Flying Dust [Fei Chen]

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Chapter 13


When he arrived at the gate, he saw thirty Shi Xiong and Shi Di about his age, including Li Du.
The other party waved and pulled him into his side.


Wen Qing Yuan didn’t say much and led them straight down the mountain.
The young disciples’ faces were full of yearning for Jiang Hu, while Mo Fei Chen thought most of all about the various cakes and pastries at the bottom of the mountain as well as the different scenery that could be seen along the way that different from Kun Yun Mountain Manor but unfortunately no camera was invented in this day and age…


Moreover there is still Yu Jin, if I can see him doing well at the Martial Arts General Assembly, then I can be at ease. 


Wen Qing Yuan, this Sect Leader who usually didn’t spend a lot of money, I don’t know if he has made a fortune (easy money) that he was suddenly so generous to spend money. 


There were more than 30 of them.
It was hard to walk every day however they stayed in the inn every night.
Every night, each table had four dishes and one soup, never before had the group slept out in the open.


Mo Fei Chen and his fellow senior and junior martial brothers were naturally very happy and often met the disciples from other sects in the inn.
They were very respectful when they saw Wen Qing Yuan.
They often came over to toast him.
Certainly, they also couldn’t help but be curious and ask about something related to He Yunfeng.


Wen Qing Yuan just smiled and changed the subject.
As a matter of fact, to put it bluntly, there are very few people in this world who really understand He Yunfeng.


In the past, there might have been a Luo Lianyun but now, even Mo Fei Chen could not tell what kind of person He Yunfeng was.


But all the Wu Lin martial artists he saw on the way brought their swords with them.
This meant that they did not know how to use the invisible sword or at least not mastered it well, or perhaps they disguise it and conceal it well as what He Yunfeng had instructed him to do in the mountain.


But it was still seven days away before they arrived at their destination, Mo Fei Chen and the others met a really big shot at Huai Xiu Town.


In the evening, Wen Qing Yuan finally took them to stay for the night in one of the inn.


Almost all of the dining tables were unexpectedly already full of people.
Mo Fei Chen counted 17 female disciples and two handsome male disciples, probably two or three years older than Mo Fei Chen.
At the head of the group was a woman in a light-coloured clothing who appeared to be the sect leader of the group.


Wen Qing Yuan bowed and saluted the other party and said, “Qing Yuan meets Master Palace Liu.


Mo Fei Chen thought for a moment, ‘Oh, is it possible that woman is probably the Palace Master of Xiushui Palace, Liu Fei Ying, the owner of the Qing Luan [1[Qing: green or blue or youth,depend on context while ‘Luan’ here is a mythical bird related to the phoenix.
]] Sword, one of the ten most famous swords in the martial world?’

Luan Niao’s pic :

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Liu Feiying and the former Sect Leader of Jing Shui Sect, Wen Xin, should be about the same age, reasonably 50 or 60 years old, but today she looked like she was in her forties.
Was it possible that when one reached a certain level of martial arts, one could possess the secret of preserving the youthful look?


Liu Feiying laughed lightly and said, “Qing Yuan, you’re too polite.
Let’s give two more tables to the fellow senior and junior martial brothers from Kun Yun Mountain Manor.
They have been travelling all day along.
I’m afraid they’re hungry too.”


Inside Liu Feiying’s beautiful eyes, she had an aura that was rarely seen in ordinary women.
Most importantly, she spoke with great depth, it was natural and not pretentious.
Mo Fei Chen instantly took a liking to her, but for a young disciple like him who had no name or reputation in Wu Lin, it did not matter whether he had a good opinion toward someone or not.


Wen Qing Yuan hurriedly thanked Liu Feiying and allowed everyone to be seated.
Although the seats were a bit tight, fortunately the food was served quickly.
They were all young boys, so not long after that they were eating in a hurry and busy with their chopsticks.
Compared to the female disciples of Xiushui Palace, their image was as different as it could be.


He took a look at the two male disciples sitting next to Liu Feiying who were so refined and suave when they clipped their food with chopsticks, Mo Fei Chen found it funny and amused by it.
It was very likely the influence of being brought up in an environment with a lot of women.


Liu Feiying patted one of them, “Wushuang, go and toast Manor Leader Wen on my behalf!”


Wushuang, why does it sound like a girl’s name?


