Destiny haters

chapter:2 the freindship grows

Jennies father(harry) divorced sia(sia is jennies mother) after divorce harry rejected to take jennies responsibility. He offered sia 2 million dollar and said

harry- ”I know its hard to take care of my daughter alone but it would be little easier if you have money ”

sia-(rejected his money)- ”what you think who are you if you want to leave just leave don say she is your daughter i don need your money good bye ”.

(sia comes home and saw jennie she hugged her. Sias eyes filled with tears )

sia-i will take care of you. You don need to worry about anything

jennie-what happend mom where is dad

sia-nothing your father is not coming

jennie-why mom did you have fight

sia(wiped her tears)-no actually your father is bored with me but he loves you and wanted to take you away but i love you too so i said him to that he is not allowed to take you away

jennie-but i love you both

sia-your father promised me that he will come for you again on right time


sia(noded her head and said)-promise

Sia works very hard to take care of her daughter (sometimes she also do overtime).one day after work sia comes home. Sia is so tired she saw jennie siting in hall and waiting for her in hall she saw her waiting but she screamed

sia- why are you still awake didn I tell you sleep before I came

Jenny-but mom

Sia-(screamed again)-no buts just go to sleep ……..just go

(Jenny angrily goes in her room shut the door nosily and starts crying she took her moms photo and said

Jenny-mom I just wanted to tell you our school organizing a scholarship exam and i decided to participate but you are so cruel

(she throws the photo away)

Sia –should I eat Im so tired I should sleep I will eat later

(Next morning Sia came into her room pick up the photo and place it on right place woke her up)

Jenny-just go I will get ready by myself you just go

Sia –Im sorry forget it tell me what you want tell me

(Jenny sat on bed)

Jenny-its okay mom Im not angry at all

Sia-now tell me what you want

Jenny-actually, mom our school organized a scholarship exam I decided to give this exam

(Sia smiled and touched her head)

Sia-thats good

Jenny-but mom….

Sia-whats wrong

Jenny-can I able to pass the exam

Sia-its fine you just try your best okay

Jenny- (smiled)-okay mom

Suzanne-jenny where are you are you want to reach late at school

Jenny-Im coming

(Jenny runs towards bathroom)

(This is suzanne jennys best friend. Anne is most popular girl of her school because her father is a ceo of very popular technology company but Anne is so kind she loves to help others.)

(Jenny comes out running picks her cycle and then goes to school)

(10 days later jenny coming home running happily with her scholarship certificate she accidently bumped to peter)

Jenny-ouch! Im sorry

Peter-its okay

(This is peter he is new in the town he likes to compare everyone and make fun on them and turn them down)

Peter-look you are covered with mud you
e looking to ugly (incredible laugh)

Jenny-what just move

(jenny saws sia crossing the road she runs)

Jenny(screamed)-mom…mom… wait for me mom

(Sia turns around)

Sia-jenny what are you doing here ?

Jenny-mom look I have a surprise for you

sia(smiled)(mysteriously said)-what is it

jenny-I passed the scholarship exam

Sia(hugged jenny her eyes filled with tears)-I know you will do it but didn you tell me today is your result

Jenny-I want to give you a surprise mom lets go home

Sia-okay we will go out for dinner today



(next morning sia comes jennys room wake her up)

Sia-jenny wake up

Jenny-this is weekend why are you waking me up let me sleep

Sia-I know but we have to go our new neigbours house they called us for lunch

Jenny-when did they born

Sia-stop saying nonsense just wakeup

( jenny covered herself in blanket)


(same scene happening on peters house)

Jessie – wake up our guest will arrive soon

Peter- what guest can you attend them without me

Jessie-don say stuff like this now just wake up oh! i wanted give you your favorite book today but you
e not coming I heard that our neighbors have a daughter same as your age shall I give it to her

Peter-Enough I am awaked

(jessie laughed)

(sia & jenny arrived at peter s home sia rung the bell Jessie opened the door )

Jessie –welcome Im very glad to see you

Sia-thank you(hands her a gift )this is for you

Jessie- there is no need to do this but thank you so much oh wow is she is your daughter

Jenny-hello aunty

Jessie-hello dear please come in

Sia-thank you

Jessie- my pleasure (she called)peter help me to set the table

Jenny-aunty may I help you

Jessie-oh thank you you are so sweet

(peter saw jenny)

Peter-you again

(jenny turns around)

jenny-oh! we meet again

peter(suspiciously)-are you happy to see me here

jenny-no how can someone be happy to see you you little jerk

peter-whom you called jerk

jenny-i called you jerk

(sia& jessie watching them they
e little shocked suddenly jenny and peter starts fighting and then peters father appeared after seeing his father peter stop fighting jenny stop fighting too peters father smiled )

peters father-well we start lunch

jessie -yeah

the next day when jenny going for school .she saw a cat on street she started following the cat she reached on highway after the cat accidently her leg wrist she fall a truck coming form her front she tried to stand but she can the truck is few inches far from her and then.

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