Death Flagged Eroge Prince

My Summon Is Clyde\'s Partner!?

nally subdued the demon lord, resting my tired body after the battle, thinking of only my mother and the beautiful Alexis suddenly feeling holy energy corroding my entire body. I turned towards Clyde and Zera, who merely smirked at my slowly dissipating form.

Normally, when a demon dies, they can return to hell to seek a contract and eventually return. However, without a contract binding the demon, being killed with holy magic would destroy them forever.

In the last moments of my life, I heard his voice.

”Come forth, thine servant. Your master calls upon your eternal devotion ”

Alexis called me from beyond the grave, declaring my eternal devotion

I felt incredible warmth and rapture. Maybe next time Ill be one of his wives.

”With mine blood, seal thy contract. Forever sealing our fates together. ”

As the last moments of my consciousness faded, once again his voice rang as my life faded.


A beautiful woman appeared within Alexis room, his eyes still closed as the dark smoke began dispersing. The woman let out a gasp, tears running down her cheeks. Imra seemed to believe this was too good for reality, pinching herself.

”A-Alexis? ” The beautiful woman said.

Alexis, hearing this beautiful voice, wasn too shocked as the game was made for males, so getting a beefy muscular demon would be extremely unlikely. Even the king of hell was a beautiful, buxom female. As his eyes slowly opened, greeted by the woman whod remain by his side eternally.

”It is a pleasure to meet. My name is indeed Alexis Van Garland, trash of the empire! ” Alexis said. Inside the game, it was a running gag that even a random villager A knew he was trash.

”NO! You could never be trash!? ”

Her body almost teleporting in front of him, hugging Alexis tightly. Her beautiful purple hair swayed from her rapid movement falling across her shoulders, hiding her face from his vision, as her body trembled.

Alexis looked down, seeing her shining purple hair, and exotic tanned skin. Imra wore barely any clothes, with tiny bat-like wings and tail behind her flapping gently. Unable to control himself, his hand stroked through her hair, softer than silk, almost addictive.

Imra looked up slowly with her glittering star-like eyes and perfect face, the action almost killing the virgin Alexis as her head rubbed against his hand. She felt his reaction towards her body, bringing out a devilish smile.

”Imra, your eternal servant both in battle and bed your loyal succubus. ”

She acted more seductive during her words, wrapping around his body like an ant around candy. Before feeling a strange reaction, his body froze like an ice sculpture, no longer reacting to her womanly aspects.

”Did I do something wrong? Does he also remember dying because of us? ” Imra thought.



”Oh man, its really the protagonists off-tank… What Is happening here!? ” Alexis thought.

His mind began racing at Mach speeds, coming to what seemed to be a crazy idea. ”Are they the iterations who weren chosen, in the routes where Clyde chose others? ”

The reason for this thought was because the pair had classes that were only available after seeing the bad endings where Clyde rejected their routes, or never pursued them.

The Ice Empress was a class Alice gained when Clyde pursued other women, ignoring her. She would sacrifice herself to save a city from a demon invasion, sacrificing herself to become worshipped as the Ice Empress. You needed to play NG+ after getting her bad end to enjoy this class.

The Succubus Brawler was a class that came from the ending where Clyde didn interact with her Imra secretly fell in love with Alexis, before being killed by Zera after completing the game, most of the time because of her back story losing her purity some people not wanting secondhand goods caused this ending to be popular, however, most of the forums argued she had completely regenerated a new body and was clearly a virgin again.

”If my thoughts are correct… Shall I test it out? ” Alexis thought, taking a gamble.

”So… In the end, I couldn save you? Zera still killed you after the demon lord? ”

Imra, as if hit by a hammer, let go of his body momentarily, before violently reacting, grabbing his body harder than before as tears of sorrow began pouring from her eyes, whilst she wailed his name over and over.

Alexis felt this was in poor taste, deciding to follow through, his hand stroking along her back, comforting her.

”Its okay. Its all in the past. Things are different now. Im no longer just a weak thief… ”

”Look? I summoned you to my side forever. Did you think stalking me all those nights went unnoticed? ” Alexis said, trying to comfort her.

In all honesty, the only route hed completed was Imras accidentally, not realising deciding against sleeping with her and wanting to know her better, would lead to her bad end the writers were probably psychopaths making Clyde become a complete asshole once hed said no even once.

Imras tears stained his shirt, now completely soaked. However, Imra realised his words were true. Alexis was much younger visibly. Her level had been completely reset.

”Wait, hes not a thief!? How did he summon me? Ah… Who really cares ” Imra thought.

Her body straightened, looking into his emerald eyes, her golden demon eyes with cat-like slits forcing him to focus on her, narrowing her eyes happily.

”So this is the fate which mother spoke of? ”

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