Gwen was about to have breakfast when she heard a knock on the door. She opened the door only to find her mother at the door.

Gwen was about to close the door at Georgies face but Georgie stopped it with her foot.

”Please Gwen. Hear me out, ”Georgie said trying to get in.

Gwen eventually let her in.

”We need to talk Gwen, ” Georgie said.

”Fine. Ill talk to you, ” Gwen said and sat down crossing her legs

Georgie sat down opposite her. ”Gwendy, you know I got married because of you. ”

”No I don . You were fine with dad. ”

”Why are you being horrible to the family youve always known and loved? ”

”That family was destroyed ten years ago. ”

”I know its been hard accepting Alex because of you father. ”

”It wasn hard mom. The thing was that Alex always looked for every fault he could find for me and the worst part was, you never saw rightly through his lies. He was a wolf in sheep clothing but he was always playing victim and I was the villain in everything. You even loved Samantha more than me. Didn you think I was broken? ”

”Gwen, Samantha doesn have a mother. ”

”And I don have a father. You don even know the man you married. Do you even know how his wife died? He killed her but you are here supporting him and his bewitched daughter. But why did you leave dad? ”

”I never left your dad. He left me. ”

”We all know thats a lie. ”

”He left us. Hes somewhere better now. ”

”Dad would never leave us he loved us ”

”He loved us. Your father is LATE ”

”What? ”

The room fell silent. A pin drop could be heard.

”When your father passed away, I couldn bring myself to tell you so I left our house with you and went to stay with an old friend, which was Alex. He was also in the same situation with me and we decided to get married for our children. Alex had a-lot of flaws and I knew but you needed education and stuff ”

”What of now? You know what mom, I think its time you leave ”

Georgie got up silently and left closing the door behind her.

Gwen felt alone and cried the whole night.

The next day,Gwen called Kai,

”Oh Gwen, your leave would be over tomorrow ” Kai said from the other end

”Yes. Do you have any shoots tomorrow? Gwen asked

”Well yes. The one with D&G ”

Shit: Gwen said in her head


The next day, Gwen dressed up and was about to leave for work.

Immediately she opened her front door, she saw……. Erik.

”Please babe, I wasn in my right senses when I hit you ” Erik said trying to act sorry.

”Get out of my way Erik. Im going to work ” Gwen said trying to push Erik away.

”So thats how we are playing it? ” Eriks facial expression changed immediately from a sorry look to a wicked smile.

He was about to hit Gwen when surprisingly, Kai came.

”Do we have a problem here or should I really break your bones this time? ” Kai said

Erik turned around to see, Kai.

”Im sorry man. I was just about to leave ” Erik said taking off like hed seen a ghost.

”Ah Mr. Leone, you are here. I was just about to get going before Erik happened ” Gwen said.

Kai didn respond but started walking to his car.

Gwen followed behind him.

Gwen noticed he wasn with his driver.

So she guessed he came alone.

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