Gwen regained consciousness by the next morning.

walked to her bathroom and stared at the mirror. She turned on the tap and splashed some water on her face. She took a look in the mirror and realized……. her eye was as swollen as a tomato. She touched the eye and it hurt. She took a shower in a hurry and brushed her teeth.

She dried herself and threw on a basic black top, black leggings, and black sneakers.

It was her hair that was left.

She finally figured out a way she could style her hair to get it off her face.

As she was about to leave, her best friend, Emily Briggs called her.


Emily Briggs was the only child of Mr. Shane Briggs and Mrs. Marie Briggs. She came from a very wealthy home and always got whatever she wanted with the snap of a finger.

She was the one with the good hair, nice clothes, and of course, boyfriends.

Emily wouldve done anything in her power to help Gwen, even if it was funding her needs but Gwen wanted to be independent.


”Hey Em, why so early? ” Gwen asked.

”You haven told me yet why you didn call me, avoided my calls, and ghosted me for a few days, ” Emily ranted.

”Im sorry okay, I just had some relationship issues again, ” Gwen revealed as she picked up her bag to leave.

”Erik doesn deserve you. Does he still hurt you? ” Emily asked worriedly.

”No. We just got into an argument about his childhood best friend, Amelia and she even gave me the stink eye, ” Gwen turned off the lights and went out the front door and shut it.

”They be like that. She probably likes him. ”

”She made that obvious, ” she walked down the stairs.

”What is it with your new hairstyle? ”

”I haven told you yet but - ” she hailed a taxi.

”Spill! ”

”You know Kai Leone right? ” a taxi came and she got in.

”Yeah. ”

”Im his new personal assistant, ” Gwen answered Emily and said to the taxi driver, ”First road at King Street. ”

”What? ”

”Yup. Im excited! ”

”For romance? ”

”No Em, I have a boyfriend. ”

”Yeah, I forgot, that dickhead! ”

”I have to call you back Em. ”

”Alright call me, ” Emily hung up.


Gwen rushed to Kais house, he was meant to be at a shoot but he wasn because of her.

It was three months since shed been working for Kai and work operations were going smoothly until…..that faithful day. Technically, it wasn Gwens fault.

Gwen got to his house and got down from the taxi. He was already outside with his driver and he looked mad.

If looks could kill, Gwen wouldve been dead.

She gulped hard as she avoided his eyes.

”Wheres my coffee? ” Kai asked.

Shit! I forgot the coffee, Gwen thought.

”Get in! ” Kai ordered and Gwen obeyed. She sat at the very edge as if wanting to merge bodies with the car door.

Kai noticed.

Am I being too hard on her? I mean its the first time shes coming late since the three months of working with me, Kai thought to himself.


It had been a long stressful day and Gwen was tired. Shed thought being an assistant was going to be easy but she got it all WRONG. She had to prepare Kais files.

And you thought being a model didn have paperwork.

Kai had so many modeling agencies he modeled for and that came with so much paperwork, guarantees, contracts and so much more but it was at least better than Alexs morning yelling.

Gwen fell asleep on Kais shoulder and her hair moved to the side revealing her black-eye.

Who wouldve done this to her? Kai questioned himself in his mind.

The car drove over something and Gwen woke up.

”Im sorry ” Gwen said in a low voice.

Was she going through domestic abuse? Is that why shes always so scared of me? Am I being too harsh on her? Kai questioned himself again.

Kais driver usually dropped Gwen at her house, so they were on their way to Gwens house but the other side of the road (the fastest route to Kais house) was blocked by traffic.

”Miss Oakwood, can we stop at your house? ” Kai said looking at Gwen.

”Yeah sure, ” Gwen replied.

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