Death of You

Don\'t You Run

And just like that she was gone.

Running as far as her feet could take her.

Her breath hitching in her throat with the exertion. Ill be damned. Ill be damned if I let this happen!

her mind racing in almost hysterics. She flitted past trees and bushes her nails digging deep with every stride of her front and back paws dug up mud from the earth beneath them.

In the distance she could faintly make out the sounds of men and horses galloping after her. Her ears twitching as she increased her bone grinding speed. No humans would even be able to match my speed? She thought grinding her teeth against the pain in her chest.

Not Meer moments ago, while laying under the branches of a magnificent willow that was even older than her, she woke to the whistle and whip of an arrow. The thunk of it hitting her deep in her breast bone sending her into a shock like none shed experienced in over a thousand years. Her silver fur coated in a sickly red brown color from the bleeding and mud she kicked up while running deeper into the woods.

She began to slow after running into a large clearing she knew she didn have much left in her and she could hear the pounding of horse hooves getting closer.

And then they broke through the brush. Her hackles raised she slowly turned her slender form around her unnatural violent eyes meeting the Ice blue of the man who carried a bow upon his mount. Ill be damned if I let a brat like you treat me as mere game for you to hunt she bared her teeth.

Even with the pounding ache in her chest and the dizziness that came with her vision slipping she knew she had to do something. Then something unusual came to mind. Would they kill me if I looked like them? The thought almost made her sick. Humans were beneath her but shed do anything to get away for now. It was too soon. Too close to the harvest moon to use any real power.

She didn take much note of the man climbing off a Burgundy mare adorned with red and silver fabrics as well as panels and plates or armor that wrapped around its chest and neck as well as hindquarters. A glint in the distance distracted her as she huffed in anxiety seeing the smaller creatures under her care watching in terror at her situation.

No man had ever made it into the forest this deep due to the deities like her that watched over these particular parts. These incredibly stupid humans have no idea what theyve done. As she thought this she could feel her grasp on reality slipping .

The beasts form in front of Azazel shifted grotesquely and the grass around her withered slowly the air became cold. All around the chill settled as this long old Deity began her last attempt at saving herself. A glint of humor crept across his scar marred face but didn quite meet his eyes. Somewhere deep down he felt a familiar tug at a missing organ in his chest.

He began to move forward motioning the men behind him to stay back. They were made aware the dangers of hunting such beasts and that they may lose their lives but it was unlikely due to the nearing of the harvest.

In which the beast of harvest and life would use up most of its divinity in order to bring life to the lands again after winter. What he did not expect was to catch the beast off guard, sleeping nonetheless.

As he approached, close enough to feel the drain on the earth almost pull him under. He stepped back. ”Its time to return to the earth Shinto. ” Azazel stated in a calm almost cold demeanor.

As he said this the beast let out an ominously low laugh. Its fur began to shed in clumps as the laugh got louder.

The beast rocked back onto its hind legs towering Azazels own impressive stature. The beasts body shifted and he could hear the distinct crack of bone and shift of muscle as patches of bright white skin showed, starting at the abdomen the the legs. The more the fur was shed the more Azazels eye began to widen. Soon all that was left of the beast before him was a maul and hide the shrouded a slender feminine form.

Long silver tresses billowing in the cold breeze. A delicate hand reached up to grasp the broken arrow buried in the bare bosom of this female form, ”wait! ” Azazel stepped closer not particularly worried about the decaying surroundings. Before he could reach the creature she grasped the arrow and yanked in out spilling blood across his weather worn boots.

” Ahhgh! ” Inari almost screamed at the pain. This human was far smarter than its counterparts. He knew I was the keeper of this forest and yet he still used such a cheap way to target me while sleeping.

She stumbled forward to close the distance between her and this human male, pulling her beastly maul back to show her now lilac eyes as she glared up at him. ” You don know what youve done human. ” She said he vision becoming more and more clouded as blood slowly poured down her bare skin pooling at her feet. ” You will see now the destruction youve caused. I will move across this earth like a plague and I will take everything that lives with me to this grave. ” She pointed to the growing decay. ” Your women will become barren as will your fields and crops. I will take your children first and then your mothers and then your cattle. I will starve you and then swallow you up into my soil and use your bones and sinew to weave a new forest that will prosper on your blood and screams. ” A weak smile crept across her cracked lips.

She reached for her gaping chest wound smearing the blood before reaching up and stepping closer to wipe her remanence

along the strong jaw of her attacker. Azazel stood painfully still the creatures words ringing in his ears. He clasped her hand to his cheek before placing an arm around her small waist and his hand at the slight dip of her back pressing her to him in a strong embrace not quite fitting the scene of withering wildlife and blood.

Inaris gaze crept over the haunting scars that traveled from this mans neck to his nose. Two deep wounds that never seemed to heal right. His dirty blond hair a mess of tangles from the chase. His broad shoulders and strong build seemed to symbolize he was a warrior of some sort Inari thought as she took in his appearance with much appreciation. ”You won die from this much Shinto. ” His cold voice thrummed in her ears and reverberated through her body like a co

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