Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 17: Breakthrough Mid Level Nascent Soul Stage

Chapter 16: Evil Intentions

Twizer cruelly abused down Tian Long with his rapidly raining fists that boomed with each punch.

’It didn ’t work… ’ Tian Long switched to his lifeless self again.

He felt like he no longer had any chances of escape from the clutches of Twizer. He put all his hopes into that book and had expected too much from it.

He had fallen into despair again.

In these ten years, he didn ’t know how many times he fell into despair only to dream of hope again.

”Hmph, don ’t get full of yourself, Mutt! Stay obedient. ” Twizer thought Tian Long was going to bomb him or become a suicide bomber and take him out with him, but on second thought he realized that Tian Long had no means to secure a bomb, or even make one with insufficient materials even if he can learn from the internet or the dark web.

Twizer didn ’t want to stay anymore. He harrumphed and left swiftly.

Tian Long was lying down as he kept staring outside the window. His eyes seemed lifeless without any color.

Suddenly, he focused his eyes only to see a monstrosity with long six wings appear outside the window. He kept staring at it silently with a shocked face. He couldn ’t believe his own eyes. He wondered what had happened to him this week.

First, he believed in a stupid fantasy notebook, and now he felt that he was hallucinating.

Tian Long chuckled to himself with a mocking expression on his face.

After a moment of silence…

”Who are you? ” Tian Long asked, his voice trembling. Although he didn ’t want to admit it, that monster seemed very real; Its gaze was just terrifying.

”Are you the human who picked up my book? ” Said the monstrosity.

”Book? ” Tian Long had a momentary lapse of his memory, but he quickly remembered the Death Book he picked up three days ago.

”Yes, yes! I was the one who picked up the Death Book. Quickly help me kill that bastard Twizer, I wrote his name on the Death Book, but he just won ’t die! Are you the one who ’s going to kill him? ”

Hope reignited inside of Tian Long as he asked with a crazed expression on his face!

”Hey, wait a moment… My name is… leave it, you can just call me the Death God Overlord. ”

”Death God Overlord? ” Tian Long gulped on hearing such a grand title.

”Yes, are you sure you wrote the real name of the person you want to die? ” The Overlord looked at him with a condescending gaze.

”Real name? ” Tian Long muttered.

”It ’s his fake name. ” Tian Long abruptly remembered when Twizer introduced himself. He said people called him Twizer.

In reality, Tian Long had experienced Twizer ’s devastating abuse for over ten years. He wasn ’t at fault when he thought that Twizer was his real name. After all, that name was plaguing him for over ten years.

”Then… then help me kill him, Overlord. ” Tian Long requested with killing intent gleaming in his eyes.

”I can ’t. Even though you are now the owner of this Death Book, I will not help you kill someone. If you want to kill that person, then you have to find his real name. ”

”How? I have no idea, and he doesn ’t leave any traces either. ” Tian Long became worried.

”Boy, I have a deal that can make you find his real name. But for that, you will hav… ”

”Deal! ”

Tian Long didn ’t care as long as he could kill him at this point.

”Quick answer! But let me finish. ”

”This deal will require half of your remaining life span, and in return, you will get the Death God Eyes that can inspect a person ’s real name and lifespan. ”

”Consider carefully… ”

”Deal! There isn ’t anything to consider. ”

Tian Long said with a determined expression on his face. He deemed that it ’s better to live a year freely than live these two years in hell.

”Alright… ”


A week later.


The door opened, and Twizer entered Tian Long ’s room.

He sneered and started with the provocation as if he would never be tired of it, ”Yo, Mutt, I see you are still the same obedient dog. ”

’Mo Wuming, huh. ’ Tian Long sneered openly, imitating his expression.

”You disobedient dog! Let ’s see how you laugh again! ”

Mo Wuming promptly started beating him up again. Tian Long endured it as he always does, albeit he was a little excited inwardly.

