Fortuna Sands


Non-player characters (NPCs), every game has them and every system needs them to keep a game running and create a challenge for the players, and Fortuna Sands is no different. There are all types of NPCs from friendly instructions, training, even personal NPCs designed for specific tastes such as running stores or guarding property. These beneficial NPCs are called the Blessed, for they can be both helpful and oftentimes useful if you gain their favor or acquire their services. You may recognize these Blessed by the mark of golden four leafed clover on their hands that shines as bright as the Lucky Star. Gaining their favor can acquire LP, KP or even G$, for they are selected as harbingers of good fate by one of the 9 patron spirits. Yet, with every silver lining comes a dark cloud, for with the blessed can also come the cursed.

Wandering the streets of the city are malevolent types of NPCs called the cursed, that seek to rob players of their resources forcing them to log out. The Cursed, identified by a black spot on their hand, vary in terms of nature and attitude. Some will not attack unless provoked, and others will attack on sight, and like a storm they migrate from district to district various times and days. When faced with a Jinx you can either run, bribe, or challenge them in a game of skill. This is why most players would sooner run than playing the odds against a cursed NPCs.

When challenged to a game of skills, a player must have the corresponding skill to match in order to perform against an opponent, Blessed or Players alike. However, Jinxes are not bound by this restriction and may challenge a player on equal footing in a random skill challenge. If a player wins against a Jinx they may receive a small amount of KP, LP or G$ as a reward, but losing a challenge could waste a lot more and risk being booted out of the system. For that reason, most players would rather run from a challenge than rise to meet it, especially if resources are low or you can bribe them away.

Everyday, a player is given a random amount of resources that include LP, KP and G$, but depending on the chance it would be anywhere from 1 to 21 times a players daily average. Like all games of luck it all depends on whichever the scales tilt in a virtual game of chance. Use your resources wisely as LP and KP, will be converted into G$ by the end of the game day. Much like NPCs, a new draw can be either a blessing or a curse depending on the luck of the draw.

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