Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 10: The first bout

sition I heard the sound of her steps coming from my eight oclock, I opened my arms as wide as I could and brought them together with the swiftness of a bullet, the force created was enough to displace the air around me for quite the distance exposing Chloe whod stopped in her tracks probably stunned by the force of the wind that just blew past her, capitalizing on the opportunity I closed the distance between us in less than a second and and landed a punch to her mid section deactivating Pulze-overdrive on impact so that I didn spill her guts. As she collapsed into my arms,the mist around began to clear and the cheers of the crowds began to grow.

”Hes done it!!,a flawless victory and he made it look easy, the first match of the first bout has ended in 58.4 seconds!. ”

A medical team came to take the collapsed Chloe away for treatment,I was happy about winning my match but as I left the ring I felt I had only won by luck, running battle simulations on Saturday allowed me to predict a smokescreen attack but I didn expect it on such a grand scale if I underestimate any opponent again my luck might not be enough to save me again.

My match was followed by a match between Rex and Ashraf where Ashraf dominated his opponent with his unique Beta class ability, though Rex put up a good fight against Ashraf there was only so much he could do with his elemental Gamma class ability. The next match was between Mavis and Philip,it was a tight match as both had Gamma class abilities and interesting to watch too,after theyd battled for about five minutes till they were fatigued Philip surrendered, a bad idea from my view because it looked like Mavis was suffering more. Anyways the last fight for the first bout was between Francis and Lacey. Lacey brutally crushed him with her evolved Beta class ability and ended the match in 15 seconds.

And thus the first bout ended well but I was starting to feel tensed,after watching the other matches my natural instincts were telling me I was no match for the other candidates, the next fixtures will be posted thirty minutes from now and then well be given extra thirty minutes to prepare, a total of an hour before the next bout starts, I should get some juice to calm me down in the mean time…

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