Gwen packed all her stuff from her office and left.

The first place she thought to go was her boyfriends house. Gwen was dating Erik Korbin, he was a businessman and ran various businesses Gwen never knew about.

Gwen entered, unlocked the door and let herself in. She took off her shoes and walked further. She saw Erik with a lady in Eriks living room.

”Hey babe you
e back early, ” Erik said.

”Yeah, I quit my job, ” Gwen said taking a seat next to Erik on the three-seater.

”Thank goodness. I thought youd take Alexs shit forever. Anyways before I forget, this is Amelia Corey, my childhood best friend ”

Gwen scanned Amelia before responding, ”Hi Amelia, Im Gwen, Eriks girlfriend. ”

”Hi Gwen, nice to meet you. Erik has told me so much bout you ”

All of a sudden, Eriks phone rang and Erik excused himself.

”Listen here brunette, Erik is mine and I want you to stay away or else, youll hate yourself! ” Amelia said holding Gwens right wrist tight.

”Let go! ” Gwen said.

Erik walked in from his call and Amelia pretended nothing happened.

”I have to leave, see you around Gwen. ”

Amelia got up and took her purse, walked to the front door, wore her shoes, and waved goodbye with a smile.

Gwen glared at Amelia and Erik noticed.

”Whats up, babe? ” Erik asked.

”I don like Amelia ” Gwen complained.

”Why? ”

”She gave me a full-blown stink eye and I don like the fact that shes trying to be a competition. ”

”Shes just my childhood friend. Shes just nervous and shy around new people. With time, shell like you. Who wouldn ? ” Alex asked before pulling Gwen in for a kiss.


Gwen got to her house after a week of being in Eriks house, Gwen went to hers.

Gwens neighborhood lived in an apartment building.


Gwen walked into her house, the lights were turned on, the air conditioner was turned on.

”Mr Leone? ” Gwen took off her shoes and walked further into her house. She was right, it was Kai Leone but what was he doing in her house? Kai sat on her one seater sofa.

”Mr Leone, what are you doing in my house and how did you get in? ” Gwen asked. Gwen sat down to talk to him when Erik walked in.

”Babe so how about Netfl… ” Erik paused when he saw Gwen talking to Kai. Erik was easily jealous and I do not mean the typical type of jealous I mean, overly jealous and he had no chill. He just silently walked to the kitchen and dropped the groceries he was holding.

”Miss Oakwood I want you to be my personal assistant, ” Kai said waiting for Gwen to reply.

”I would give it a good thought and get back to you at the end of the week ” Gwen said standing up.

They both exchanged numbers and Kai leaved.

”What was he doing here? You told him to wait? Or he wanted to surprise you? Is this your way of making me jealous? Or you want a break up? Are you sick of me? ” Erik raged.

”As you saw, he came to propose a business offer and I don know how the hell he got into my house. Plus, you should be happy for me that I have a new job but here, you are accusing me of what I didn know, ” Gwen said. ”I mean,I didn complain when you brought that excuse of a best friend to your house. ” Immediately Gwen finished talking, Erik slapped her.

”How dare you accuse me of cheating!! ”

”You just did same! ”

Erik lost it and beat her until she had bruises that were sure to leave a mark and he left.

The next day, Gwen called Kai, the other end picked up, ”Whos this? ” the other end spoke,

”Mr Leone, I would love to work for you, ” Gwen said.

”Uuummm ok, Kai isn in now but Ill tell him when he gets back. ”

”Uumm thanks ” Gwen hung up.

She was so joyous. Then she heard a knock on the door. When she opened, she saw Erik with flowers, she just wanted to punch him in the face but he hugged her before she could do anything.

”Im sorry babe, I know I shouldn have hit you but I wasn in my right senses and Im also happy for you, I was just jealous at the point, ” Erik said almost with tears in his eyes.

”The next time you hit me, we
e over! ” Gwen replied.

”There wouldn be a next time. Im almost late for work so I have to rush off, ” Erik handed her the flowers and left.

She received a call from the number she called but it was Kai. He called to tell her she could start work the next day and he tested her his address.


Erik came in later that day and he and Gwen talked for a while.

”So babe what have you been up to? ” Gwen asked with a smiling expression.

”Work, ” Erik replied.

”Hope your co-workers aren seducing you, ” she said playfully trying to tease him but she received a slap on her face and in addition to the slap, he punched her, blacking her out.

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