Gizelis rubs his neck. He looks embarrassed about something. Such appearance confused Zeliker more. He thought he would see the realm of death where other dead people gathered. Gizelis had a chance to do it. So why?

”Why didn you kill me? ” He asked again with a deep stare.

”Erm… Because you saved my life a few years back… ”

e joking. Save you? Heh, I didn save you. I just have enough playing with you. ” Zelikers eyes went to the left when he said it.

Gizelis stared at his reaction.

What an obvious lie.

He thought with a smirk on his lips.

”Oh, really then? Well, whatever. Now that you
e awake I have to bring you to our king. Oh yeah. I need to remind you that you can use your power, breach the collar or hurt anyone, ” he told Zeliker about the collar order.

Does that mean I can run away?

Zelikers eyes lit up.

”No running away either… ” Gizelis laughed at Zelikers hopeful look.

Zeliker rolled his eyes. He already knows that.

How can life be so simple? He sighed.

Theres no way he can get away from here if he wears the collar in the first place. Plus, he didn know how to get back to Flink without finding information around here.

Meeting the king… Which king was it? This place doesn seem to have clues where he was at.

”Sorry, it had to be done. If not, youll hurt us. We
e taking caution on you right now. ”

Gizelis raised his hand up as he went into his house for a few minutes. The deers meat was brought along to be kept in the freezer. He returned after washing his body off all the deers blood and changing his cloth to silver armour.

He also shows off his shiny armour towards Zeliker. Zeliker rolled his eyes again.

Well, at least Gizelis finally got his wish to meet him again by becoming a soldier. But inside his hidden mind, he hopes Gizelis didn do that. It was dangerous and he thought Gizelis was also an idiot for coming after him.

What a waste of energy for saving this stupid kid.

He sighs heavily. Can he just lay low and stay away?

To not make Gizelis notice anything, he spoke, ”You feel like you won a medal for being able to capture me, don you? ”

Gizelis shrugged before he grins. ”Now, follow me, Zeliker. ”

Zeliker found Gizeliss anger with him was gone. He felt weird about why Gizelis had a change of attitude toward him.

Didn Gizelis hate him?

He won ask though. He was too lazy right now. Probably because of the calm surroundings.

They walk out of the house area and into a ready carriage. The carriage looked kind of noble to him. He faced Gizelis who readied the horse.

When did he prepare this? Won everyone notice and get curious about someone inside?

”Don worry. The carriage will start to be invisible the moment we start our journey. ”

Zeliker went inside without saying anything. Just like the outside, the inside also looks grand. The seat was made of a soft red cushion and the window curtain was made of high-quality silk. Zeliker chooses to close the curtains. It still has some light showing his surroundings.

He can feel the carriage starting its movement and slowly close his eyes. His body still feels exhausted from just walking a little.

I must recover my body faster and leave here at once.

He thought quietly because he was worried about something. Also, he would find a way to destroy his slave device.

Two hours later, they arrive at a gate to the main city of Eskimos Kingdom, Ladoss. The palace was located in the middle of the city.

Gizelis told Zeliker from the small opening in front of the carriage.

”Look, Zeliker. This would be your first time arriving in our royal city. Hope you like it. ” Gizelis winked at him.

Zeliker opened his eyes and looked over. He was curious after all. His eyes widened when he saw the enormous city.

Eskimos?! Im in the Eskimos Kingdom?!

He was shocked by the majestic city.

No demon soldiers were able to get close to Eskimos main royal city before. They were killed before they reached it. But the living can still bring news back so they manage to capture the scene of the royal city of Eskimos Kingdom. He gawked at it. To see this city once in his entire life makes him very bewildered.

The scenery was the opposite of his homeland. The royal city was beautiful with a blue aurora sky. In the demon kingdom, the sky was always twilight, moody or raining but here, light shines everywhere.

Gizelis stops the horse when he reaches the palace gate. The carriage lost its invisibility there so he just shows his access card which was being checked by the palace guards. The guards mixed with demons and humans.

Knowing who was inside, they were watching nervously. They whispered to each other while pointing their chin and eyes at the carriage.

Zeliker doesn need to see since he has a powerful hearing. Everything they said can be heard by him. Moving again, he was mesmerized by the aurora reflection on the palace buildings.

”Here we are. ”

Gizelis hopped down from the carriage front and went to the door. He opens it and Zeliker slowly gets out.

Some palace guards were already waiting. One person with silver armour walked to them. The person was 1.9 meters in height with long silver hair to his waist and blue vertical eyes. He had a huge and strong body like Gizelis.

His armour has an Eskimos symbol on the front of his left chest. Now that Zeliker sees him, he also notices Gizelis was wearing the same colour armour after Gizelis came out of his house but no symbol of Eskimos was on it.

