Gwendolyn Oakwood was an average lady, with short, fair skin, hazel brown eyes, and long brown hair.

She lived with her dad, Terry Oakwood, and mom, Georgie Oakwood till her dads disappearance. A few years after her father disappeared, her mum got married to Alexander Wentworth.

Alex had a daughter named Samantha Wentworth. Samantha was just a year younger than Gwen but she always got whatever she wanted.

Alex was an angel only when Georgie was around, even when Gwen tried to tell her mom about Alex she would say Gwen was making things up. Gwen went to fashion school on scholarship.

When she graduated, Alex offered her a job at his clothing line. Since she didn have a job because all the jobs she applied for were denied so she accepted his offer and he made her life hell!

Gwendolyn rushed out of her house to avoid Alexs yelling. She hailed a taxi and got in. when she got to work, she saw Alex talking to a handsome-looking guy. Alex was of average height, light-skinned, wasn bad looking, and had short brown hair. The guy he was talking to, was freakin handsome and he was tall, light-skinned. He had short brown hair and brown eyes that could pierce through your soul even with his glasses. She just ignored Alex and was about to walk to her office when Alex called her back, ”Where do you think you
e off to young lady? ”

”My office. ”Gwen replied.

”What do I pay you for? ”

”You said you didn want my ugly face around your customers. You even….. ”

”The next time you come to work and pass me by, youll have yourself to blame. Plus you
e five minutes late. ”

”I came in fifteen minutes ago. ”

”Are you talking back? ”

”………. ”

”Youll be Mr. Kai Leones stylist. ”

”What of the stack of papers on my desk? ”

”Do them later. ”

Gwen took Kai to the styling room. Kai sat down in front of a vanity mirror.

”Mr. Leone, should I put hair spray on your hair or not? ”

He didn give an answer so she didn put it at all. She was about to apply make-up on his face when she felt someone hold her hand. It was Kai, he said in an Italian accent, ”Do not put that thing on my face,its unnatural and fake. ”Since Gwen didn put make-up on his face, Kai tried the first outfit. It was a black tuxedo with matching pants and black shoes with a white shirt. Gwen was about to take off Kais glasses but he held her hand back. ”Do not touch my glasses, ” Kai said before releasing her hand ”I never take them off, ” he added but Gwen said nothing.

Samantha opened the door and said, ”Mr. Leone, you
e on in three, ” she left. Gwen hated Samantha so much cause of how she was. Georgie always supported Samantha and most of the time, told Gwen to be like Samantha because she was well behaved. Samantha was just like her father, heartless, a cheat and definitely not smart at all. Samantha had the looks but not books. ”Gwen, my tie! ” Kais stern voice brought her out of her thoughts.

”Y-yes sir, ” Gwen answered.

”Aren you forgetting something? ” Kai asked holding up a red tie.

”Oh. I almost forgot, ” Gwen said taking the tie from him and stood on her tiptoes to put the tie around his neck and she leaned on him. It felt like time had stopped as they stared into each others eyes. All of a sudden, Alex opened the door and he thought Gwen was trying to seduce Kai so he pulled Gwen out and scolded her. Instead, he brought Samantha in as Kais new stylist. Samantha didn know the first thing about being a stylist. Samantha spent the whole day flirting with Kai and Kai got sick of it.

The next day when Gwen got to work, the show had already started so she went straight to her office and started the already piled up paper work. She was focusing on her computer when Alex walked in and said, ”Get up! ”

”Why? ” Gwen asked.

”Your celebrity boyfriend wants you back. ”

”Celebrity boyfriend? ”

”Yeah Kai Leone. ”

”Mr. Leone isn my boyfriend. ”

”I guess he prefers your ugly face over my daughters pretty face. He honestly has bad choices, ” Alex said before walking away.

Gwen got up and went to Kais styling room. Samantha gave Gwen the stink eye on her way out. Gwen couldve guessed that Samantha was pestering Kai already so he got sick of it. That thought made her chuckle which was soon cut short by Kai, ”Can you quit smiling? Or do you want to be like the other one? I know Im handsome but no need to blush. ”

Gwen got in and picked out an outfit for Kai and he changed and got on the runway. Gwen watched from backstage. All of a sudden, the stage came crashing down and everything was destroyed. A model was injured due to the accident and Alex had to pay for it which made him angry. He walked up to Gwen and gave her an echoing slap on her face. ”Look what you did! Youve absolutely ruined everything for me! Can you just be less clumsy for once? ” Alex babbled. ”Do you even realize your salary can pay for this? ” Alex asked Gwen but she didn give a reply.

”I know my salary can pay for it because after all my work, I still get paid so little but listen Alex, I QUIT!!! Im tired of your stupid job orders and you! Screw you, your job, and dumbass daughter that couldn pass kindergarten!! ” Gwen said and walked away.

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