12 – I’m a Majin You Rescued 5 Years Ago

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I’ve learned the names of the equipment, or rather, the playground equipment.

When using the one called a swing, it appears that you go higher the harder you push, and the higher you go, the better you are scored, so when I tried using Wind Magic to push me, I swung full circle.

The kids were immediately speechless, I did it one more time and they all started cheering, but by the fourth time, they went「Uhm, that’s not how you play…」with troubled eyes, so I stopped.

After undoing the tangled ropes, I went to the next one.

Since the slide was made for Myuri, it can’t be helped that the slide down to the landing area isn’t very long.

Considering that the process of sliding is the core of this playground equipment, it is inevitable that the enjoyment of it is tied directly to how long one can slide on it.

And so, I created a roughly three-story-tall slide using Earth Magic.

Everyone was silent, so I thought something was wrong… Then I realized.

Being three stories tall would also mean it would take a lot of effort to climb the stairs.

I told them that I would use Wind Magic to lift up any volunteers, but Myuri was the only one who raised her hands going「Me, me!」.

But even that was put a stop to by Azla, so I had to reluctantly disintegrate the slide…

For the seesaw, with a weight placed on one side, the one who sits on the opposite side goes up forcefully.
I speculate that the enjoyment comes from the feeling of weightlessness.

In my head, I thought that if were to apply Gravity Magic just when the weight is placed on the other side, the kid will soar as high as the heavens…but a thought is as far as I got before Mika went『I don’t know what you’re planning, but it’s better if you don’t.』.

Odd… Am I mistaken in my measurement of fun in the park…?

I thought as I sat on this bench, which seems to be used for taking a break.

『Hey Rain? You know that there’s a sort of standard to everything, right…?』

The usually full-of-herself Mika was speaking to me in a sort of kind admonishing tone.

『There are no magic-users that expressly use forbidden magic to take out Goblins, right?』

「That would be a waste of mana.」

You could defeat them with it, but it wouldn’t be optimal.』

「You mean these playground equipment for the children are already in an optimized state?」

『Most likely.』

「So that’s how it is…」

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『You can make the little ones have fun even without the use of magic, you know?』

「It’s not like I was thinking about that… I wasn’t but, I’ll hear you out just this once.」

『Just look at them.
Playing together is all they need.』

「…You say that but…」

I don’t know how to…


At that moment, I heard a sad voice.

There were two swings lined up and both of them were crowded.

One was swinging smoothly, but the other wasn’t and couldn’t get enough height.

Comparing herself to the kid next to her, she became sad.

『Go help her.』

Without magic, huh? In that case…

「…? Rain…?」

「Hey, relax.
I’m just gonna push you.」

Going around behind her, I watch my timing and gently push her back.

After doing this several times, she gradually swung higher and higher.


I heard her say in wonder.

「Whoa! Cool!」「No fair.
I want a go too.」「Me next!」「Myuri wants a go too!」「So does Carro!」

The children came closer.

One by one, I pushed them until they were satisfied, then we went down the slide together, and we rode the see-saw normally.

In the end, I never understood what was fun about them, but seeing the ceaseless smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile.

『You were smiling for real, you know?』


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『You looked like you were having fun.』

「I did? …I did.」


「By the way, I’ve been thinking, Mika.」


「Is it possible that…normal fifteen-year-olds don’t play at the park?」

『……There’s no age limit, right? I’m just a holy sword, so what do I know?』

I sense a white lie.

I can also sense Azla’s gaze turn into a halfway smirk…

Also, for some reason, the black-haired maid was resting on Azla’s lap, twitching.

When I started playing with the kids, her breathing became ragged, her eyes became bloodshot, and she collapsed.

『Guess she’s just like silver tits.
I think she was there at the ritual.』

Ah, so she was one of the people I saved five years ago.
She does have a lot of mana, and she looked familiar.

She reminds me of Ferris because of how much the black-haired maid resembles her.

I approached the two maids.

「Oh? Is something the matter, Master Hero?」

Says Azla when she sees me and waves.

The black-haired maid instantly shot upright.

She straightened her back, and her face was normal as if nothing happened.

「I’m used to it but, who told you to call me Master Hero?」

I wonder if it’s because I’m a guest of the Demon King Army.

I wonder if Eleanor told the kids and, for some reason, they like calling me that, so I don’t mind.

「Ahaha, no one.
It is a personal thing.
I see.
They didn’t tell you, did they?」

「Guess there’s something more to this.」

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Azla put a hand to her mouth and giggled.

「The Hero Rain is a sort of celebrity around these parts, after all.」

The black-haired maid nodded repeatedly.

「…Because I rescued Eleanor?」

「There were seven children in total who were saved that day.
All seven of them came under the protection of this country.
All of them had potential, so his Highness had them all attend Magic Academy.
Learning how to handle their own mana, they gained the ability to defend themselves.」

「That’s great.」

「And for that reason, everyone decided to work for this country.
As a teacher in the academy, as a part of the Demon King Army, or as a royal escort.」

「I see.
Everyone worked really hard.」

Five years seems like a long time to train in magic, but it’s not.

If they’re put in an important position, that just shows how hard they worked.

「Those seven people were united under a common purpose.
That includes Lejie here.」

Finally, I learned the name of the black-haired maid.

Her name is Lejie.

If she’s a blood relative of Ferris, that would explain why Ferris was so friendly towards me.
Since I saved a member of her family.

Ferris doesn’t have much ability in magic, so Lejie must have been the only one who was taken.

「And that purpose is to one day-」

『-save the Hero from mankind?』

Said Mika.

That’s right, Eleanor said something like that when we were reunited.
The seven of them came up with that plan together, huh?

「Oh, so you do know.
Well, in the end, it appears that Mistress Eleanor was lucky enough to be reunited with you at the best time, and here we are.
Master Hero, to those who know, is called this… The human who was saved by the gifted seven.」

The Demon King Army accepted me extremely quickly.
Actually, they were surprisingly courteous to me.

Is it because what I did five years ago was, in fact, something very significant to this country?

Lejie stood in front of me with tears in her eyes.

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「Thank you so much…for saving me.」

「Ah, sure.

Saying something with such a serious expression face to face makes me feel uneasy.

「Ah, that’s right.
Lejie, I have something to say, too.」

「Kya… Yes…?」

「I have to say this to Eleanor and the other six as well but…thank you for helping me.」

I never thought that there were those that thought about saving me.

The reunion I had with Eleanor was a coincidence, but I’m sure it came true due to their thoughts and efforts.

Thanks to that, I am now able to fully accumulate various experiences that I thought I would never have.

「I’m having fun right now… I think.」



No response.

「Ah, it…looks like she fainted.」

Witnessing Lejie faint while still standing, Azla shrugs.

「…It’s not just Eleanor?」

『Have those seven been worshipping you like a god for the past five years?』

If that’s the case, then the other five would also be like this…?

Nah, Mika’s thinking too hard about this.

「Mister Hero.」

It was the Demon King’s daughter, Myuri.

「Everything is fine here.
Please, go to her.
Mistress Myuri has been feeling rather lonely lately, so I am glad to see her so happy.」

「Well then…I’ll leave her to you.」

There was still the sandbox left to explore.

It seems to involve some kind of competition to build castles.

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