we ever thought. Hope Your Majesty can pardon him. ” Riseptos cut in to support Gizelis.

What is he saying?

Zeliker was stupefied in his place. His eyes almost went into shock with the claim about him. Although it was all true, how come they speculate like that. He wasn kind as they describe at all!

He frowned. He doesn like the act of kindness to him because he never trusts it anymore.

”Enough! I may have let Gizelis go but thats because his meat is too little for my taste! Do you think demons have a human heart? You
e kidding me! I. Am. Not. Kind! And killing humans is definitely my everyday routine in Flink! ” Zeliker snarled, showing his sharp fangs.

Gizelis and Riseptos were startled by his changes. Whats wrong with him all of sudden? They just told the truth.

Sektar eyebrows went up as he looked at Zeliker. Everyone could see the anger on Zelikers face but he felt the silent pain hidden behind it and heard the lies in the words he spoke.

To his shock, Xcerox lunges at Zeliker with his blade. His anger after Zeliker said he kill humans as a routine makes him lose his temper.

Zeliker braces himself since he can use power or attack. All he could do was defend.

Why would he defend himself when he desired to be killed?

Only one reason he did it. That was to make sure he died somewhere and not here. This kingdom, he would be sad to see disappear. Nekruis won let them go if he knew his prince was killed here.

So, he caught the sharp blade that thrust into his heart with one hand, causing his palm to bleed out. And, making sure that Xcerox stops his attack or takes his blade away from him.

Xceroxs eyes blazed with anger and he was frustrated that Zeliker stopped him. Miulwess hurriedly grabbed both his shoulders and forced him to back away from Zeliker.

”Stop, brother! You
e gonna get hurt. ”

”Release me, Miulwess! ” Growled Xcerox.

”Calm down! He may not be able to use his power but that doesn explain he can break his collar with anger youll insert into him. A fact you also understand is that royal demons are badass and strongest among all demons. So, help us not to outrage him more will ya! ”

Miulwess manage to carry his brother to the other side of the throne. Xcerox blade was released after Miulwess grab him and back away.

Zeliker let the blade go and it was taken instantly away from him by a protector. Zeliker and all of them went silent for a moment.

Zeliker let out a sigh.

”Now, can you hide me somewhere I wouldn be found? Im tired of being there for more than a minute already. ”

Sektar looked at him quietly before he nodded.

”Gizelis, Riseptos, Prince Zeliker will be under your care. Comfort him with anything he needs. Hide him where he can assure safety from the eyes of others, ” he ordered them both.

”Yes, Your Majesty! ”

Then, they walk to leave the hall with Zeliker by their side. But before they can get to the door, a loud blast opens the door and an angry and fierce large dog appears. Its height was eight feet with a hundred pounds of muscle showing at them.

It doesn stop on track as it jumps down at Zeliker causing his back to hit the floor with a loud thud sound. The floor behind his back also cracked because the heavyweight dog pinned him mercilessly.

Everyone in the hall was shocked over the uninvited comer.

”Zeliker! Get off him, Hoogles! ” Ordered Gizelis whos terrified seeing the blood flooding the floor under Zeliker.

Hoogles was their royal pet and he really hated demons. Especially royal demons.

Zelikers old wounds open again from the hit. But what stunned Gizelis and the others was that Zeliker did not protect himself and Hoogles bit his left shoulder and ripped his skin. More blood coming out from the new place.

Yet, no pain or emotion showed in Zelikers expression. He still looked composed like he was seeing something unusual.

Hoogles went to bite his head but Riseptos blasted him with a green light causing it to fall to Zelikers side. Gizelis went for Zeliker the moment Hoogles got up and thrust his claws toward both of them.

Zeliker saw the sharp claw from Hoogles accidentally aiming straight at Gizeliss chest where the humans heart was. Unconsciously, he protects Gizelis with his body. The claw went through him and spattered the blood around him.

Even Gizelis was drenched with some of it on his body and face. His expression looks so horrified and disbelieving that Zeliker protects him. Theres no way everyone wouldn notice it when the act was done in front of them. They also show disbelief in their heart.

Next, in a blink of an eye, everyone saw Zeliker swing one leg to Hoogles neck and bring it downward with his body to pin the dog to the floor like he was. Hoogles struggles to move him away with his back foot but because of his huge body, he can reach Zeliker.

