The next day came.

Kaylee thought to ask Gabriel why Salilus didn come to school but Kaylee remembered now Kaylee is a new girl in class and she should act like she doesn know anyone in school.

It could be an underlying issue that she often forgets her fake identity.

She started to think about what she should say if Gabriel ask about her personal life. Kaylee is a person who doesn want to lie to anyone but now she has to do if she wants to secure her secret identity.

As usual, Kaylee went to school as Siri.

Gabriel and Salilus were famous for their pranks.

One time they brought a cow to school and left it at the top of the stairs. No one knew how they managed to do it.

Another time Salilus stole the teachers necklace and replaced it with a fake snake, and she passed out.

During the interval, in the library, Siri was trying to get a book from a higher shelf, but she couldn reach it. And Gabriel suddenly appeared behind Siri.

”You need help? ” Gabriel requested friendly.

”Yes, please. I need that book over there ” Siri showed Gabriel the book.

To her surprise, he transferred it to the very top shelf instead and walked off.

It was lunchtime, and she was starving. As a model, she was always on a very strict diet, but now she could eat whatever she wants it. No one wanted to sit with Siri, so she chose a table in the corner. Kaylee thought if she was in her real identity everyone wanted to sit with her but now everyone refused her and she felt a little happy about that.

And just then, Gabriel and Salilus came over with their friends.

”This is our table. Go away. ” Salilus conveyed.

”Sorry, I didn see your name on it. Can we share it? ” Siri reacted angrily.

”We can, but on one condition, you have to clean my skateboard later. I ran over a huge pile of poop ” Gabriel expressed while laughing.

”No, thanks. Id rather eat on the floor ” Siri said furiously. And with that, she did what she said. And everyone looked so confused.

Gabriel started calling Siri a weirdo since then.


Over the next few hours, Kaylee noticed that Payton kept spreading fake information about her (The model Kaylee). Payton hated Kaylee and wanted everyone to join the club.

Payton started to say: ”I heard that her breath smells like cats poop and her head full of dandruff, and all her boyfriends ditched her because shes too clingy ”

Siri was about to say something, but someone did it for her first.

”Stop farting through your mouth, Payton. Those are all lies ” Gabriel suddenly appeared and expressed.

”Truth hurts, Darling. I heard she quit modeling and she left this school. Maybe she finally realized she isn anything special ” Payton declared.

”Yet somehow shes a famous supermodel with tons of fans and youve got this lame haters club in school. You seem obsessed with her ” Finally, Siri spoke.

At that time, Gabriel burst out laughing and shouted.

”You tell her, weirdo ” Gabriel expressed.

Payton looked furious. Kaylee thought shed ripped her hair out. But instead, she just stormed off angrily.


The next day when she was entering the classroom, a girl bumped into her and spilled her coffee all over her shirt, right before the presentation.

”Oh! My God, Im so sorry ” The girl expressed.

She took Siri to her place and offered to lend Siri her extra shirt in her locker, and Siri thought that was nice of her. But in the middle of the presentation, Siri started scratching herself and she couldn stop. Soon everyone was laughing like wild hyenas, including Gabriel and Salilus. When she saw her reflection, she couldn recognize herself. Her skin was red and bloated. It looked like a puffer fish. Just then, she saw Peyton and that girl high-fiving.

After school, she went to the clinic, and the nurse told her to continue her treatment at home. Later that night, she was about to sleep, when someone crashed through her window. She grabbed a bat to attack the intruder, and then she realized it was Gabriel.

She grabbed her shades and wrapped a pillowcase around her hair before facing him.

”Why are you wearing that at midnight? You look like a stupid sushi roll ” Gabriel questioned with a funny face.

”I don have to explain myself to you. Anyway, get out. You
e trespassing ” Kaylee shouted.

”Calm down. Okay. I just want to give you this, an apology gift for laughing at you earlier ” Gabriel gave a little box to Kaylee.

She was about to smile when she realized that it was a puffer fish.

He then told Kaylee that he overheard Payton and her friend talking about how theyd put some chemical on that shirt.

”That was uncool. Lets go to her house tonight and release tons of bugs in her room ” Gabriel requested.

”No, I don like that kind of revenge. Its lame ” Kaylee conveyed.

”Tell me whats not late, then ” Gabriel expressed.

”Oh! Youll know it tomorrow ” Kaylee said while laughing.

After that Gabriel went out of her room through the window and said he will wait to see her revenge on tomorrow school.


The next day, she surprised everyone by wearing the most expensive Gucci hoodie and boots as she walked in the hallway like a fashion model.

”You think you
e a star now just because you are wearing fake Gucci? ” Payton asked while looking Siris dress down from up.

”Wake up, Dummy, you are dreaming. Are you talking about yourself? ” Siri slapped Payton with the receipt of the items and she suddenly forgot how to speak.

”Dude, that was so cool. You ate that witch alive ” Gabriel said while he place his hand on Siris shoulder.

Thats how you do it ” Siri expressed and winked.

”Teach me your way, senpai ” Gabriel requested.

”Only if you will stop the fun of me ” Siri expressed.

”Thats kind of hard, but I will try ” Gabriel said while laughing.


Gabriel and Siri became closer over the next few months. Siri always had fun with him, even when he talked about Kaylee 90 percent of the time.

One time he took Siri to his place, and Siri was shocked to see how many posters he had of her.

”Just look at her. How can someone be that perfect? Its just unfair to every other girl. No one could ever measure up to her ” He started praising Kaylee.

Wow! He was beginning to sound like Raco Siri said to herself.

But at least there was no danger hed ever be obsessed with Siri.

One weekend, they went to the park, and Gabriel taught Siri some skateboarding tricks.

As a model, she was always careful never to do anything that might get her injured, but this was fun.

And the very next second, the skateboard slipped from under her feet and she went flying backward.

But before her head could hit the ground, Gabriel caught her. His face was so close to her as he looked down in concern, and Siri noticed for the first time how lovely his eyes were.

”Hello? You are kind of heavy, girl can you please try to stand up now? ” Gabriel expressed.

Siri immediately jumped to her feet.

”Heavy? I was modal thin. Jerk ” Siri expressed to herself.

They skateboarded a bit more and then fell onto the grass to rest.

Siri thought to ask Gabriel a question about Kaylee. ”Can I ask you a question, Gabriel? ”

”You already asked, dummy ” Gabriel answered.

”Why do you love Kaylee? I mean, how do you love a person when you haven even met her? Is it just because shes pretty? ” Siri expressed her question to Gabriel.

At the time Gabriel listen to it, his face took a sad mood, and answered ”Three years back, my sister got sick and in the hospital, this beautiful girl paid a visit to give the kids there and gave them some gifts. I will never forget how sweet and kind she was to my sister. I didn know then that she was a supermodel. and since then, I started admiring her from afar and some weeks ago she visited our school and I was waiting to get a chance and propose to her and also I chatted to her but by now she is missing. By the way, I told you, shes perfect ”

Siri felt her heart skip a beat at Gabrielles words and she thought to herself ”Oh! So he actually liked me for that and not just because I was pretty ” Siri felt like she wants to tell him the truth about her, but she couldn . Not yet.

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