Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

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Chapter 31 Part 2

At that moment, Mo Fei Chen’s eyes were a little hot, Lu Qingmo was too tired, not to mention the fact that he had carried Mo Fei Chen on his back while crossing two mountains with his Qing Gong.
Furthermore, he had used his internal force to keep Mo Fei Chen’s internal energy up all the way.
If it was a normal person, he would have passed out a long time ago.


“What’s wrong?” Lu Qingmo suddenly woke up.


“I… want to take a pee.”


“I’ll help you.” Lu Qingmo took Fei Chen’s waist and lifted him up.
He took two steps to the side and then reached out to unbuckle his belt.


“Lu Xiong, no need to…I… I’ll do it myself.” Mo Fei Chen hurriedly stopped Lu Qingmo’s hand.
His entire body was indeed too weak but he still had the strength to untie his own belt and take off  his trousers.


“Okay, you can take it off yourself.” Lu Qingmo’s patience has always been amazing, “I suddenly remembered something, that night you were drunk on the boat, so you took off your trousers, stood at the front of the boat and said something like ‘the stream is straight down to the valley floor three thousand feet, so I think it must be the milky way spilling to the earth from the heavens.’ After that, you peed.”


“Huh?” Mo Fei Chen shivered and almost spilled water on himself. 


That poem was Li Bai’s poem, unless he himself recited it, Lu Qingmo definitely would not know about it. 


“So… then… then what?”


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“He he…” His soft laugh rippled between Mo Fei Chen’s neck, he then stretched out his hands to pull Mo Fei Chen’s trousers up and unhurriedly fastened his belt, “I saw that you were about to fall into the river, so I pulled you back.
Then, like now, I’ll help you stuff your little brother back in and lift your trousers up for you.”


Mo Fei Chen’s face was thoroughly red, it was good that fried eggs in ancient times were not popular, “This little brother has made a fool of himself.
Lu Xiong, please don’t make fun of me by bringing this up again.”


“No, not at all, I think you were happy and unrestrained at that time, it really made me filled with joy.” Lu Qing Mo helped him back and covered him with a thin blanket, “You can sleep for another hour, we will leave again at dawn.”


Mo Fei Chen leaned on Lu Qingmo and soon fell asleep.


Until he woke up again, he was already on Lu Qingmo’s back, squinting his eyes to see the daylight seeping through the forest, so it was probably already noon.


“Lu Xiong, you have been carrying me for a long time.”


“Not too bad, after this mountain, it should be your Kun Yun Mount.” Lu Qingmo replied relaxedly but Mo Fei Chen knew that he was already very tired.
Mo Fei Chen knew that there was no point in saying anything at this moment, so he just gently put his arm on Lu Qingmo’s shoulder.


“Lu Xiong, if this little brother has another life, I will definitely ‘work like an ox, work like a horse’ (fig.
to work extremely hard) to serve you.” Mo Fei Chen was used to being lazy, so he would never make such a wish again, even in his next life.


“If there is really a next life, you, be my wife ba! Both of us will live a free and leisurely life together, how about that?” Although he could not see Lu Qingmo’s expression, Mo Fei Chen felt that he must be smiling at the moment.


They finally arrived at the bottom of Kun Yun Mount. 

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Mo Fei Chen leaned on Lu Qing Mo’s back and looked up at the four big letters in front of the mountain gate and suddenly he had mixed feelings.


“Why are you sighing? You’re not old yet.” Lu Qingmo was about to leap up with his Qing Gong but Mo Fei Chen pressed his shoulder.


“Lu Xiong, can you walk up slowly?”


This request actually sounded very unreasonable, but Lu Qingmo didn’t ask anything, he just stepped and moved forward step by step.


Mo Fei Chen had walked up these stairway countless times, sometimes accompanied by others, such as Yu Jin, Wu Qingyan, and also Wen Qing Yuan, beside that sometimes when others were looking over his leaving back, such as He Yunfeng.


This time, it was Lu Qingmo who carried him on his back.


“Lu Xiong, you are the second person in this world who makes me feel at ease.” Mo Fei Chen’s eyes slowly grew heavy.


“Oh? Then who is the first?” Lu Qingmo stopped and tilted his head back.


“He Yunfeng…”


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Lu Qingmo fiercely put Mo Fei Chen down.

With his palm, he poured his internal force into his body.
The already, almost shattered sword seed could not accommodate such deep internal energy, so only a small amount of real Qi passed through his veins.


“Mo Fei Chen! Don’t you sleep! Mo Fei Chen!”


Mo Fei Chen was in a trance, looking at that mountains-and-waters landscape painting type of, while his eyebrows naturally were twisted into furrows as if they were traces of the weathered rocks, his heart then suddenly ached.


“Fei Chen, you can’t die! Fei Chen!”


Lu Qingmo rarely called his name, the way he pronounced it was different from the way He Yunfeng’s special or profound meaningful voice.
It was also different from Jun Wushuang’s way of joking or ridiculing rhymes while calling his name.
He called out with such force, as if he was trying to pry open his own flesh and blood, as if he was going to tear out the most deep-rooted thing.


Lu Qingmo held him tightly in his arms but Mo Fei Chen’s body was getting weaker every minute.


“Oh my, isn’t this Mo Shi Di?” A disciple came down with an empty backpack basket on his back, “What’s wrong with him?”


“Quickly go and call your Shi Fu… whoever it is, my inner strength is too weak to gather his Qi!”


That disciple heard this and rushed back.


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Soon after that, Wen Qing Yuan came, followed by Li Du and the others.
Wen Qing Yuan held Mo Feichen’s wrist while Li Du and the others lifted him up eagerly but somewhat chaotically. 


Mo Fei Chen opened his eyes slightly and saw a piece of sky in the gap between the curtains.


The sky was really blue.


The last person to hug him was He Yunfeng.


His inner force was powerful but not overbearing and it continued to enter Mo Fei Chen’s sword seed, as if it was slowly gathering his already scattered Qi.


Lu Qingmo stood at the entrance of the cliff path, looking at that hut, beside him was Wen Qing Yuan.


“That man is He Yunfeng, so Fei Chen is actually his disciple?”


Wen Qing Yuan nodded his head.


“By leaving Fei Chen in his hands, I think I can put my mind in ease.” Lu Qingmo’s fingers caress the tip of his brow.
The curve of his mouth made one could not help but want to carve it to death.
He turned around lightly, his sleeves curved in the wind, only to close up and hang down again.


“Lu Qingmo, I am grateful for the six years of inner strength you have spent on Fei Chen!” As he left, Wen Qing Yuan also turned around slowly.



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