Zeliker even held the other front foot with one hand while the feet stuck to Zelikers body were held by another hand. Hoogles snarled and wanted to bite Zeliker again.

Zeliker ignored it and also the jolt from his collar that warned him for using his powers.

”Hoogles, stop! ” Miulwess and Xcerox move closer but Hoogles didn seem to hear it. It struggles more violently.

”Hey, dog. Who is your master? ” Zelikers voice sounded loud due to everyone being silent except for Hoogles growling.

Hoogles snarled at him. Its sharp teeth wanted to maul the demon in front of him.

”You want to eat me? You know, I am famished too since someone forgot to feed me after Im awake… ”

Everyone was stunned and turned to Gizelis who smiled sheepishly.

You didn feed him?! Anyone knows that a hungry demon was more dangerous, especially a royal demon. They look at Gizelis like they want to kick him. He should be glad that Zeliker won attack them.

Gizelis looks wrong. He did try to feed Zeliker but Zeliker refused it! It wasn his fault!

”I heard Inqlak dog meat is very delicious after cutting it into small pieces and making it into skewers. Would love to have some… ”

Zeliker was just joking but Hoogles looks horrified after hearing his meat would be skewed. He howled loudly, almost deafening the people inside the hall.

Zeliker who was closer were more in pain. Not to mention he and other demons have a high hearing ability. He grabs Hoogles cheeks with both hands to face his glowing fierce red eyes.

”Shut up! Or I would really eat you, understand! ”

Hoogles went silent instantly.

”Good boy. ”

Zeliker patted Hoogles head and scratched his chin, making the dog feel the itch to beg for more.

”I won hurt anyone nor your family. Trust me… ” Zeliker used telepathy to say it into Hoogles head. His eyes which already turn normal look at Hoogles eyes.

Hoogles who saw and heard his promises stop struggling and slowly calm down. The hand on Zelikers body was pulled out, almost making Zeliker let out his groan. His body staggered to fall but Hoogles give his head for Zeliker to hold onto him. He believes Zelikers words because his instinct said so.

”Your Majesty, Prince Zeliker injuries… ” Riseptos look at Sektar with worried.

His prince was hurt and he wasn able to stop it. He felt he failed his duty but was glad that Zeliker was fine. Gizelis has the same worried expression with him.

”Take him to the infirmary, ” Sektar ordered.

”Thank you, Your Majesty! ” Gizelis and Riseptos were happy for his permission.

”And make sure he eats something. I don want to see Hoogles only left with skeletons or bones later. ” Sektar joked and laughed.

Hoogles was stifled and later ran away from Zeliker. He hides behind Miulwess and Xcerox who look at him with twitching eyes. Almost everyone wants to laugh but they hold it in.

”Lets go, Zeliker. ” Gizelis went to help Zeliker and put Zelikers right hand over his shoulder.

Zeliker doesn seem to mind his closeness now. Thats because he was tired and in a lot of pain. Riseptos hurriedly shows the way to the infirmary for them and they leave the hall.

”How strong is he? ” Xcerox couldn believe his eyes, especially the deep wound and the pool of blood where Zeliker have left.

A human would have been dead by now.

”I don know but Hoogles never let anyone touch him other than us. To see Hoogles accept Zeliker is like hell gone loose. Man, Zeliker really is a dangerous being. By the way, the advanced slave collar seems useless to him. He can still bring his power out. ” Miulwess replied as his body started to chill.

He was glad Zeliker didn destroy the collar to frighten everyone. He brushes Hoogles head that was lowered to him. Hoogles tongue went out and lick him happily.

”Heh! Are you both already chicken out? ” Asked Sektar with a smirk.

”Its not funny, father. He can get us all killed. I doubt his plan gonna work. ” Xcerox shook his head.

”Yes, but you miss something about him. He protects Gizelis when Hoogles almost kills him. Didn you all see it? ”

Some nodded to him.

”Bah! He probably wants us to see hes on our side but actually, hes waiting to strike us someday when we accept him. ”

Xcerox doesn think Zeliker was worth trusting yet. Miulwess agreed with him.

”Fine. Its up to you two. As for the useless collar on him, no one should tell others about it. It might scare them. ” Sektar commanded while he went to his throne.

”Yes, Your Majesty! ” Everyone answered.

”Somebody, clean up the mess on the floor. ”

Next, Sektar asked everyones opinion about the kingdoms defence and the regular activity that needed his attention.

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