”Is it okay to leave them there? ” Nish asked because they were now running towards the base.

The slaves were left where they were fighting before.

”They are free anyway. Its up to them what they want to do. ” Gizelis replied while hopping over a big stone in front of him.

Suddenly, two demons appear and attack him. Gizelis bent his body backwards and escaped their sharp claws to his head. He also unsheathed his two swords fast and immediately cut their knees.

Their necks were stabbed by Nish and Xceroxs swords. They have no choice but to do that because these demons seem more aggressive than Enta and the other slaves. Both demons died instantly.

”My god! That scares me! ” Nish let out a sigh of relief.

Because the day already turned to night, it was hard to see anything around them. They can only use their senses to feel their surroundings.

”They are also demon slaves. It seems the kidnappers already know we are here. Hurry! We need to help them! ” Xcerox urges them.

On their way…

”Gizelis, the Zeliker you know would really save humans? I find it hard to believe. ” Xcerox doubt again.

”Your Highness, I don know how to make you believe him. All I can do is let you watch and see for yourselves. ” Gizelis hopes Xcerox and others would trust Zeliker more.

Even if theres a slight doubt, he wants to believe in Zelikers true personality. He has seen it a lot since Zeliker came here.

Zeliker was truly a child of curiosity, considerate toward people who were kind to him, pay back their debt, and lied to keep his pride. Zeliker was also fearless and would sacrifice himself to protect others.

These things weren normally done by royal demons. To him, Zeliker was still a child, fresh or untainted by other royal demons evil schemes. Well, Zeliker sometimes did evil things but he doesn think Zeliker wanted to do it in the first place.

”Hes cute, ” Gizelis remembers the chewing Zeliker who looks like a rabbit when he eats the sunflowers.


”Huh? Are you alright, Nish? ” Gizelis was startled to see Nish hit a tree.

What happened?

He also stopped his run because Nish and Xcerox, both stumbled upon something.

Nish stroked his painful nose while glaring at Gizelis.

”You just said what?! ” Xcerox looked baffled at Gizelis.

He almost hit the tree too but managed to slide to the left. His eyes twitched at Gizelis calling Zeliker cute.

”How can you call him cute?! Hes not cute at all! Don you see how he slams all the slaves to the ground with his power just now?! That was so horrible! ” Nish yelled.

Gizelis shrugged. ”You didn see it so howd you know hes not cute. Come on. Im worried about him. ”

Xcerox and Nish look at each other. They think Gizeliss head has a few screws loose. They continued running again. They were almost there when they heard a snarling and growling from the base.

They hid behind a treetop and looked over. It was a disaster. Flames were everywhere, burning the stuff that was not interested in Silvert eyes. He burns them all. So, Xcerox, Gizelis and Nish can see the damages he made.

They saw Silvert who was killing mercilessly and massacring everyone coming at him. Splashes of blood and dead people were everywhere in the area.

”Whos that?! An ally?! ” Nish whispered in shock towards Xcerox and Gizelis.

He also gets a goosebump and fear towards the battle between the demons. Xceroxs eyes narrowed at Silvert. He had never seen such a person before.

Where did he come from? His fighting skill is too good…

”Oh, why are you guys here? ” Someone asked beside them, almost making Nish drop himself off the branch he stood on.

”Zeliker! Are you alright?! ” Gizelis checks his body with his eyes for any injuries.

”Im fine. ” Zeliker folded his hands.

”I wonder why you come here. Everything has already been handled. ”

”You idiot! Why did you go head-on into the enemy camp alone?! ”

”Im not alone. My personal bodyguard is here. ”

Zeliker chinned up at Silvert who went crazy over the enemies. Even he was flabbergasted over Silvert madness. Well, it must have something to do with the anger he has been holding since they saw those humans abusing the slaves.

”Personal bodyguard? So, hes coming to get you home, huh? ” Xcerox sneered.

See! Hes going to break his promise after all!

It seems he needs to inform his father to be ready for the upcoming war with Flink.

Zeliker stares at him before he grins. ”You must be happy. I am going home soon. ”

He lied of course. He hasn seen enough of human land. And somewhere deep in his heart, he doesn want to go home and be stuck there like a prisoner.

Xcerox and Nish look at him in anger and anxiety. They were worried about the war.

Gizelis stares at Zeliker before he sighs. ”Everyone, hes just lying. He won go back yet. Not right away. ”

Zeliker glared at him. Do Gizelis have psychics? Can he know what he was thinking?

”Im not lying! ” He growled.

”Yeah, yeah, we know. So, what happens to the people that were kidnapped? Why didn I see any? ” Gizelis looked all over the area but there was no one except for the kidnappers.

”And where are Riseptos, Frix and Ashla? Did you meet them? ”

Zeliker didn answer. Instead, he summoned something. A little metallic house appears on his right palm. Its dimension size was about 10 cm in length, 10 cm in width and 15 cm in height. The windows made of invisible glass were as small as their fingernails.

Gizelis, Xcerox and Nish look confused at him.

”Look inside. ” Zeliker threw the little house at Gizelis.

Look? Gizelis was confused but still stares inside the house through one of the small windows. Suddenly, his eyes widened.

”Your Highness! ” Gizelis called him in alarm.

Xcerox immediately went over. He was shocked to see the wounded Riseptos, Frix and Ashla. They were also inside a cage. He immediately glares at Zeliker with his sword unsheathed from his side. The sword was aimed at Zeliker, shocking Gizelis and Nish.

”What did you do to them?! ” Snarled Xcerox in outrage.

”I think you have the wrong people to blame. They
e the ones who did it. ” Zeliker pointed at the kidnappers.

