Giulio’s eyes gleamed sharply at her avoidance.
He grabbed Sei’s slender neck in one instant moment.
The hand clutched her delicate neck and cut off her oxygen.
His fingers tightened and left red marks on her pale white skin.
Being on her tiptoes, she clung to his arm.

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“It’s, it’s not me… Ha, shit.”

“To say so, your abilities are too great.
I can never figure out where you are and what you’re doing.
Just like before.
Were you thinking of going into that man’s crib tonight?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.
I told you… he was just a means for my four-month living expenses.
And no matter how broke I am, I don’t sell my body.”

His long eyelashes fell languidly.
Giulio loosened his grip on her neck.
It had only been a few seconds, but there was already a bruise on her white neck.
He clicked his tongue and grabbed her chin, as she tried to catch her breath.

“The amount deposited to you this month was quite large, but is it still not enough for you?”

Sei was very anxious about his hand that was pressing and caressing the marks on her neck, but she still calmly answered him back.

“To prepare for old age.
I have to make as much money as I can while I’m still young so that I can live comfortably as a grandma.”

“But you don’t have that much money.
I’ve been observing you for a very long time.
Even though you earn so much, you don’t smell like money.
Why, hmm?”

“It’s because I’ve been poor for a long time.”

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“Hmm… or are you hiding some pimp behind my back? He must be sucking you dry like a leech.”

Sei, while rubbing her neck slowly, raised her eyes.
She tried to grasp his intentions.
He not only suddenly appeared before her but was also watching her from behind-the-scenes.
In the current situation, if he came to her in confidence and not in doubt, then it was very dangerous.

“If there was anything like that, you would have already killed him.”

She retorted in a very low voice.
Nevertheless, he smiled brightly.


When it came to the subject of the Mafia, Giulio Parenti’s smile was always sweet.
As the head of an organization, he created social issues and then climbed up to the top every time by appearing in the press.

Satan wearing an angel’s mask? It was ironic that his Mafia supported Catholic projects and even helped the poor, but that was the sad reality.

Only a few people knew what kind of man was hidden behind that mask.

With a deep sigh, Giulio wrapped his arms around her shoulder and led her to walk with him.

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“So, Sei.”

Giulio, who spoke in a friendly tone, was scarier than usual.
 Yes, even with all sorts of reasons, the fact that this man was scary had not changed.

Seeing her flinch, Giulio smiled as if he was having fun.

“The account associated with you has been robbed.
I don’t know who did it, but there’s a dirty rat among us.”

His hand reached through her voluminous hair.
Giulio leaned his upper body while stroking through her lustrous strands and whispered, making goosebumps spring up all over her skin.

“Sort it out.
Find him and bring that person to me.
You can do it, right?”

Just as they reached in front of the door of the casino, he suddenly grasped her chin and smashed his lips with hers in a rough, strong kiss.
Sei held her breath.
Her heart was beating frantically as if it could pop right out of her chest at any moment, but she didn’t shake him off fearing that it would ruin everything.

She pretended to obediently give out her tongue and bit his lips.
Then a fine furrow appeared on Giulio’s forehead.
It was a strange expression of satisfaction.
Sei knew very well that if she wanted to live long, she would have to dance according to the beat of Giulio’s drum and satisfy him for now.

After withdrawing his lips, he smirked while rubbing the smudged lipstick from her swollen lips.

“Well, if you want to play a game, then come to me.
Don’t try to arouse that austere jerk.”

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With a smile, he let her go and stepped into the casino with his men.
She saw the manager running to guide him.
Giulio soon disappeared into the Diamond Zone, where only the top class could enter.

As she stared coldly at his back, she gnashed her teeth in anger and spit out curses.

“Fuck you, you piece of shit!”

As expected, it was best to swear in Korean.

That was it for today.
As long as Giulio was on the same ship, it was no longer possible to work.

With a grim expression, she left the casino without hesitation.
Perhaps because of the red marks on her neck, people’s eyes were glued to her persistently.

Sei returned straight back to her room, and as soon as she opened the clutch, she was stunned.

“Ha, right…”

Somehow she had forgotten about it for a while because of Giulio.
The room key of the client with platinum hair was sparkling inside her clutch.
It was also the key to the Royal Room on the top floor, which was different in color from that of the regular rooms.

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Sei thought for a moment.
She had thought he would cover her four months of living expenditure, but what if he turns out to be her two years’ worth of living expenses? In fact, a client that was not only rich but also an easy game was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
At least, this was true according to her standards.

She bit her lips several times while pondering about this.
She made up her mind and then picked up her last name tag.

This time, both the client and Giulio must still be at the casino.

Her only chance was now.

“Well, I’ll take off at the next harbor.”

Her eyes became fierce as she picked up her uniform.
She had a bad feeling about this, but she decided to ignore it.

Because her determination to not die had always kept her alive.

This time again, she was sure she would survive.

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