Forever Immortal

Aptitude Test

ling him as she pulled away from him and let the other 2 do their test.

Ye Kai: ”I will be testing your soul next all I need is to feel your wrist and Ill be able to give you a accurate rating. ”

At this point Jake was beyond nervous having seen his horrible rating from before he couldn help but think that he was going to be thrown out if he didn get the requirements this time.

He Kai didn give him even a second to move as he grabbed Jakes wrist and began the examination. To his surprise Ye Kai gave him a look of astonishment, he could even see the glint of happiness in his eyes before releasing Jakes wrist.

Ye Kai: ”I have never seen such a talent in cultivation techniques involving the soul! I dare say you have a SSS rank talent for soul cultivation! ”

This obviously astonished the 3 of them, it was rare to even find someone who had a talent for soul cultivation let alone someone who was completely compatible with them!

Quickly the scholar pulled out a communication Jade placing it on his forehead as he looked away. He looked to be having some kind of urgent conversation but no words could be heard only the facial expressions could be seen changing as he told whoever it was on the other side what he has discovered.

Finally Burner stepped forward a smile on his face as he looked down at Jake.

Burner: ”Stand still and flex your stomach. Grit your teeth and hold your ground. Its my turn! ”

Jake instinctively did as the instructor said only to see Burner slamming his fist directly into Jakes stomach forcing him to spit up blood as he gets sent flying back. Quickly hitting the wall of the room before slumping down with his hand covering his caved in stomach.

Jake: ”Fuck! Damnit I didn expect to be punched so hard today! Ahh! Shit! ”

He bit his bottom lip drawing blood as the wound starts to revert back to its past condition.

Burner: ”Haha! Hes not only good at Soul cultivation but his body is a S tier talent for physique cultivation! ”

Jake was basically coughing his lungs out as burner was laughing. As if he was enjoying the thought of finding such a talent.

Burner: ”Hey boy, you have passed the test and will now be taught the levels of cultivation for the three separate paths. After we explain everything you will be shown your living quarters in the outer court and given a new set of black robes indicating that you are a outer court disciple of the Silver Palace Sect! ”

(I will be making a auxiliary chapter explaining the levels of cultivation for each path along with another chapter showing the pictures of what the characters should look like)

Scilla: ”Now that you know the levels of the different paths you will be escorted to the outer court library where you will pick 2 techniques to cultivate your talents. ”

What she didn tell him was by escort she meant being sent there immediately after her words ended. With a wave of Scillas arm Jake was enveloped by some soft of energy oddly familiar to Jake. It felt almost like he was back floating in space before he suddenly disappeared and was thrown down in front of the outer court library.

Jake: ”Wait what!? How did I get here all of a sudden! Didn she say she was going to have someone escort me!? ”

Jake held his head a little dizzy from the sudden transport before looking at the door to the library.

He slowly brought himself to the entrance and opened the door before heading inside.

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