Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

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Chapter 30

This…what’s going on here? Why did Jun Wushuang and Wu Liang Chanshi get into a fight?


Wu Liang Chanshi’s hands were clasped together and the words “Amitabha” from his mouth were as heavy as Mount Tai.
The Void Amitabha Sword emerged from his clasped palms.
His sword Qi was so magnificent that it encompassed the whole world.
In an instant, it enveloped the Shu Xin Sword. 


Jun Wushuang could not draw back his sword Qi, Wu Liang Chanshi seemed unable to break his sword Qi either. 


Mo Fei Chen was dumbfounded, is that really Jun Wushuang? He was able to fight against Xu Mituo (Void Amitabha) Sword which was one of the ten great swords, then when he faced Kemoluo, he should have been able to defeat her as easy as turning one’s hand over, join hands with Liu Feiying!


At this moment, dozens of monks had already surrounded the Fu Mo Courtyard, setting up a horse stance and pointing their fingers at Jun Wushuang.
This was exactly the famous “Buddha’s Light” formation of Ding Chan Temple.


Sure enough, those densely packed dozens of swords Qi were coming down like an inescapable net and as Jun Wushuang was competing vigorously with Wu Liang Chanshi so there was no way for him to get away.


Leng Yufang suddenly shouted at Mo Fei Chen who was in a daze, “Hey! stinky little brat, your little lover (boyfriend) is going to die this time!”


Mo Fei Chen came back to his senses.
He didn’t care how Jun Wushuang had gotten into trouble with the Ding Chan Temple, he had to help him out of the difficult situation first, otherwise he would have been killed therefore there would be no need to explain anything anymore. 


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Flying Dust Sword spread out through the air and was attached to the nearest streaks of Mo Fei Chen’s sword Qi, with a twist of his inner breath, the net of swords qi was torn open and Jun Wushuang took the opportunity to get out through the opening. 


Another sword qi from Wu Liang Chan Shi, Jun Wushuang wanted to leave but could only defend himself with his sword qi.
Mo Fei Chen saw that he and Wu Liang Chan Shi could not reach a result.
His heart was also anxious.
He pressed his palm against his back and slowly injected his inner strength into his heart.


Once he entered his sea of qi, Mo Fei Chen could not help but gasp at the fact that Jun Wushuang’s internal energy and his cultivation was not even below Liu Fei Ying’s.


“If you keep thinking, it’s not bad for us to go to heaven together.” The sound of Jun Wushuang’s joking voice came while Mo Fei Chen hurriedly condensed his Qi to flow to his fingertips.


Jun Wushuang raised his eyebrows and smiled as his and Mo Fei Chen’s inner breath intertwined to form a roar of sword Qi, causing Wu Liang ChanShi to retreat a few steps backwards until his right foot hit the wall of Fu Mo Courtyard.


Mo Fei Chen withdrew his qi, while Leng Yu Fang and the Right Protector of the Jing Shui Sect were not allowed to get out of the sword formation.


“What the hell is going on here?” Mo Fei Chen pressed Jun Wushuang’s shoulder, but he did not look back.


“As soon as this is over, I will take you away.”


What is it? What happened to you again? 

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Leng Yufang, losing ground because she was carrying a man who could not move, suddenly shouted at Jun Wushuang, “Shao Jiao Zhu (Sect Leader Young Master) take the Master and go first!”


Jun Wushuang turned his head back and looked at Mo Fei Chen.


“Please take the big picture! Do you still remember why you had to endure humiliation as part of an important mission and stayed at Xiu Shui Palace for nearly twenty years?”


Mo Fei Chen was overwhelmed with shock, “You are the Young Sect Leader of the Jing Shui Sect?”


Jun Wushuang suddenly grabbed Mo Fei Chen’s wrist and dragged him towards Leng Yufang, stepping on the sword net and sweeping open the crack in the “Buddha’s Light” array, Leng Yu Fang threw the person in her hand out.


