Dragon Princesses

Chapter 2: Family

s abnormal strength he had cracks in his bones

as the couple got a hold of their daughter they were shocked due to their daughters appearance. The little burrito had sliver platinum hair which she got from her mother and she had bright blue eyes from her father but what shocked them was her horns and her face,

her face was beautiful and cute more beautiful than her mother, this was a surprise since she was just a recently born baby and her appearance could already surpass her mothers looks, the next thing was her horns she had 3 pairs of horns, 2 of the pairs were facing forward while the last pair were facing backward they had a bright red color

this was shocking since their people only had 1 pair of horns on rarer cases 2 pairs but it was unheard of a baby being born with 3 pairs of horns. The shocked parents came out of their stupor and continued to look at their child she had silver scales on her forearms and calf and had a long silver tail with a bright red tip same as the color of her horns but having a flame-like pattern

she had a small pair of wings which was like a bat but more reptilian and covered in silver scales. As they continued to look at their baby they heard voices approaching them, childrens voices and they knew who they belong to.

”Mommy are you okay I heard a lot of screaming from this room, ” said a young girl who had platinum blonde hair with bright blue eyes she had an innocent face that could make any criminal turn themselves in she had platinum gold scales and a long platinum gold tail which had some spikes going towards the end starting from the base of the tail she had platinum gold horns that spiral to the top

”Father are you okay you seem to be in pain, ” said a boy with short black hair and blue eyes he was a spitting image of his father but younger and shorter like his father he had black scales and a tail the only difference was his horns they were on the sides and spiraled like a goat horns he had a cold expressional face and cold looking eyes

”mom hows our new siblings and why is dad crying, ” said a boy who had a mix of black and white hair and ruby red eyes like his mother he had a mix of black and silver scales and had a long tail which had a mix of black and silver scales which mixed like a spiral and he had two pairs of horns which were facing forward one was black the other was white

”my babies come, come look at your new baby sister ” their mother beckoned to them and showed them their new baby sister, and they were stunned why well because of how cute she was. The first one to snap out of it was the little girl ”MOMMY SHE SO CUTE CAN I HOLD HER ” due to her yelling snapped her brothers out of their daze

”Alice don say that she was just born you have to be careful when handling a baby and I know for a fact you are the clumsiest out of everyone here you might drop her by accident, ” said the boy with the cold face

”Mooo Adam nii-san your so mean Alice hates you hmmp ” said Alice this stunned her brother again and although his face was still cold you could see the sadness in his eyes ”Alice-chan please don say that you hurt Adam nii-san look hes on the verge of tears, ” said the boy with black and white hair ”Okay fine I forgive you nii-san but Dominic nii-san is too soft on Adam nii-san ”

And so the siblings argued back and forward until they heard something they heard a tiny giggle which made them stop arguing

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