h cheekbones and sharp square jaw. His hair is combed backed with about four or five strands settling on his forehead. His look screams PERFECTION! Slowly I lower my gaze to his royal blue coat which has a horse with raised hooves embroidered with golden threads on the chest, the Royal familys insignia. My eyes slowly lift up and linger a little more on his lips before I notice his intense gaze on me with squinted eyes.

I swallow unconsciously and swiftly shift my gaze to the window to watch the passing trees.

His gaze which I can feel lingers on me a little while before he shifts them to the paper asking without looking up.

” Whats your name? ”

”Zelda… Griselda Capell ” , I answer fiddling with my nightdress which I didn get any chance to change or at least have a bath before my father dragged me out. I clench my knuckles relieving the incident that just happened.

”You shouldn get yourself hooked up on things and people of irrelevance Zelda ”. He says calmly with his eyes still glued to the paper.

” what? ”, I ask with my eyes looking up at him swiftly.

He totally ignores me, exhales and begins, ” The Queens maid was found stealing and she was killed, leaving the position vacant. Your father approached with the intention of selling you off as the Princes mistress, a maid or anything your use might be needed for. The Royal family bought you and now you
e their property, and would be working for the queen as her temporary maid ”.

I clench my fists in anger at the thought that my father sold me off as a Princes mistress or anything they deemed fit. My eyes brim with tears as I look out at the window.

”Those feelings will lead you nowhere so perish them. Anger, sadness, revenge, whatever it maybe, perish it ”. He says without sparing me a glance.

With trembling lips, I keep my eyes on the window. I wanted to let an outlet where I would cry out my feelings. With muffled cries, I mumble an incomprehensible okay .

The ride to the Royal mansion was long. The wheel moved swiftly avoiding potholes. Its been two hours I guess, I yawn in hunger with my head leaning on the glass window and my hand fumbling with a loose thread on my gown.

He glances up at me at my yawn and continues scribbling. After a few minutes, he taps on the window and the carriage comes to a halt. My closed eyes jerk open as I stare at him. He tosses a wrapped bread smeared with butter and an apple to me and places a bag of water on the seat next to me.

” Eat this and stretch your legs a little bit before we continue our journey ”. He says swiftly, opens the carriage door and steps out.

I drink some water first before gobbling up the food and drink the remaining in a swift manner.

In about forty minutes we arrive at a narrow path with trimmed flowers on the sides leading to a large gate. The carriage arrives slowly to the gate and after a few seconds the gate is opened to reveal a large mighty glorious mansion.

Not the common type of mansions that the elites live in, this is a different type. In all in its glory and splendor, the sun reflects on its creamy white colour giving a bigger magnificence.

The surrounding was so spacious that one could get lost in it. Different flowers and water fountains are arranged neatly. The carriage suddenly comes to a stop at the entrance. A guard quickly runs and swiftly opens the door while another stands beside him both with bowed heads.

The man in the carriage who I didn get to know his name, steps out of the carriage swiftly and in a stylish way. I follow behind, he arrives at the entrance and walks in but I hesitate looking at his retreating figure not sure what to do. He stops in his steps, faces the butler and says something I couldn comprehend while the butler removes his coat. He finishes up and walks farther away without sparing me a glance.

”Follow me! ” ,the butler says and I swiftly do so.

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