In the year 2029, the world of Virtual Reality has become the new frontier. The latest technology system, The Tyche Engine Series created by the E-Dice Corporation, has made VR interaction both affordable and fully immersive when coupled via new neurological bracer controls. In only a few years, the Tyche Engine has replaced all modern computing systems for education, entertainment, and recreation as a whole. As the next generation embraces this new VR enabled world, the old world starts to slowly fade out all manners or conventional interaction. Shopping malls are replaced by VR stores, VR classes are given as primary instead of alternate learning courses, and where once you could go out for movies, restaurants, and social meetings people stay in instead. That was until the rise of new conditions from prolonged use of VR Engines.

Double Life Syndrome was much an addiction as it was a psychotic break with reality. The lucid dream-like quality of the Tyche Engine begins to make many people lose grip on reality resulting in schizophrenic actions in reality. Growing concerns cause the E-Dice Cooperation to respond with creating a new biometric lock system that would limit the use of the Tyche Engine. Yet, 13 hours a day, 5 days a week with only increased demand with people willing to risk life and sanity for the benefits of new worlds to explore. The most popular world and by far the most profitable for both players and E-Dice

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