Doubted but Love

Being Finest Buddies

BZZZ BZZZ BZZZ The alarm began to peal.

Kaylee woke up to the sound of an Alarm. She shifted on the lights in her room and opened the blinds. As she was scrutinizing the clock, she saw she has woken up earlier. When she fixed the alarm last night, she forgot that tomorrow was the weekend. Kaylee thought of going to sleep likewise, but she didn feel like sleeping because she was assuming about going to encounter Gabriel today and she have to go for photo shoots. She took her phone and checked the time to go for photo shoots. She saw she have just 1 hour to go for it.

She got out of bed, took a shower, and was ready to go to the photo shoot.

After 30 minutes she was ready to go for the photo shoot. She waited for the driver. Seeing the driver coming, she told her assistant to bring her bags and she got into the car.


She had just finished five photo shoots, Attended a fashion show, done an interview, and now her exhausted body was about to have some pampering in the fanciest hotel, All by her.

Suddenly, she heard a loud bang in her room. She went to go and check what it was, and she was shocked to see one of her luggage bags moving. Kaylee slowly opened it and a creepy stranger suddenly sprang out from it, while sniffing her favorite dress.

Her bodyguards rushed as she screamed in horror.

”This is a serious invasion of my privacy. Take him away right now ” Kaylee screamed.

”Kaylee, Im begging you, just one kiss and a selfie. Im your number one fan! ” He started to beg and cry.

”Oh! Please. Can I ever get a freaking break? ” Kaylee sounded.

The hotel incident was circulating on the news in no time. And as soon as she reached her parents, they immediately fired her bodyguards.

She forced her manager to clear her schedule for a week so she could just breathe. But the universe said NO.


While she was doing yoga in her room, someone suddenly barged in. It was her friend, Raco. He was the son of an A-List Actor, and he seemed pretty cool not to mention, Really, Really, Hot.

”Raco, what are you doing here? ” She questioned.

”Its been eight minutes since my last chat. Why aren you replying? ” She questioned back.

”You came here all the way just for that? ” Kaylee shocked.

”NO, I came to do this ” He bent his knees and asked her while offering her a ring ”Will you marry me? ”

”What the freaking craps?! Are you crazy? Wed been friends for like five days. ” She felt furious and refused him because she already loved Gabriel.

”You made me believe you loved me, ” Raco replied.

Suddenly, He started to bawl like a baby on the floor.

”Oh! My God, My heart, It hurts so badly! ” He started to perform.

”I love you, Kaylee. I won leave until you say YES ” He conveyed.

He meant it. And Kaylee had to have him thrown out by security.

After all the crazy incidents with the paparazzi and her fans, Raco was the last straw, and shed finally had enough. She was tired of being worshiped and followed because she was a famous model.

One day she was talking to her friend, she gave her the idea to do plastic surgery to change her identity. She felt it would be amazing to just disappear and return as a completely different person.

She tried on a black wig with bangs to cover her eyes, changed her eye color from black to green, threw in some makeup and baggy clothes, and she couldn even recognize herself.

Suddenly, mom screamed upon seeing her and almost reported her as a trespasser.

She told her mom and dad about her plan of giving up her career and identity for a while, and her dad told her she was crazy.

”No dad Im not. I just want to be a normal girl living a normal life, with no bodyguards and obsessed fans around me. I want to live somewhere else that no one knows about. Ive been home-schooled all my life, and now I want to go to an actual school and have friends. Please let me have this, Im begging you. ”Kaylee tried to explain.

They were speechless for a whole minute.

”Do as you please, sweetheart. Take a break for as long as you want. You deserve it. ” Her mom said while hugging her.

”Fine, But on one condition: Ill choose the apartment for you and you have to take at least two maids with you ” Dad replied and Kaylee agreed with her dad.


And just like that, she was off to a new chapter in her life as the cool and mysterious Siri.

As she was walking toward the school building on Monday, she suddenly stopped upon seeing a familiar dog in the middle of the road. And when she started to pet him, he chased her. Suddenly, a skateboard came flying into the air, scaring it away.

She turned to her savior and Kaylee go shocked. It was Gabriel. Kaylee thought to test him. ”Hey there, Thanks for saving my life, ” She said without looking at him.

”What? I was just doing a back flip and my skateboard slippered ” He replied.

”You still saved my life. Whats your name? ” She requested with looking into his eyes.

”You are not my type sweet cakes, so move on ” He answered.

She felt so different when finally got into the school building without her friends.

After some time, she felt everyone was looking at her like she was wearing something disgusting. She questioned herself is it because of her oversized hoodie? But she had to look as different as I possibly could for my original self

When finally she got into her class, no one even glanced at her. For the first time, she felt invisible.

She headed to an empty seat, but before she could finally sit, her classmate put gum on it.

”I don sit with losers ” The classmate sounded.

”Me, a loser, Ha? ” Kaylee asked.

Just then, Gabriel came in. ”Hi, do you remember me? We met earlier today ” Kaylee asked in a friendly way.

”Are you stalking me? Just give it up sweet cakes ” Gabriel said.

Kaylee got furious with his manners and said ”I was already here and my name isn sweet cakes, its Siri ”

”So, you are like real-life Siri, the iPhone virtual assistant? ” Gabriel asked while laughing.

Then they all started to make fun of her fake name and ask her lots of silly questions. She felt it was so annoying.

She put her headphones on, but Gabriel took them off.

”Why aren you replying to our questions? Are you glitching or something? ” Gabriel questioned.

Kaylee got angry. ”Haven you heard of the last Apple update? Siri won answer stupid questions from now on ” Kaylee argued.

”I didn know Siri was feisty, ” Gabriel said in a joyful mood.

Just then, a familiar girl entered and her eyes went straight to Kaylee. She voiced ”OMG, What a terrible day to have eyes! That outfit is horrible. Someone take this new girl out of this room right now ”

”Stop acting like you
e the fashion queen, Peyton. Remember how you got rejected for a commercial and never made it as a model? And your tantrum video went viral? ” Gabriel laughed.

”Those people were just blind. I couldn believe they chose that trash Kaylee over me. She stole my place. ” Payton replied.

”Kaylee is not trash. Kaylee is a goddess ” Gabriel argued.

As Kaylee was listening to that she felt her heart beating very fast and she felt so loved when Gabriel said pleasing about her.

Kaylee thought to know what Gabriel thinking about her and she asked ”Sorry to butt in, but are you guys talking about the supermodel? ”

”Yes, the worst supermodel of all time ” Payton replied.

At that time Kaylee remembered Payton. She auditioned with Kaylee for the commercial that launched her career, and she has thrown a huge tantrum when she wasn selected, And Gabriel had a crush on her.

But she had a fit of huge anger because of his jokes.

Ultimately, when school is over, she went home. The time came to go and meet Gabriel as real Kaylee. As Kaylee was thinking about his jokes, she felt furious and decided not to go and meet him. But she wanted to meet him and now she doesn want to meet him because she knew Gabriel had a crush on her. She send a message to Gabriel that she cannot come and meet him as she was very busy. As he was sending her lots of messages and trying to talk, she just ignored him and didn reply to him. Gabriel started to think did he did something wrong to her because she was ignoring him and she didn even come to school today but She asked him to come and meet her today. Gabriel felt so worried and he waited until she send a message to him.

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