Dragon Princesses

Chapter 2: Family

in the streets of Tokyo in an abandoned alleyway a tiny figure could be seen hugging her legs close like a ball she had dark black hair and dark dull eyes empty with no light in them like her very soul was gone she was wearing rags that could barely keep her warm she was skinny her skin stuck to her bones her ribs could be seen if she tried to walk the creaking of her bones could be heard her face if she wasn so skinny would have been a real beauty but as of now she was slowly dying and there was nothing she could do to prevent that

she accepted her death and embraced it she sought after it because death was better than living she would finally be at peace she would have to suffer her fathers constant torment or living on the street looking for food in the trash she wouldn have to be beaten and battered by the other homeless children who upon seeing her appearance would constantly abuse her either verbally or physically

As she closed her eyes one last time embracing death she made a wish or more accurately a couple of wishes ”Am I going to die here, Im so alone , I wish mom was still here I wish dad would not hit me and drink I wish sister didn abandon me a leave me here I don want to be alone its scary and cold ” as the girl slowly lost the remaining light in her eyes she felt a warm embrace a familiar embrace as if she was hugging her mother as she slowly closed her eyes she heard someone call her name and apologies to her ”my baby Im so sorry to leave you alone like this my angle my beloved Nozomi I promise from now on mommy will always be by your side ”

POV Change

in the abyssal darkness and small light could be seen it was the size of an adult fist and was bright and pure it had no impurities it was just pure light showing its innocence it was a soul the soul of our main character of this story Nozomi Sato she was in a place where no light shone except her soul it shone even in this dark place and there she stayed asleep for days, weeks, years and even decades pasted then finally in the abyssal darkness another light shone it was bright and illuminated the void brighter than Nozomis soul but it had a more defined shape it was in the shape of a human but had no features it had no face or anything that would indicate its gender

as the being roamed around the void it found something strange something he was not expecting, what he found was a soul it was strange since no being could survive in the void even this being had to cover itself in a barrier to prevent the harmful effects of the void but this soul in front of him could survive in the void without any barriers and even sleep peacefully as if this soul was in its own house. ”how odd ” the being though to itself and had an idea, a way to cure his boredom for a bit. so the being slowly but surely approached the soul in front of them and picked it up and carried it away and out of the void

but little did the being know the void had awakened due to someone taking away something precious away from it. it was enraged but soon calmed down and bided its time and waited and fell back to sleep as it waited for something to happen in the near future


I awoke in a bright room it was strange because I remembered I was in a pitch black room after I died, even though it was dark and lonely it didn feel bad it felt like I belonged there as if I was in the embrace of someone familiar. as I looked around I saw someone in front of me it was a being of pure like with no distinguishing features it looked beautiful but at the same time it didn feel right after looking at the being it noticed that the soul it brought back with him had awakened so it started a conversation

”Hello, little one ” the being said Nozomi confused asked ”who are you mister and where am i ” the being looked at her soul and replied ” you are in my domain and I have brought you here since after looking through your memories I felt bad for you so I will grant you 5 wishes and allow you to reincarnate and no you can reincarnate into anime or other works of fiction worlds, they exist but are not under my authority so I can only allow you to reincarnate into the world which I created. it is a world of fantasy with magic and swords but also technology and science in some place in this world so what would you like to do wish for ”

Nozomi tried to look for any lies from the beings words and asked ”mister who are you and why are you so kind to me not only are you allowing me to reincarnate but your also giving me wishes i do not know what i have do get such rewards ” nozomi said and waited for the being to speak then ” first off little girl i am not doing this out of kindness im doing this because im bored and you look interesting second the reason i am giving you wishes is because you have alot of good karma like a ton and i can send you to my world without taking away some of your karma or it will effect my world in ways i cannot predict so to lighten the issue im taking away some of your karma in exchange for wishes and third i have no name the people in my world call me the creator god or the almighty although there are other gods they are insignificant to me and cannot harm me in anyways ” the almighty replied stunning the girl for a bit but quickly regaining her bearings . she then started to think about her wishes although she was sad about the gods response she was understanding so wanted to complete her wishes as to not bother the being infront of her it took her several minutes to think of her wishes as she was an huge fan of anime, manga, novels and fanfics so there were alot of powers and abilities she could get

”hhmm my first wish is to have an affluent and kind family, ” Nozomi said ”then for my second wish I want everyone to be kind and loving to me and I don want to get hurt by anyone or anything for my third wish I want a mixture of the Sharingan and the mystic eyes of death perception the one that can kill concepts cause that was very cool when I saw it Fate fourth wish is to be able to become a dragon and a powerful one and since its a world of magic I want to be able to have high affinity with all the elements and my final wish is to have perfect mastery of every weapon there is by just touching them ”

listening to the girls wishes the god finally spoke ” all the wishes are acceptable except for the 3rd one I can give you the mixed Sharingan and mystic eyes of death perception but I can give you the ability to cut through concepts that would be too strong and might even harm me so no concept cutting for you missy anyway if thats all then I will be sending you to the world of ”Genesis ” thats the name of the world I created since it was my first world I named it genesis see ya, little missy ”

as Nozomi started to fall sleepy she blacked out it felt cold then all of a sudden it felt warm and comforting and she felt as if she was surrounded by warm sticky water and she didn have to worry about drowning she realized she was a baby again she was Reborn

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