No wonder he didn know where he was. Gizelis probably deliberately hid it from him.

The person gazes at Zeliker softly before he bows respectfully.

”We meet again, your highness. ”

”Hm…? Riseptos?! ”

Now that he looks clearly, isn this person from his kingdom?! A formal general of Flink, Riseptos Algaia.

He thought Riseptos was dead in the war seven years ago. They even commemorate his death for sacrificing himself to let his uncle, Prudenian Asterostes, from getting killed by the general demon from the human side.

That year, the loss of Riseptos who they record as heroes has saddened the entire Flink. Now, he was speechless seeing this general in front of him.

Did he fake his death? Was it all a lie back then?!

Zelikers eyes turned glowing red but it was stopped by the pain from his neck. The collar shocks him with an electrical current. It was not painful but it was a reminder.

A reminder that he was not in Flink but the enemy kingdom. He closed his eyes tightly and calm down. After all, those men behind Riseptos were ready to strike him if he even makes a move to attack. Their weapons, a sharp blade gun have aimed toward him the moment they see his eyes change.

Gizelis by his side was nervous. Would Zeliker hurt them? But he trusts Zeliker won do such a thing.

”Sir Riseptos, the king is still waiting for him. ” He told Riseptos.

”Yes, we shall escort your highness. Please come this way. ” Riseptos still shows his respect towards Zeliker.

Zeliker felt his chest tightening. He was suffocated at Riseptos words and respect for him as a prince. It doesn make any sense when those little things of bowing hit him so hard.

No one had ever bowed to him genuinely before. Well, unwillingly and only Silvert did. And this person was once a general in his kingdom, a fierce and brutal demon that killed thousands of humans that met his eye.

He couldn believe Riseptos had turned to be like this, a slave to humans. No, not a slave but a friend to humans. He saw the change in Riseptos and was happy for him. He didn know how to respond to Riseptos though. He was in deep shit himself and didn know what to do anymore.

Zeliker gives a slight nod and follows after him. All his sides were surrounded by the soldiers, but five meters away. They don like to stay too close to him.

As they walked through a path towards the kings throne palace, the human guards or maids who saw Zeliker were in a terrible horror state. It was because he wore the collar and also because they knew what the royal demons appearance looked like.

Royal demons, theyve always had the black colour of hair and eyes except their eyes colour turn different colours individually when they use their power. It was the symbol of a ruler to the demon race.

Means, other demons don have black hair. Why would a human wear them? So, if they saw one with it, they definitely guess he or she comes from the royal demon bloodline. And so, respect and fear were normally seen in the demon kingdoms.

The gun blade was gripped tightly. If Zeliker ever attacks them, they were already ready to end his life. But that seems impossible. Defeating a royal demon with such a weapon was laughable.

They were on the top of the food chain. How can mere mortals defeat them?

Zeliker felt like he was an animal in the zoo, watched by tourists. Gizelis notices his gloomy state and comes closer. Everyone let out a silent gasp.

e kidding!

Stay away from him!

e going to be killed!

Their silent warning wasn seen by Gizelis.

e almost there, Zeliker. Don worry. Theres only the king and some people in it. ” Gizelis whispered.

Zeliker went rigid because Gizelis was too close to him. He let out a sigh.

This human is too careless and fearless! He scolded internally.

He pushes Gizelis away about one arms length. His movement almost makes the people around him take action against him. But they halt it because they saw Zeliker doesn seem to want to hurt Gizelis.

The way he pushes Gizelis was actually gentle in Riseptos sight. His eyes lit up with happiness.

”His highness, he is still the same. I hated his attitude before but now… It seems he has never changed no matter how many years it has been. He may look hard outside but he is very kind and soft inside. I was wrong about him before. Im glad he can finally be here, away from the evil in Flink. I need to take better care of him from now on. ” He vows silently.

When they reached the front of a huge door, Zeliker, Gizelis and Riseptos were the only ones who went in while the rest guarded outside the building. Inside, the king, his two sons and his eleven high officers, either a high general, commander or a kings trusted men, were already on standby after they were given news of Zeliker coming to them.

His majesty, Sektar Mirima was sitting on his throne and looked very excited to meet Zeliker finally. His two princes, Xcerox Mirima and Miulwess Mirima eyed Zeliker with a hungry gaze to kill. Both stood side by side with their father with a long blade on their waist.

Zelikers presence already intimidates them. As for Zeliker, he never took his eyes off Sektar the moment he entered. He mostly wants to focus on the ones who have ruled this kingdom. The human king who rules over both demons and humans and lets their lives in harmony.

I wonder what this human king wants with me?

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