Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 7: Sudden tournament.

Fed up with their nonsense I got up to leave,I was already done with my meal anyway.

Honestly I already stopped counting myself as part of this family a long time ago,but Im still going to prove that they
e all wrong about me.

I trained with master Julius for about four more months, I had completely mastered Pulze-overdrive to the extent where I could vibrate my cells to make myself three times stronger than my base form.I had also learnt many different martial arts and combat skills from master Julius,but I still felt that it was not enough.

I arrived at the woods as usual to train but master Julius was nowhere to be found. I started to practice by myself and after twenty minutes he still hadn arrived, its unlike him to waste precious training time like he always says. As I wallowed in thought,he just showed up before me in a suit,his unkept hair and beard was trimmed.

”I have to go away Brian ”,he begun, ”there are a few things I have to handle,you don need me anymore,youve got everything you need to survive in you ”.

His appearance and the words that hed just uttered took some time to sink down,I already knew he was going to leave someday and I also knew that he wasn just some guy living in the woods who happened to know martial arts and was freakishly strong.But even if he was leaving what kind of lame ass goodbye is this. As he turned to walk away I tried to speak out the words that were on my mind but he interrupted before I could even get the first sound out.

”If you get into trouble, believe in me and my teachings ”.

With those final words,he vanished into thin air leaving me with my confused thoughts.

”At least let me say thank you before you leave ”, I muttered into the wind.

Training under master Julius for the past six months had allowed me to gain a marginal boost in my physical ability and combat skill,the new me should be able to hold his own in a close combat against anybody,I even managed to defeat master Julius one time in a sparring session.But the most important achievement is that it has allowed me to rack up some points in the Superhuman Academic Grading (SAG) system. At first it felt like a pipe dream aiming for SKATA but now I just might have a shot, I can attain four hundred and fifty cumulative points and beat this ridiculous grading system.

The SAG system is a system used by SKATA to assess their knights, it is divided into three categories;

Category A; which measures pulze ability and pulze level using a pulzator (device that can measure pulze bond ratio). Hundred points are granted for having the highest pulze ratio possible,called the mutual bond or 50:50 bond,ninety points for a 40:60 bond,eighty points for a 30:70 bond,seventy points for a 20:80 bond and 60 ponts for a 10:90 bond which are considered normal human beings.

The ratio of your pulze bond basically determines you pulze level but people with the same bond ratio may still have slight differences in their pulze level. Pulze abilities are handled a little differently,dividing them into three groups; •Unique abilities,these are unique to an individual and few people may have them,there is also the possibility of two people having the same unique ability, then there are •Elemental abilities, these control the four elements (water,earth,wind and fire) and thirdly there are •Evolved abilities, these are basically just advanced forms of elemental abilities.

But the true power of an ability is in its subgroup,the subgroups are divided into four; the Alphas being the most powerful get two hundred points, Betas next after the Alphas with hundred and fifty points, Gammas next after the Betas with hundred points and finally the Deltas after the Gammas with fifty points.

Category B; which measures combat skills and physical ability, each could earn you a maximum of hundred points depending on your performance in simulated battle classes.

Category C; which measures mental ability using special tests and devices,earns you a maximum of hundred points.

An average superhuman should have cumulative points between three hundred and forty points to four hundred points, people with cumulative points above four hundred are considered extremely exceptional,and SKATA will only accept trainees that have their cumulative points to be four hundred and fifty or above.

Six months earlier my cumulative points were just two hundred and ninety, hundred for my pulze level due to my mutual bond, forty for my combat skill, sixty for physical ability, ninety for mental ability and zero for pulze ability. Currently I have three hundred and fifty five points steming from my recent boost in physical ability to eighty points and combat skill to eighty five points,but then Ive hit my limit in this point system,if I want to get into SKATA I need to attain ninety five more points,and its only possible if I attain at least a Gamma ability.what to do now?

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