Mo Wuming felt a little uncomfortable and shouted. ”Aren ’t you going to kill me? ”

”Ten years have passed, and you still can ’t beat me in a fight? You mutt! ”

He shouted and suddenly lost the excitement to beat him up, so he left the room without even looking back.

Tian Long immediately stood up and went to jot down his name on the Death Book.

[Mo Wuming]

”Finally, finally, hahaahahaha! ”

Tian Long let out a burst of crazed laughter.

After thirty seconds, he dashed out of his door at full speed. He caught up to Mo Wuming in ten seconds, who was walking over the corridor.

There was a distance of ten meters between them.

”You! Mutt! You dare to come out? ” Once Mo Wuming spotted Tian Long, he slowly approached him, readying his fists.

”Five! ”

”Mutt, what is that book in your hands? ” Mo Wuming didn ’t seem to remember giving Tian Long an object like this.

”Four! ” He showed the book to him.

”Death Book? What ’s that? An artifact? ”

”Three! ”

Mo Wuming grew enraged, ”What the fuck are you counting this time around for? ”

”Two! ”

Tian Long possessed a crazed smile on his face.

” ’Fess up, mutt! ” Mo Wuming got hold of his collar.

”One! Die! ”


Mo Wuming immediately clutched at his chest. He produced a shocked expression on his face filled with pain.

”You! ” Mo Wuming pointed at Tian Long and fell over Tian Long ’s shoulders.

He lost his life permanently.

”Hahahaha! ”

Tian Long pushed him away and laughed hysterically. Mo Wuming ’s corpse fell on the floor with a thud! After laughing for who knows how long… A voice could be heard in the corridor.

”Papa? ” A six-year-old girl can be seen standing five meters away from him. She moved closer to the corpse and stood beside it.

”Papa, wake up! ” She gave a push to the corpse.

After trying for some time and seeing her father not wake up, she started to cry.

Tian Long stared at her and smiled evilly, ”Oh? Mo Wuming had a daughter? So unexpected… ” He used his Death God Eyes and saw that her name was Mo HuanHuan. She even had a longer lifespan than her own father.

”For all the mistakes he ’d done, it looks like I can vent myself on his daughter. ” Tian Long smirked. His pupils were red due to the Death God Eyes that made him look pure evil.

Tian Long kicked the little girl away from her father, sending her flying.

”Iiyahh! ” The little girl growled in pain and cried, ”Wuuwuu! ”

”Everything is your father ’s fault! ”

”Papa! Help me! Wuwuwu… ”

The little girl pitifully cried as she tried to wipe her tears, trying to stand up.


Tian Long came before her and started stomping on her little face.

The little girl used her tiny hands to block his kicks, but it was of no use.

She instead twisted her body and tried to crawl back to her father as she sobbed, ”Papa… Papa… ”

”Do you know how many times your father trampled on me!? Do you know how many times your father made me crawl!? This doesn ’t even compare to one-tenth of what your father did to me! ” Tian Long let her crawl back to her father while he kept kicking her small figure.

One Mo HuanHuan reached her father, she got hold of her father ’s shirt and didn ’t let go.

”Oh, what ’s this? ” Tian Long found a knife on Mo Wuming ’s body.

”Maybe I can make my heart be at peace if I cut you piece by piece. ” Tian Long smiled evilly and made a slash at her face.

”Nooo!!! Help!!! Papa!! ” The little girl who caught sight of the shimmering screamed miserably.


A punch came out from nowhere, sending Tian Long flying through the corridor.

And then… In the eerie atmosphere, Tian Long suddenly disintegrated.

”I remember quickly running away rather miserably after seeing this girl cry her heart out sadly for her father. The ten years I spent in this hell doesn ’t even compare to the guilt when I saw this child cry while cupping her dead father ’s face. If it weren ’t for this child, perhaps, I would have truly turned out what I didn ’t want to become… ”

A sigh escaped from a person who stood beside the child. He had blonde hair and an attractive face, even though he looked like a child.

”Still, to play such an evil role with my body, did you think you can change my heart? My heart demon? ”

Davis produced a smug expression on his face while questioning himself.

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