”Then, howd they get inside this thing?! And you didn even let them out of the cages?! ”

Zeliker sighs. He was too lazy to explain.

”Theres an advance collar on Riseptos neck. It would be dangerous to open the cage without knowing what it does. ”

Xcerox was stunned and then looked over Riseptos again. Zeliker did tell the truth.

”You still haven explained why they were in this! ”

”You have to ask my personal bodyguard. Thats his ability. ”

Xceroxs body trembling. He was holding his anger before he released an exhausted sigh. He finally noticed something about Zeliker.

Why did he even ask this idiot? This guy was not even serious talking to him!

He turns towards Gizelis in wonder. How did this guy even tolerate this demon prince?

”Yes, Your Highness? Please calm down. At least we found Riseptos and the others. ” Gizelis said to him.

Another sigh came out from Xcerox. He sheaths back his sword. Theres nothing he can do now. Better think of something else other than Zeliker who makes him going to have a high blood pressure soon.

”We need to take them back to Antonia. Only the technicians division knows what the new collar does on Riseptos. ”

Gizelis and Nish agreed with him. Then, they turn toward the kidnappers. They were only some demons left while a few humans about four of them still ordering the slaves to kill Silvert.

The humans were seen to move backwards and they probably wanted to escape. After all, their leader was killed soon after Silvert ambushed them.

”Oh no, you don ! ”

Gizelis and Nish jump down and chase after them. The kidnappers weren that strong. So, it was easy to capture them and tie them up with the scattered ropes on the ground. Then, they brought the kidnappers towards Xcerox.

Silvert, who finally killed all the mad demons, used dimensional abilities to put away all the dead bodies inside a new dimension he created.

And why did he put away those bodies?

Thats because he has many hungry pets inside his dimension who were probably hungry by now. These demons bodies would be a good resource of food for them and save his spending too.

His actions stunned Gizelis, Xcerox and Nish.

”Did he use a power stone? ” Nish asked Gizelis because he didn believe Silvert had a dimensional ability.

Gizelis shook his head. ”I don see any power stone in his hands. ”

The truth scared them. Then, they saw Zeliker appear next to Silvert.

”They want to return to Antonia. Do you mind giving them a lift? ”

”I will follow my liege desire. ” Silvert bowed to him.

With a swipe of his hand, a dimensional portal was open to Antonias front gate. Zeliker had shown Silvert his memories about Antonia. So, it was easy to locate the place.

Xcerox and Nish gawked at him. Their eyes show disbelief again.

My god! Zeliker has a dimensional demon user as his personal bodyguard?! Why is there no information about him?!

”Your Highness, what should we do if…? ”

Nish whispered while looking at Silvert. He had come closer to Xcerox to protect him. He also worries that these two demon powers combined would harm them and also their people in Antonia.

Xcerox was silent. He stares at Zeliker and Silvert. After that, he moves his head to Gizelis.

Gizelis doesn seem scared of Silverts ability anymore. Instead, his eyes show he was amazed.

”Yo, Zeliker. This personal bodyguard of yours is very powerful! Did you hide him all these times? ” Gizelis grins.

Silvert glares at him.

How dare this human call my prince with his name!

His claws sharpen to kill Gizelis but he stops when Zeliker replies that he doesn care about Gizelis rudeness. Moreover, he also freezes because his princes voice was soft and playful. And he never heard such friendly chatting coming from his prince before. He was shocked.

”Do you want one? Go search for it. I have to put my ass on the line just to get him to serve me. ” Zeliker rolled his eyes at Gizelis.

”You have amazing luck, Zeliker. Share it with me! ”

”Shut up! ”

”You know… I think the gods pity us humans so he gives you to us as a present. ” Gizelis chuckled.

If that was true then humans can finally have a strong backup.

He thought quietly. As for Xcerox and Nish, they choked on their saliva.

What nonsense was this guy saying?!

As for Zeliker and Silvert, their eyes widened at his statements. Zeliker almost wants to split Gizeliss head and check what was inside.

Is there something wrong with this guys brain?

”Come here you! ”

Silvert grabs Gizeliss neck and walks them a few meters away from the group.

”Gizelis?! ”

Xcerox and Nish almost rush to help but stop when they suddenly hear something bizarre. Even Zelikers eyes went blazing and glared at those two who were already speaking to each other in a friendly voice. His palms suddenly appear two dark red flames.

”Are you the one whos been caring for my prince? Aren you afraid of him? ” Silvert asked after he let Gizeliss neck go.

He guessed it after Gizelis and Zeliker talks, and its like they were close to each other.

Gizelis shook his head. ”Nah… Zeliker wasn that scary. Moreover, he looks cute like a black rabbit. ” He chuckled again.

Silvert eyes sparkled. He seems to have found his kindred. No one other than him understood Zeliker before.

”Howd you find out? I also think he is cute and harmless. ”

Gizelis finally realised who had taken care of Zeliker before. Inside, he felt very glad. Its no wonder Zeliker looks healthy. Silvert must have been the one who feeds Zeliker all these times. For this reason, he looks at Silvert with friendly eyes.

”I thought he was a vegetarian at first because he ate the-… Zeliker?! ” Gizelis wasn able to finish his words because Zeliker fired his flame at them.

”Shut up! Both of you are freaks! Go to hell! ”

Zeliker was very angry but inside he felt very humiliated.

Why did Gizelis and Silvert have to meet?! And why did they have to talk about how cute he was in front of these people?! Hes not cute at all!

He forgot Silvert was enthusiastic towards him just like Gizelis who became one after meeting him again. Now, he had two people who might follow his rear everywhere.

He begins to loathe them both. Might as well kill them now before they humiliate him more.

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