That day! She was like a queen, her future husband was coming to see her father to ask her hand in marriage.Alexander, a fair,tall young and beautiful lady.people preferred to call her Alex, some people said she deserved the name because of her dreamy eyes and her legs that could win an award for her.

She entered the sitting room with a nice black gown that was revealing her lovely legs, Alex was grinning from ear to ear. She was then caught by the attention of a young man who was sitting opposite her father. ”Could this be one of Pauls friend? But I haven seen him before, ”Alex thought in her head. She gently smiled back at her beloved fiancé that was smiling at her. Then her father coughs gently. ”Father are you okay? ” Alex hurried to her father and sat beside him placing her arms on his shoulder.

”I am fine, ” mr Samson replies reaching out for his handkerchief on the table in front of him and Alex hurriedly picks it up for him. ”Thank you. ” He collected the handkerchief and wiped his mouth the looked at the two grown men sitting. ”so the both of you, have come for my daughters hand in marriage—. ”

”What are you talking about father? ” Alex cuts her father off. ”what do you mean both of them? ” Alex points at the stranger amongst the men. ”What is your name? ”

At first peter was reluctant to answer but the smirk look on Alexanders face shows she was having any bit of whatever was going on.

”My name is Peter. ” He said and then exchanged glances with his rival in a very pathetic manner.

”What do you want? ” Alexanders fiancé finally spoke after the long silence which almost seemed like it was going to last forever. There was no reply to his question so he asked again in a loud voice. ”I said what do you want. ”

This time around, everyone was taken aback with the loud voice, Paul was sure to have portrayed himself as a the hot tempered man that he is. Mr Samson coughs gently again and then laughs.

”Alex. ”he looks at his daughter and smiled at her, she managed to force a smile back in return. ” These men here came to ask your hand in marriage. ”

”Father, I do not understand what you are talking about. You know who my fiancé is. How can a man just show up from nowhere to ask for my hand in marriage. ” Alex nagged

”Sir, have I wronged you in any way? ” Paul asked in a sober manner. ”i mean you know me already, why allow another person ask for Alex hand in marriage? ” He furthered.

”I need a heart transplant. ”Mr Samson said and the room grew silent. Tears dropped grime Alex eyes when she heard the statement. Mr Samson furthered, ”to get they heart transplant I need money, lots of it. ”

”Father, please stop. ” Alex sobs. ” why are you just telling me this now? Why did you have to say it in presence of of them- ”

”Your father would die if he doesn get the heart transplant anytime soon. ” Peter cuts in. ”The surgery would for sure cost a lot of money but, if you agree to marry me. I will perform the surgery on your father for free in my hospital. ” Peter smiles. Don get it twisted, I do not wish to marry from a family That bargain his daughter entire future in exchange for his life. ”

”Shut up. ” Alexander stands up and slaps him. ” Never will I marry a monster like you who is ready e exchange someones life just marriage.

Paul felt bad, all these things were happening because he was poor, if he was rich he could have done the surgery himself. ”If only I had the money to get the necessary equipments and own a hospital, I would have done this surgery. ” Paul thought.

Peter still placing his palm on his cheek left in annoyance, and then Paul stands and does the same too politely telling MR Samson goodbye and have a good rest. Alex was confused, she deserved an explanation from her father but she felt too bad ask.

”Its fate. ” Mr Samson broke the silence and looked at his daughter. ” You remembered the man I told you I duped? ” Alex nods in agreement. ”He is Peters father. ”

Alex opened her eyes wide open in shock and anxiety.

”Father. ” Alex called softly with tears gushing from her eyes, she held her fathers hand tight glitching her teeth then said in a whispering tone. ”What are we going to do? ”

”He….. ”Mr Samson coughs. ”He wants you to marry his son before I can get the transplant ”. He breaths in heavily. ”Its not because I don want to die or anything, but I want to ease his pain for the death his wife I indirectly caused, he might see it as a form of revenge but I want to use it as an opportunity to pay back my debts. ”

Alex laughs painfully and the wiped her tears with the back of her palm.

”You know what father, I think fate really has a lot to do in our lives.long ago before you duped Samsons father, if I could remember I was still about eight years or so. His father always referred to me as my daughter in law, always prophesying that I would end up marrying his son. ”she looks at her father again for a second or two and continued her talk. ” I don think Peter even likes me,how do you expect me to cope? ”

Mr Samson stands up and said. ” The ball is in your court. ” Then walks out of the sitting room leaving Alex to herself in confusion.

Alex gently watching her father leave the room holding back tears then burst out in tears immediately her father left the environment.

