Destiny haters

chapter 3: The house fight

jenny gets so scared and closed her eyes suddenly a hands comes behind from her and pulled her a voice said ”be careful ”she opened her eyes peter was standing in front of her said ”are you blind ”she replied ”im sorry ” he said for what ” she replied ”on that day i was wrong ”peter said ”its okay but next time if you do this again i will beat you so hard ” she said ”dare if you can ”he smiled ”okay….. so i will give you a sample jenny(laughingly) ”no ” (runs)

(in the next scene they both are grown up suzanne, jenny and peter mostly time they spent together they study in same college but in different fields suzanne in arts peter in engineering and jenny in programming suzanne and peter always fight but they still together

after college peter went abroad for some years suzanne and jenny went on same university at first day of university when jenny reached university she bumped at a boy but instead of saying sorry she started laughing the boy look at her awkwardly(the boy was so handsome he has elegant eyes fair skin and a little red lips) she looked at the boy and stops laughing and said ”sorry ” she took her bag and run away with a beautiful big smile the boy still staring at her but she ran away

When she reached at her class she sees the boy again but she not replied she is little shocked after knowing there are only 6 girl in programming department everyone studying very seriously instead of 3 boys (The three boys are extremely handsome one of them is also a guy she accidentally bumped) sitting on last bench there is only place left at the last second bench

she sat on the bench opened her bag and looked around everyone studying she take out her book and start studying when their class teacher reached he asked everyone to introduce themselves everyone starting introducing themselves when a girl stand up she looks so afraid(also she not look beautiful as others) she is saying nothing and the teacher gets angry but he controlled and asked calmly to introduce herself she said ”my name is Rose teacher replied ”yes now tell me whats your parents occupation ” replied ”my mom is house wife and my dad ”extreme silence teacher gets angry and shouted ”tell me whats your father occupation ”she stammered and said ”he is..he is president of our country ” everyone started laughing(expect of jenny and the three boys) teacher shouted ”keep quiet everyone and tell me your fathers real occupation ”she said ”i am not lying ” suddenly one boy stand up from the three boys and said ”she is not lying sir… my name is sam and she is my sister(no one laughed this time because he was so handsome everyone started murmuring ) teacher screamed again ”everyone shut up ”the class quite again (in the next scene when the class is over rose goes to jenny and said ”hii ” jenny replied with a smile ”hello ” rose said ”your smile is so beautiful ”jenny said ”you
e so cute thank you ” rose said nothing she just smiled jenny again said ”come sit with us ” she sit with her jenny offered her her lunch rose took a bite and she was like its so yum she said ”can i take some more ”jenny with a big smile ”you can have this all ”she eat the lunch in super speed

At after when jenny returning her home jenny saw the boy again she goes to him and said ”hi you remember me at morning you bumped at me bye the way my name is jenny and your name ” he replied nothing just keep moving suddenly he stopped and said ”stop following me ” she replied ”im not following you we are just going on same way ”he again replied nothing again jenny said ”you
e so cold like a lizard ”he said ”stop talking ”then he goes into his house jenny stopped and said ”oh hello this is my house ”(Sia opened the door and said ”you both are home come inside ” he goes inside jenny whispered in her mom ears ”who is he ” Sia said ”come inside i will tell you later ”jenny ”but mom ”her mom goes inside ”hi dear how are you i already talked to your mom im your moms best friend so take me as your mother okay feel free here ” he said ”okay aunty ” (he looked at jenny) sia said ”let me introduce her she is my daughter(she pulled her hand and make her sit) her name is jenny she is a little naughty if she do something wrong so please forgive her(jenny looked at her mom angrily)Sia(with a big smile and afraid face) ”let me set the table for us jack you should bath first ” he stand up and goes inside jenny goes to her mom and said(in very low voice) ”mom who is he ” Sia said he is my high school best friend son actually her father just passed away and her mom has some personal reasons to send him here you should go and bath quickly i serve lunch to you ” she goes to bathroom and opened the door jack was bathing inside she screamed jack turn around and screamed ”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ” she quickly came out from bathroom she put her hands on chest and take a long breath she murmured ”what the hack ”

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