The sun shines in the morning

?? Star Luo Empire, nameless village, villagers bustling. Probably because it is close to the city, the village that was not very large has a large population and flow of people.

In the corner of the village, a child sits quietly at the door of a small slightly dilapidated mud house. The boy is about three years old, and although he is dressed in rustic clothes, his white face and big eyes make him particularly cute. Unlike the average child, the boys eyes flashed with a brilliance of wisdom that did not belong to this age.

??? ” Alas, for the third year. The boy sighed. In a blink of an eye, it has been three years since he came to the Douluo Continent. Whether it is that sigh, or the sadness and vicissitudes in his eyes at this time, it is definitely not like what a three-year-old child should have.

His name is Qiu Bai, he is a traverser, from the Huaxia of Blue Star, and he is an ordinary college student.

?? In the winter of 2020, at home, he sat in front of a pressure cooker in the kitchen with a chair about a meter, and at this time his attention was focused on the novel he read on his mobile phone.

?? ” I haven watched the Douluo series for several years, and I originally said that I took advantage of the holidays to make up for novels, but what kind of stuff is this writing? Qiu Bai, who finished reading, finally couldn help but complain, ”Tang San, the protagonist provoked you to provoke you, didn he just take a fancy to your girl, saying that it was a test that made people die. ” ”You god king still threatens ordinary people, isn it a god who doesn care about the Nether affairs? ” ”And the author, you wrote a pair of female characters Lily, and in the end, in order to be together, you were turned into a man by God, which is simply ruining the three views. ”

?? Thats right, the novel is ”Douluo Continent 2: The Peerless Tang Gate ”, which is the second part of the Douluo series that made Tang Sans black fans grow explosively. Part of the biggest reason for the reader Black Tang San is the series of unspeakable double-standard operations of Tang San in the book.

?? ” Alas, forget it, lets see what the meat looks like. Shaking his head and sighing, Qiu Bai planned to look up at the pot in front of him. Bang~ ” A loud sound came from the fire, and the pressure cooker that looked a little old in front of me exploded in response. ”Im damned, second-hand goods kill people. ” In front of the complete darkness in front of him, Qiu Bai couldn help but curse secretly, and then he lost consciousness. When consciousness regained consciousness, he found that he had become a newborn baby, instinctively wanted to speak, but found that he could only make a wah-wah-wa The cry at this time attracted a young couple.

? ” Oh, the baby is good, don cry or cry~ ” The young woman in the two approached and picked up Qiu Bai back.


??? ” The little one, just born so energetic, will definitely be able to become a man. The man on the side couldn help but say when he saw his newborn son.

?? After seeing the performance of the two, Qiu Bais brain began to think quickly, and judging from the situation in front of him, he had undoubtedly crossed. These two people are probably the parents of the current body, and their current situation should be soul-piercing, and they are killed by the explosive pressure cooker and crossed, which is also strange enough. Rely on, you really can buy things greedily in the future, this thing kills individuals.

??? After thinking like this, Qiu Bai also quieted down and began to observe his parents on the side. The looks of the two did not look good at a glance, but as the time of watching increased, the two became more and more pleasant, although at a glance there was no stunning but very attractive to those handsome men and beautiful women, belonging to the type that the more you look at it, the more tasteful.


Looking at my current parents, I don know if its because my body is too small, and a sense of sleepiness can help but strike. In this way, under the gaze of his parents, Qiu Bai began to sleep slowly, but what people didn expect later was that this became his first and last memory of his parents.

??? Shortly after Qiu Bai was born, his village welcomed an uninvited guest. A second-ring evil soul master who was chased and killed by the military of the Star Luo Empire fled here, and he was destined to be unable to escape the pursuit of the military after being seriously injured,

Between the end of the group, he chose the craziest way. The evil soul master began to kill the villagers on a large scale, absorbing their flesh and blood to improve their cultivation, but their own strength was too low, and the evil soul master was still killed, but most of the villagers were killed before his death, and there were only a dozen people left. Unfortunately, Qiu Bais parents were included, and he survived because he was taken care of by his grandmother in the house, and it was the knights of the White Tiger Dukes Mansion who killed the evil soul master, so the remaining villagers were placed in the village near the White Tiger Dukes Mansion.??? So Qiu Bai came to the current village, for him with an adult soul in his body, he showed extremely intelligent talent at a very young age, began to learn to walk at the age of half a year, and now at the age of three, he is not only articulate, but also can read and write by himself. After losing his parents, he was raised by his grandmother, although he knew his parents very well, but strangely he was not as sad as he imagined, whether he had no impression in the first place, or because he felt strange to everything after crossing over, which seemed to outsiders to be just a child stubborn.


Through books and various channels, I learned that I am now in the Douluo Continent. The current time period is more than 4,000 years after the Sun and Moon Continent collided with the Douluo Continent, that is, 10,000 years after Tang San became a god, and it is no accident that it is Huo Yuhaos era.

??? The location of the village is around the White Tiger Dukes Mansion, which is convenient for Qiu Bai to learn more about the White Tiger Duke. The current Duke of White Tiger is named Dai Hao, the Duchess of White Tiger gave birth to her second son four years ago, after receiving these two main clues, Qiu Bai couldn help but feel excited, as long as Shrek will be able to see the legendary Huo Hang in the future, and now he must be in the Duke Mansion, as a traverser, he naturally wants to meet this son of destiny.

??? Although I wanted to meet him, I definitely couldn do it now, and now he was just a three-year-old child.

??? They have all come to the Douluo Continent, how can they also become a soul master, awaken the peerless martial soul, become the title Douluo that everyone respects, obtain the 100,000-year soul ring soul bone that the soul master dreams of, punch the emperor heaven, and step on the gods?????? Cough, pulling away, according to the understanding that Qiu Bais parents are standard ordinary people, his fathers martial soul is a piece of iron, and his mother is rare in the entire continent without a martial soul, and neither of them has soul power.

??? ” Xiaoqiu Bai has eaten! At this time, Qiu Bai, who was sitting at the door, heard his grandmothers shout, and UU reading a book began to get up and walk towards the house.


???? ” Well, got it. Qiu Bai responded.

?? ” Oh, todays dish is so good! Coming to the dining table and seeing the meat on the table compared to usual, Qiu Bai couldn help but sigh.

???? ” Haha, today is Xiaoqiu Bais birthday. Seeing this, grandma patted Qiu Bais head fondly.

???? After eating excitedly, Qiu Bai helped her grandmother clean up the dishes and chopsticks together and returned to her room.

?? Sitting on the bed, Qiu Bai began to think. ”According to the current situation, my parents martial souls are not good and they are ordinary people without soul power. Even if the martial soul is mutated, the strength of the martial soul and the innate soul power will never be high, and even if it is mutated, there will still be no soul power. Thinking of this, Qiu Bai couldn help frowning.

Think about Huo Yuhao, the son of luck in the plane, although the innate soul power is level one, and his childhood experience is tragic, but he picked up a million soul rings at the beginning, the divine consciousness possession of other planes, and the schoolmate is the background of the god king or his future wife, and he can properly open and hang up his life.


?? ” Damn, I finally came to the Douluo Continent but couldn become a soul master. God, shouldn all traversers have benefits? Why don I have anything, its still such an opening background. After coming to Douluo, Qiu Bai has been trying to see if he has any special abilities or systems or something, but after many fruitless attempts, he had to give up this idea.

????? ” Alas, can I really become a soul master? ”

?? ” Ding, the charging time is 1,095 days, and the Ten Thousand Realms extraction system begins to start… ”

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