Their lips collided with each other, and a big tongue penetrated mercilessly into her parted mouth.

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As she made an awkward expression, he steadily placed his hand under her shirt and pushed up her bra.
Yuri bit and sucked Sei’s lips several times, and then smirked and asked, “Are you under any stress? I can help you vent it.”

His hands which grasped her breasts gently twisted her nipples.
Sei slowly took a step back from him, her breathing becoming faster and faster.

“I’m going to see Guilio at midnight.
Then you’ll be kidnapped, and he’ll attach someone to me.
It means… it would be impossible for us to have sex after today.”

The stimulated nipples hardened when exposed to the air.
After bending his upper body, Yuri licked her pink nipples and tugged at them lightly with his teeth.
Her body began to turn red at his actions.

“Then we can do it in advance.”

“Haa, damn it….”

Yuri’s aroused face was breathtakingly hot.
Sei clasped his shoulder tightly.

“So, can we start fucking right now?”

“I am going to be busy.
There will be no chance now.
Since we’re going to do it eventually, whether we do it now or later… it will be all the same.”

Yuri said, narrowing his eyes, “There are six hours until midnight.
Are you going to satisfy me for only six hours?”

There was a languid smile at the corner of his mouth.
Sei reached out her hands and wrapped them around the back of his neck.

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“The condition was to suck your cock, but I don’t remember your satisfaction being included in the agreement.”

“I didn’t realize you having a good memory would be such a problem.”

He laid Sei on the table where the two were sitting facing each other a while ago.

The dazzling jewels on the table glinted through her wavy hair.
He grasped her slender waist just like he did with her breasts.
Sei, with her knees drawn up, leaned forward to find his lips and kissed him.

His pale skin contrasted with her voluminous black hair.
Yuri ran his fingers through her hair.
He then sucked hard at her clumsy tongue.
Every time their hips collided and the ridge of their nose came close, their restless breaths tickled their ears.

Sei spread her legs apart and wrapped her arms around Yuri’s waist.
His firm, swollen arousal rubbed against the thin fabric of her leggings.
Sucking her tongue hard, he spit out a vulgar profanity, loosened his belt, and lowered his underpants.
He slowly got down while holding his genitals that rose up like a weapon.

Yuri knelt down on one knee without hesitation and bit the little mound over her underwear.


Sei’s underwear was already wet.
He began to rub his manhood, sucking the slight convex part over the fabric.
His saliva soaked the already wet fabric, creating an unpleasant feeling.

“I’d rather take it off.”

In the end, Sei took off her leggings and underwear at once with her own hands, and spread her legs apart, covering her eyes flushed from excitement.
She could feel a blatant gaze over the leggings that hung around her knees.

“Are you always this excited? To the point where it’s trickling down?”

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“How could I possibly know about something I’ve never seen before? Much less touch…!”

In an instant, his teeth burrowed into her thighs.

“You’re lying.”

His voice was so low that it was frightening.
Running his hands through her hair, he held her hips.

Taking a breath, Sei lifted herself up, supporting her upper body with her elbows.

Moist lips tickled the tender flesh of her thighs, gradually descending into the pubic area.

She pondered for a moment whether she should bring her knees together or part them more.

A man with the appearance of an angel had his face between her legs.
He raised his gaze and grabbed his length while obscenely licking the gap between her legs with his red tongue.

He took off the leggings that hung around her knees and shoved his tongue deep into her vagina.

She wasn’t sure if it was going to suck or poke her.
An inexplicable sensation suffocated her.

“Haa… S-stop!”

Her coquettish voice mixed with shrill cries rang out.
But he gripped her thigh tightly and didn’t let go.
He licked her clit in slow circles, then bit hard with his teeth.

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Sei convulsed, scratching the table.
Then he smiled and lifted his head up, kissing her abdomen, and bit her breast.

Yuri Petrov was good at everything.
Sei reached out and ran her fingers through his hair.
Feeling the soft texture on her fingers, she felt a strange satisfaction with the addictive touch.
But it appeared he wasn’t as equally pleased.

The man grabbed her hand, which was playing with his hair, and pressed his lips to her palm.

“When you do that, it seems that you take me for a child.”

Yuri naturally kissed her with the same lips that had been sucking her down there before.
A large penis rubbed against the gap between her legs.
He stimulated her sensitive core with his thick glans, which were dripping with precum.

Sei hid her tension and tugged at his lips hard.

“Will it hurt?”

The question was impulsive.
Yuri paused for a moment and looked down at her face incredulously.
She coughed at him.

Did he get what I was asking him?

A soft kiss which was different from before fell on Sei’s sweet lips.

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“I am a little big.”

“So… !”

In an instant, his fingers slipped into her wet vagina.
A burning pain spread from her lower half along with an overwhelming sensation.
Her ass kept wriggling at the strange tickling sensation that was accompanied by an unfamiliar pain.

He kept moving his fingers, staring tenaciously at her wet core quivering with excitement.

Her leaking fluids trickled down her buttocks and pooled on the table.
Whenever the man’s finger pressed against her sensitive inner wall, her lower abdomen tightened at the feeling of wanting to urinate.

“It’s narrow.”

The words sounded like a cue.
The light from the pendant on the table with its enamel peeled off, flickered eerie in the light.

He kissed her heated flushed cheek several times and parted her vaginal lips with his thick glans.

“But don’t you want to see it?”



Suddenly, Sei felt a feeling of pressure enough to make her pelvis rip open.
Startled by his sheer size, Sei’s body stiffened.
Twisting her waist, she spread her legs as wide as she could, but that still wasn’t enough.

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