Days passed, Alex couldn seem to have come to a conclusion yet but was avoiding Paul. She was busy setting the small table for her father to have his breakfast when she heard a strong knock on the door.

”Who could this be this early morning?knocking this hard on someone elses door? ” Alex murmured to herself as she goes to check who was knocking. She opened the door and was surprised to see Paul.she stared at him for a moment before she could utter any word. ” Good morning ”

”Good morning my beloved. ” Paul said smilingly as he held her hands. It didn seem like Alex was going to let him in the house so he asked. ”Aren you going to offer me a seat? ”

”No ”Alex nods in disagreement. ”I am sorry but you can come in. ”

”Why? ” He asked as he gently released her hands. ”You have been avoiding me Alex, and we really need to talk, its very important. ”

”We have to put an end to this relationship. ”

”Alex, I promise to work hard and take care of you, we could actually save up for your fathers medical treatment. See, I just got a job at a very big hospital. ” Paul said with a lot of excitement. ”The Heart Rose hospital. ”

The name of the hospital caught Alex attention. ”That is the name of peters hospital. ” She thought in her mind.

” why are you not saying anything? ” Paul asked. ”If you could just hold on a little bit, we could carry out your fathers operation and I would pay the hospital instalmently ”

”Its of no use, work and use your money for yourself,me and my father would be fine don worry about us. ”

Alex said and bangs the door in a rush, then felt humiliated after banging the door hard. Paul felt betrayed and left with regrets.

Several weeks later, mr. Samson had already taken the surgery and was under proper medications, Alex and Peter were also getting along well, even though her heart was somewhere else. One Monday morning, Alex decided to visit Peter at work when she ran into Paul at the hall way. She was at first shocked to see him but she summoned courage, gently walk past him a bit then he calls her name. Alex stopped at looked at him holding back tears.

”What can I do for you? ” Alex replied in a very solemn and blunt manner.

”I never thought you of all people could betray me, I trusted you Alex, I gave you my all in all and still you caused me nothing but embarrassment and mockery. ”

”Embarrassment?. ” Alex scoffs.

”Yes, I was turned into a laughing stock, my friends and family members mocked me so much, that the girl I was so proud of and always boasting about left me the very moment I wan ready to tie the knot with them for a rich young man of my age. ”Paul smiles painfully. ”Now tell me Alex, if I was a rich man would you have left me? ”

”My fathers life was on the line, he is all I have left. I wouldn sit back and watch him in serious pains then later die when I have what it takes to cure him. ”

”I promised to pay for the surgery. ” Paul raised his voice.

”Bring down your voice. ” Alex warns firmly then stares at him for a while and the continued. ”if you wanted to pay for his surgery fee using the opportunity you were a staff in this hospital, we would have to wait for at least six months. While waiting, my father would have surely died. Even if he by chance survived it, how many years do you intend on paying the fee.I am sure you know how expensive a heart transplant is- ”

”So? ” Paul cuts in. ”you are making it clear to me that you left me because of money, no one forced you? ”

”It had something to do with my fathers life, I had no choice, I am sorry Paul forgive me. ” Alex sobs.

”It of no use now, but trust me I will make sure all the days you spend with him be a living hell for you. ”

Paul said and left the hall way with too much bitterness. Alex on the other hand watched him walk way, it felt like soul and happiness were leaving her behind.

With that mood, Alex couldn go see Peter anymore, she just went back home, took off her jacket and was about to pick one of her step ins when a book with a black cover caught her attention. It had a big writing on it MY DIARY. She still remembered vividly how she got the book, peters father gave it to her as a birthday gift when she was eight years old but she had never written anything on it. Alex smiled and opened the book then picked up a pen from the small desk close to her and begun to write.

”Many years ago, my father duped his best friend of a very big amount of money, hoping that when he starts a business with it he would be one of the richest man in the country. But unfortunately the business crashed, my father lost the money at whole. My fathers best friend lost his wife, the money my father ran away with was meant to pay for his wife heart transplant surgery,on the other hand, he still became successful. That is where FATE came in, my father was never destined to be rich but his best friend was destined to be rich no matter what happens. Now, fate brought us back together, my father needs a heart transplant and we can afford it but in exchange I have to pay the price of leaving the man I love for someone I don , all in the name of repaying an everlasting debt and keeping my father alive. ”

After the short writing Alex drops the pen and put the book on her tights. Then she remembers what Paul told her earlier that day. It of no use now, but trust me I will make sure all the days you spend with him be a living hell for you.She bows her head and sighs.

