14 – I Wonder If We Can Be Friends?

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「While I am glad that Myuri is unharmed… Just what was that mana I felt?」

Myuri’s brother had a curious expression on his face, perhaps just out of sight of Myuri.

「Oh, mister Hero made a tower for me.」

「Mister Hero? Tower?」

At that moment, the son of the Demon King finally took in his surroundings, looked at me, then the tower, and then he screamed.


I kinda forgot that we were within the royal palace.
The level of importance and security are exceedingly high.

In fact, before Myuri’s brother arrived, I could sense strong individuals surrounding us.

Some were even on the same level as Eleanor…

The reason they didn’t show themselves is that they already knew.

Knew that I was the perpetrator and apparently erected a tower while playing around.

As to how they knew… I could sense Eleanor running around explaining to them.

It seems that Eleanor isn’t the only one covering for me.

『Maybe it’s someone from that group of Seven.』

The seven girls with powerful mana, Eleanor included, that I rescued five years ago.

I heard that they all felt indebted to me and all of them are residing in this country.

I don’t sense any anger coming from those vigilant people nor from Myuri’s surprised brother.

However, there is no doubt that I did something thoughtlessly.

Even if it was by accident, people who were in the middle of their work or even a break were dispatched because of this.
I should apologize.

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Just as I think that, an idea popped into my head.

I hold out Mika.

「She did it.」

『Hey! Are you selling me out without a single explanation?!』

「Treasure sword incident.」

I say nonchalantly, to which Mika jolted.

I didn’t even care about that treasure sword that some random king, who I can’t remember, gave me, but because she broke it, I got yelled at by the other five.

I thought this would be good as a little payback.

If she gets in trouble, I’ll tell the truth about the-

『…Gr, th-that’s right! Rain did nothing wrong! I made this tower!』


「…The Hero’s holy sword has a mind of its own?」

『Yeah! Sorry for all the noise! Boil me! Fry me! Do whatever you need to as punishment!』

Not like boiling or frying would hurt Mika at all, but she’s just trying to carry all the blame on her shoulders.
Wait, does she have shoulders?

「Sir Hero took no part in this?」

『Yeah! If you get it, then hurry up and drag me around town like the criminal that I am and hang me in front of the townspeople!』

Neither of which will put a scratch on her.

It might be more effective to wrap her up in curtains.
It’ll probably tickle her.

Actually, the image of a sword tied with rope and dragged by a horse through town is pretty surreal.

「…My little sister said Sir Hero did it, though…」

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『Kuh! Th-that… Please, let him go! Due to his circumstances, he’s missing a lethal amount of common sense.
If you want, I can also take responsibility for that.』

Aw man, now I feel like apologizing to her.

She’s covering for me so desperately.

But about that last one… Didn’t you gladly go along with it?

「Are you mad at Mr.
Hero, big bro? Even though he did it for me?」

Uh oh.
I’m gaining more and more allies.

Following Myuri, Carro and the kids stand in front of me saying things like「He did a lotta things ’cause we asked.」「Mr.
Hero was just playing with us!」「Don’t bully Rain…!」.

「I don’t believe Sir Rain did anything wrong.
Maybe punish Azla instead…」

「Wait, what?! You always go crazy when it comes to Lord Hero!!」

「I’m kidding.」

「You gave me chills!」

Looks like Azla and Lejie get along well.

I didn’t think things would turn out like this, but I think it’s time I came clean-



「Hff, heh, ahahaha!」

Myuri’s brother couldn’t hold it in anymore and burst out laughing.

「Ha… heheh.
You are a fascinating human.
Despite being the Hero who laid waste to strong foes from Makai such as the Evil Dragon King, the Rot King, Black Thunder, and the Dark Lion, you chose to turn a blind eye to let seven demon girls escape.
When taken aback by the absurdity of erecting a tower in such a place, children and even a holy sword rise up to protect you.
What a strange human being.」

I’ve forgotten their specific names, but I can sorta remember beating them as he mentions their titles.
The Evil Dragon King would be the parent of that evil dragon kid, right? I remember that one well.

The Rot King was that smelly fat guy, Black Thunder was that guy who just dropped lightning everywhere, and the Dark Lion was that guy whose sword was so fast that it was hard to get through to him.

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I’ve beaten tons of dudes who are just as strong as them, but I guess they were well-known in this country.

Well, it looks like he isn’t gonna get mad…

Also, I feel bad pinning it all on Mika, that wasn’t my intention.
So, I opened my mouth.

「My bad.
Didn’t mean to build a tower in your home.
What I said earlier was a lie.
I did it.
I’ll be careful next time… And to the people who are watching, I’m sorry for disturbing your work or rest.」

After I said that, Eleanor appeared out of nowhere.

「Please, do not worry about it.
But certainly, telling us in advance will help.
If those within castle grounds know about it, then we can prevent unnecessary caution.」

I think Eleanor is trying to tell me to not do this.

「You’re right.
I’ll consult you or Ferris.」


She smiled gently.

「Uhm, ahem.」

Myuri’s brother cleared his throat.

He’s looking at me.

「From what I’ve heard, your freedoms were harshly restricted by the other Saviors, not allowing you to have even one friend.」

「Ah, sorta.
I had her, at least.」

I pat Mika’s sheath that I returned to my waist.

…Wait, whaddya mean at least?!』

「For keeping my sister company, you have my gratitude.
We have not spoken to each other much prior to this, but if it pleases you, may we be friends?」


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I don’t care if a friend is a man or a woman, but I did want to have an honest male friend.


「I thank you for your offer, but if you have the time to entertain me, then go play with Myuri.
She misses you.」

Myuri was standing in between us after she tried to cover for me.

「Ah… I had been so busy with my magic studies lately that I had not thought about that.
…You are right.
That may be the best way forward.」

As we talk about this, Myuri takes her brother’s hand, comes closer to me, and takes my hand as well.

「Why don’t we play together?」

「…I see.
You’re a smart cookie, Myuri.」

Myuri flared her nostrils with pride after I praised her.

「…Are you sure, Myuri?」


Seeing his sister nod cheerfully, he laughs once again.

「I see.
Then, I look forward to it, Sir Rain.」


After that, Carro and gang clung tighter to me, I told them that I got it, and played with them.


I completely missed my chance to ask but…

What is Myuri’s brother’s name?

…I’ll secretly ask Eleanor or Ferris about it later.

By the way, everyone climbed the tower.

Myuri in particular was so happy, and that made building this thing worthwhile.

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