“Don’t you hope that you can run away——”


As Wu Liang Chanshi again took out his sword qi, Jun Wushuang had no choice but to let go of Mo Fei Chen’s hand to deal with him. 


His sword qi struck Xu Mituo Sword and with the helping hand, he leapt a long way away.


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The moment Mo Fei Chen landed on the sword formation, he heard Leng Yufang shout, “Young Master, don’t ever turn back—— Mo Young hero is the person from Kun Yun Mount, Wu Liang Chanshi will not take his life!”


Mo Fei Chen now realized that Jun Wushuang was the young sect leader of the Jing Shui Sect, Wen Xin’s son.
He had lurked in the Xiu Shui Palace in order to unlock the mysterious silver guardian deity’s lock on Wen Xin’s body so that he could take him away from the Ding Chan Temple.


It is said that Wen Xin’s body was tattooed with the internal martial arts techniques of the Jing Shui Sect.
Back then, when people in Jiang Hu learned that his seven channel and eight meridians had been sealed by Wu Liang and Liu Fei Ying and likened to a disabled person, they often sneaked into the temple to peek at the technique,but none of them succeeded in their evil way due to the presence of Wu Liang Chanshi and his direct charge. 


He didn’t know whether it was his father or his father’s cultivation method that he was after.


Leng Yufang looked at Mo Fei Chen and smiled, “What are you sad about? The young master is going to revive the sect, so he naturally won’t forget you.
You have a good relationship with Yu Jin, so come over at any time and have a drink and talk with him when you can! He even said that he was tired of being the Protector, it would be better if you, a young and promising little Shi Di of him, were to take over——”


Mo Fei Chen saw the smile on the corner of Leng Yu Fang’s mouth and suddenly understood that she was trying to get him into trouble.
Just now he had helped Jun Wushuang to fight against Wu Liang.
The Ding Chan Temple might have already thought that he and Jun Wushuang were in the same group and now that she had said that, he was afraid that Wu Liang Chanshi would regard himself as the lackey (running dog) of Jing Shui Sect! 


Damn it! This is really bad!


As the “Buddha’s Light” was once again formed, Mo Fei Chen thought in his heart, ‘Let’s leave this Ding Chan Temple first, I can still find He Yunfeng to support or decide for me when he returns to Kun Yun Mount.’ The flying dust sword came out, like a light touch of a floating cloud, but when it fell, it was as heavy as an exhausted stone.
He no longer dwelt on how to break the formation, but rather on how to defeat each of those who had formed the formation one by one. 


Leng Yufang found a chance and about to get out, “Mo Shao Xia, let’s go——”

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She suddenly grabbed Mo Fei Chen’s back collar and stepped on the right guardian’s body and was about to leap out when the Xu Mituo Sword of Wu Liang Chanshi came sweeping in.
Mo Fei Chen was shocked and threw out his sword qi to block his attack but Leng Yufang pressed on Mo Fei Chen’s body and managed to escape.


Xu Mituo Sword instantly swallowed up the Flying Dust Sword, the spiritual sword pierced straight through Mo Fei Chen’s body and struck the person to the wall behind him.


Mo Fei Chen fell to the ground.
The speed of the Xu Mituo Sword was so fast that before he knew what had happened in that moment, a mouthful of blood spurted out and his true qi could no longer be solidified.
The world in front of Mo Fei Chen’s eyes kept shaking as he fell backwards.


At that moment, he suddenly remembered a lot.


On that day, Yu Jin held him in his embrace, stepped on the snow-covered road step by step and took him up to Kun Yun Mount.
The scene shifted and he saw He Yunfeng in the ice coffin, smiling peacefully, after that was Jun Wushuang’s tears that night which softened his heart.


Yu Jin was right: if he was too soft-hearted, he would suffer.


But Yu Shi Xiong…that day, when I said that my other half is a man, you didn’t curse me that even a man would dump me….


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