The hushed voices in the dimly lit room woke me up but I didn get up. ”So its decided then, shell be going over to live there. ” I shudder at the words I hear, who will be leaving to live where? I shrug and drift back to sleep.

” Zelda, Zelda, Zelda wake up. ” I rub my eyes and wake up to see my brother Alans face right before me. He helps me sit up and hands me a cup of water to be awake fully. I gulp down the remaining and stare at him, ”whats wrong Al? ” I ask as a sense of foreboding fills me with his grim look.

” I promise you that this won be long. You won spend your your live there forever working as a mere maid, Ill do something quick to make our lives more comfortable I promise you. Just know that Im not in support of this act, I never was and will never be, Ill work harder till sunset to earn more, and together well run away, Yes well run away to a better place where Ill give you the comfortable life you deserve, you don deserve this Zelda….. ” ,he trails off and his words are choked with his tears.

I stare at him in confusion and cup his face in my small hands and say, ”Im not going anywhere Al… ” my words were cut off with the slamming of the door and my father bangs in with an angry look on his face, ”Get your stupid self up and go outside. The Garcias guard is outside, so don keep him waiting. Your bags have been packed so just get up and leave! ” . I shudder at his shouting but confused as well. Im already used to his harsh treatments and anger always directed towards me but the question why? lingers.

”Shes not going anywhere! ” , Alan quickly gets up and stands before me shielding me. My confusion increases.

”Alan stay out of this. I throught weve discussed this over and over again. Having this girl here will leave more mouths to feed and…. ” , my dad says before being cut off by Alan.

”You been taking care of her for seventeen years, whats a few more years then shell be married or will be able to cater for herself. ”

My father gives him a death glare at his retort, grab my arms and drag me outside. I struggle to free them but it proves abortive. He successfully drags me outside. There I saw my mom silently sniffing, I run to her and grip her shoulder and asks her what was happening.

My dad furiously grabs my arm and pushes me, while roaring incomprehensible curses, ” Weve decided that you
e an extra burden to us and weve decided to sell you off to the Royal family. Getting rid of you in the appropriate way and also making quite a fortune of it. Thats killing two birds with a stone, isn that right? ” , he shakes my limp body while questioning as I haven recovered from the shock.

”Sold? ” My eyes brim with tears as I stare at my mother first who quickly averts her gaze,I can tell shes been crying seeing her eyes, how puffy and red they are, I look at my brother who stares at my father with intensity as though eyes could kill with his knuckles clenched and gritting teeth, slowly I look at my father and the tears flow freely. Since age of reasoning, I haven experienced what fatherly love felt like, Im aware he doesn like me but wasn aware the hatred was deep rooted to the point of selling me off.

The guard opens the carriage door and gestures that I go inside. Still in a trance of not fully understanding the situation at hand, I don comprehend the words my brother say to me while giving me a light kiss on my forehead. I step in the carriage and stare at my family as the carriage starts moving. I keep staring at them and the villagers and passersby that stood at far places watching the scenario. With a bent head my cheeks are wet again with tears till I hear a voice in the carriage which startles me.

”Don cry for those who don deserve your tears, dummy ”. I slowly lift my head up and meet his intense gaze with his imposing aura. His eyes are the calmest Ive ever seen, light blue eyes that reminds one of the sea, his hig

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