”I am aware of how ruthless you can be when you get annoyed, but I will make sure I protect myself and father from you. I won allow you destroy my fathers way of repentance. ” Alex whispers to herself.

The knot surely had to be tied, that was for sure. The news spread around like bees about the engagement of Alexander Samson and Peter smith. Reporters couldn wait for the day. Plans were going on, then this faithful evening came. Although, Peter and Alex were engaged but never had anything intimate with each other. Peter came back from work looking so exhausted, and he went straight to his room and opened the door without knocking. He was taken aback to see Alex half dressed and was short of words secretly admiring her beauty in and out.

”Its fine, you can come in, ” Alex said and he obeyed. ”you are my husband to be, things like this shouldn be a problem anymore. ” She says as she continues dressing up.

”Huh? ” Peter said shyly scratching the back of his head. ”I heard you went to the wedding gown store today, hope you got a nice dress?. ”

”Yes, I did and I hope you like it. ” Alex was done dressing and she looked at Peter and smile. ”I have a favor to ask of you? ”

”Really? Whats that? ” Peter asked eagerly.

”Paul. ”Alex stopped for a while and then continued. ”fire him from work. ”

It sounded like bombshell to peters ears why would Alex want to do that to someone she almost married. ”Why would you want me to do that? I mean, you guys almost married each other before I came into the picture. ”

”Look, I know Paul and I know how ruthless he can be when he is annoyed or doesn get what he wants. Some weeks back, he told me to my face that I will make sure all the days you spend with him be a living hell for you Peter I am so scared what he doesn know is more than what he thinks he know. ”

Peter, puts his palms on Alex shoulders and smiles. ”He is just blabbing which is normal for every guy to do, if I were to be in his position I would have done the same too, everything would be fine, don worry about anything just focus on our big day. ”

”Are you sure? ” Alex asked and Peter nods positively. ”Okay, but just make sure you are on a look out, we never can say he might try something silly as a form of revenge. ”

Peter pokes her forehead and they both laugh. ”You worry to much maam, I will be on a look out just as you have suggested. ”

”Good boy. ” Alex fumed and they burst into laughter.

Paul walked out of a ward with a patients file in his hands then he sees a young lady a few walks away from him and he tries to avoid her but she caught him just in time.

”Why are you avoiding me? ” Jessie asked running to him.

Paul understood he had been caught but still tried to defend himself. ”I am not avoiding you, I just didn see you. ” He looked at Jessie straight in her eyes when she got close to him.

”Ohhhhh, so am I that small or little that you didn notice me at all?. ” Jessie accused again.

”Not at all, I was on my way to get lunch. ”

”Really, lets go get lunch together. ” Jessie says happily and drags Paul with her to get lunch.

Paul got stuck and was really annoyed but pretended as if everything was fine.

On their way to the cafeteria, Alex and her father noticed them.

”Is she a devil or angel? ” Alex asks no one in particular. ”I have mixed feelings about her. ”

”Me too. ” Mr Samson adds. ”Tell your husband to fire Paul, thats what best for you both. ”

”Maybe you should help me talk to him on that because I have discussed the issue with him. ”She sighs. ”I just don want Pauls trouble. ”

”Fire him!!!!. ” Mr Samson exclaimed again. ” And that lady with him too, both of them should leave the company, those two have bad energy around them, I will talk to Peter too. ” He taps his daughter who seemed to be lust in thoughts. ”lets go. ”

”Yes father. ” Alex obeyed.

Paul and Jessie on the other hand had their food and were seated opposite each other.

”Doctor Paul. ” Jessie called distracting his attention while eating. ”I really like you, and I am not ashamed of my feelings. I will like us to date. ”

”Jessie, its not as if I don want you or you are a bad person but I just need to be alone for now. ”

”You remind me of my ex. ” Jessie whispered.

”Where is he right now?. ” Paul asked.

”He died. ” Jessie sobs. ”Two years ago. ”

Paul felt bad, he wipes Jessies tears. ”So sorry about that dear.I apologize for bringing up your past memories too. ”

”No its fine, what about you? Tell me about your past love life. ”

”She left me. ” Paul replied bluntly. ”Because I was not rich. ”

”Really? ”

”Yes, though her fathers life was on the line.she had to marry the man in order to get we fathers heart transplant. ”

”Heart transplant? ” Jessie asked curiously. ”This story seems to be familiar, are you referring to Mr Peters wife? ”

Paul was short of words, stuck in between again. Jessie opened her mouth in disbelief but used her palm to cover her mouth.

”Don tell anyone about this. ” He warned.

Jessie nods in agreement and Paul walks out of the cafeteria leaving Jessie in serious disbelief.

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