It’s so hot.

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Sei removed her heavy jacket.
As she exited the airport and went in the car, she saw along the seaside road how the hot rays of the Mediterranean sun followed her.

The tranquil and picturesque beach as well as the bustling streets filled with tourists and locals, let her forget about the purpose of her visit.

Sei stared dazedly at the scenery passing by.

Romano, who took the wheel, showed signs of uneasiness as soon as they exited the airport.
He claimed it was where he and the woman he deeply loved had stayed until recently.

Given his use of the past tense, it appeared that the relationship had already ended.

When she murmured, ‘I see, so the mafia too can fall in love,’ she was struck on the head by Romano’s stone fist.
He kept complaining that if it hadn’t been for her, he’d be wallowing in the Pacific Hotel suite with the call girls.

Sei rubbed her aching head, pursed her lips tightly and focused her attention outside the window.

Lorenzo and Romano, fortunately, were not difficult opponents for her to deal with.

Lorenzo was like a hot-tempered woman, but he just nagged out of affection while Romano was a seemingly cold but warm-hearted man.

They were the type of people that made no sense being with Guilio.
Nonetheless, they were no different from other mafia members.

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“There it is.”

“… I thought the villa was built on the coast.”

“Security is weak in low places, so that’s why it’s been built here.”

Sei nodded to the somewhat convincing answer.

A massive gate near the top of the mountain opened, revealing a garden resembling a national park in front of her eyes.

Sei’s throat began to dry up.
She became more perplexed as she learned more.
She couldn’t believe Guilio was so wealthy.
She was curious how much he earned per second.

“If you go straight here, Guilio will be there.
There are also some new guys here, so get to know their faces as soon as possible.”

When she got out of the car, she noticed Greek temple-like pillars supporting an aisle that connected two buildings as one and also led to the backyard.

She quickly drew a mental map of the area.

Perhaps Yuri will be held here after being kidnapped.
Sei frantically moved her eyes like an insect looking for a way out.

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After a while, she put on her jacket, pressed her crude bag against her chest, and took a bold step forward.
The magnificent exterior of the villa rendered her speechless.
It was completely incomparable to Guilio’s luxurious villa in California.

She was overjoyed to see the flowers blooming all over the backyard.

Just as Romano said, she kept running into unknown faces on her way to the backyard.
They all looked at her with suspicion, but quickly averted their gaze with a strange expression.
Then, one by one, they followed her, forming a long line.

What the hell are they doing?

Their curious gazes were too overwhelming for her.
She was about to lash out at them, but she couldn’t think of anything to say because of the scene in front of her.

The backyard, where some unknown cactus and succulent plants grew like weeds, had a large swimming pool with a beautiful view of Nice behind it.
Giulio was swimming in the area where the crowded backstreets and the white and blue seas met, forming a straight line.

While he was swimming leisurely in the pool that stretched out towards the cliff, Sei approached him quickly.
She feigned a smile, praising money’s great power.

“Hey, long time no see.”

It hasn’t been all that long….

Clad only in a swimsuit, Giulio ruffled his wet hair, causing water to splash on her legs as she stood near the pool’s edge.

Even at a quick glance, one could see that his muscular torso was riddled with numerous scars.
To become a mafia head, one needs at least 100 lives.
Giulio Parenti had survived countless dangers to obtain his current position.

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“It’s cold in America, but it’s like heaven here.”

“It’s also cold here at night.”

“Ah… By the way, when are you coming out? Should I wait?”

At her nonchalant question, he smiled charmingly like a young man and said, “Or you can come in.”

“I can’t swim.
I also don’t have a swimsuit.
I really don’t want to get wet.”

“I’ll hold you.
As for your clothes… just take them all off.
Wouldn’t you feel fantastic after getting in?”

Sei shook her head and smiled blandly.
She just wanted to sit back and relax on the sunbed with a drink and wait.
But Giulio, who changed his expression in an instant, squashed her wish.

“Take them off.”

The power held in the three words was too great.
While gazing down at Giulio, who was deliberately being mean, Sei took off her shoes and put down her bag and jacket.
Then she pulled her shirt over her head and unbuttoned her jeans.

Just when Giulio’s gaze fell over his urchins that had followed her, he snapped his fingers.
They all turned around in an instant while scratching their heads one by one at the chilling atmosphere.

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Even the server who brought in the drinks was not spared.
Before her pants touched her ankles, he ran away from the pool.

Sighing, Sei put her foot in the water wearing only her underwear.
Then Giulio reached out his hand and mercilessly pulled her body into the pool.


Startled by the cold water, all the hair on her body stood up.
Giulio laughed out loud while holding a shivering Sei.
She hadn’t seen that cold smile of his in a long time.
Her body began to sink into the water as soon as he removed his hands, which were holding her by her armpits.

Sei flailed her hands and feet with all her might.
But Giulio only swam back and raised his finger.

“If you want to live, come here.
You’re doing well.”

“M-My feet…! It’s so, so deep!”

“Of course.
After all, it’s my pool.
It has been made to suit my height.
It’s not deep.
You’re just small.”

“H-Help me! Ueup!””

Sei thrashed her limbs vigorously, but the water kept getting into her nose and mouth with every word she spoke.

This lunatic!

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