Mo Fei Chen turned his head to see a man in a moon coloured unlined long garment holding a cup of wine and coming to Wen Qing Yuan’s table.


“This junior Jun Wushuang toasts the Manor Leader Wen on behalf of my master.”


Wen Qing Yuan also hastened to return the toast.


Mo Fei Chen was holding a bowl with both of his hands, covering his face, but revealing his two eyes as he took a closer look at the other party.


That Jun Wushuang was born to have a very strikingly attractive face, he was the type that many young girls like, he appeared not too rough and also visually attractive.
The beige headband tied in his bun fell casually over his shoulders, giving him a touch of elegance in a strict and rigorous manner.
The most important thing was that he had a sense of propriety as he didn’t speak much when he gave toast.
There was no ‘blot out the sky and cover the earth’ kind of flattery or to curry favor with someone, neither being overconfident and conceited and to think himself as high and pure or any air of arrogance, what it called by ‘knowing when to advance and when to retreat’, know the limit, it was approximately exactly like that.


Furthermore, looking at those fingers of him holding the wine cup, suddenly reminded Mo Fei Chen of He Yunfeng.
Their fingers were both slender, smooth and round, also full of strength.


Being able to be mentioned by Liu Feiying to politely salute Wen Qing Yuan, Jun Wushuang must not be a mediocre person.
Moreover, he heard that there were more than ten disciples in the whole Xiushui Palace who were capable of ‘forming the sword’, this Jun Wushuang must be one of them.


After dinner, they all went to the guest room to rest.
The closer we got to Mu Yun Mountain Manor, the more tightly packed the inn’s rooms became, with basically two or three disciples in one bed.

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This was the first time since Mo Fei Chen has been out for so long that he felt sleeping was a torture.
In one moment, Xiao Si Zi’s foot almost kicked him on the root of his life (p*nis) and another moment, Li Du’s arm slapped him on the chest, and (as if) a mouthful of blood almost spurted out.


This young Master is not going to sleep anymore!


Mo Fei Chen stood up, put on his outer clothes before then he opened the door of his room as he sat in the courtyard gloomily, looking at the moon in the sky and casually picking a few weeds growing in the corner and weaving a grasshopper.


I wonder what He Yunfeng is doing right now? Is he sleeping? Or is he playing a five-in-a-row chess game by himself?


“Huh? Grasshoppers made from grass? It’s so interesting! Can I see it?”


The voice was so clear that it reminded Mo Fei Chen of the moonlight flowing over the mist in the valley.


“Jun…Jun Shi Xiong.” At first, Mo Fei Chen wanted to directly call him by his name, but then he thought again about the fact that such famous and well-known righteous sects usually pay attention to such courtesy.


“You even know my surname, yet I only know that you are a disciple of Kun Yun Shanzhuang.” Jun Wushuang was wearing his inner clothes, that unlined long gown he had worn during the day draped casually over his shoulders.
He followed Mo Fei Chen’s posture, leaning back with one foot on the wall.


“I’m only a ninth-rate disciple of Kun Yun Mountain Manor…”


“He he, today when I gave toast to your Shi Fu, I felt that you kept looking at me.
That look in your eyes was so sneaky, but now you’re being polite to me.
Just be frank then, how should I address you?”


Mo Fei Chen originally saw him as a gentle person and refined in manner, so he had no intention of talking to him as he had to be very polite when interacting with such people, but now that Jun Wushuang seemed to be a generous person, so he was no longer overcautious and reserved.


“My surname is Mo, my name is Fei Chen.
If you are willing to call me Mo Shi Di, that’s naturally okay.
If you want to call me a lazy monkey or something like a lively monkey, I will also answer you.”


“Lazy monkey? Lively monkey? Why?”


“What else can it be? It’s exactly because I just don’t properly learn the martial arts and like to roam around.” Mo Fei Chen shrugged his shoulders.


“Then what do you do?”


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“Climbing up the mountains, stealing the birds’ eggs, roasting cicadas, catching fish, secretly taking the sweet potato from the kitchen, and after I finish eating it, farting under the quilt…”


“Pfft…” Jun Wushuang burst out laughing, he raised his head as his Adam’s apple trembled along with him.


Mo Fei Chen saw the contours of his side face, his emotions moved up and down and suddenly he felt that this person was better than what he had seen.


“You’re really interesting.
Although our Shi Fu is not very strict with us, as a disciple of Xiushui Palace, I’ve never done all of the things you’ve done, so I’m very envious ah!”


“Jun Shi Xiong should already have learned to ‘form the sword’, right? What is the name of your sword?”


“I’m carrying a sword yet you know I can ‘form the sword’?”


“Of course, the Palace Leader Liu has asked you to come and toast our Shi Fu, which means she thinks highly of you.”


“My sword is called ‘Binding the Heart’, by binding my heart meant to learn patience.” Jun Wushuang smiled.
He was not the same with his earlier natural and unrestrained self but somehow more melancholy.


Mo Fei Chen patted him with the back of his hand and laughed, “With me, you don’t have to ‘bind your heart’.
Keep enduring it and holding back is just too boring and tiring.
Life is merely a hundred years, why not be happy when you can be happy?”


Jun Wushuang looked sideways at Mo Fei Chen, “That’s right, Some other day, let Mo Shi Di take me to climb a tree and dig out some bird eggs.
However, as for eating sweet potatoes and farting inside the quilt, just forget it then!”


“He he.”


“Can I have this straw grasshopper?”


“This one can’t, I was thinking of someone else when I was making it, so it would be disrespectful if I give it to you.”


“Oh, I can’t tell that Mo Shi Di already has someone in mind at such a young age.
Which girl is she? Is she good looking? What is her personality?”


“Ha ha,” Mo Fei Chen scratched his head, “Very good looking, I haven’t seen anyone better looking than him yet.”


Mo Fei Chen believed that no one in the world could match He Yunfeng’s handsomeness and outstanding character.

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“You can go on being smug!” Jun Wushuang laughed, “You’ve seen too little, you haven’t seen the real beauty yet.
When you get to Mu Yun Mountain Manor, I wonder if you can still remember her.”


“Haha.” Mo Fei Chen forced a laugh.


Jun Wushuang reached out and touched his head, “It’s already very late, go to bed ba! Shi Fu said that tomorrow, both of our sects will leave together at the same time.”


“Oh that’s quite good, there are many beautiful Shi Jie and Shi Mei to see.” Mo Fei Chen went back to the room with the grasshopper in his hand.


Early in the next morning, almost fifty people from the two sects set off on their way, just like this.
It was the first time that the disciples of Kun Yun Mountain Manor had the opportunity to walk with so many beautiful young girls, so they looked a bit restrained on the way.
Of course, they also cast sidelong glances at the female disciples of Xiushui Palace from time to time.
Mo Fei Chen, who didn’t rest well the night before, was half-eyed watching the rear foot of the disciples in front of him as he walked dizzily forward.
When he was on the mountain, he had to sleep for five hours a day, unlike last night when he had only slept for two hours at most.


“Hey, be careful!” Just as Mo Fei Chen stepped on a stone and almost fell, someone pulled his arm.


Mo Fei Chen looked back and saw Jun Wushuang’s face, “Jun Shi Xiong.”


“You’re still sleepy, how about I carry you as you walk and sleep?”


Some of his Shi Xiong also looked back at him and laughed, “Mo Shi Di, no Shi Mei from Xiushui Palace likes you, but it’s also quite good if Jun Shi Xiong likes you!”


Mo Fei Chen hurriedly let go of Jun Wushuang’s hand and ran forward, one hand on one of the Shi Xiong’s shoulder while his other hand hang over on the other Shi Xiong’s, “Hey, I won’t bother Jun Shi Xiong, so I’ll let you two carry me on your backs.”


“Step aside, lazy monkey!”


“If you want to sleep that much, then you can sleep on the roadside!”


Mo Fei Chen turned his head and wink towards Jun Wushuang, the other party gave him an understanding smile.


On that very night, they stopped over at one of the inn in Huangshan Town.
As there were many martial artists and figures staying in the inn but not many rooms in the inn, so after discussing the matter, they came to the conclusion that they had to squeeze seven or eight disciples into one room.
Since the Xiushui Palace had brought along Jun Wushuang and his senior martial brother, two male disciples, Wen Qing Yuan then arranged the two of them to be placed in Mo Fei Chen’s room.

Translator’s Note :

Jun Wushuang

1[Qing: green or blue or youth,depend on context while ‘Luan’ here is a mythical bird related to the phoenix.

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