The elderly man was bewildered.

”No light? Impossible! ” The elderly man protested inside of his mind. Even if the element is overwhelmingly powerful , there would still be specks of light scattered around the crystal but the boy infront of him awakened something that didn have light. How could he not be shocked?

Kioshi who was confused , looked towards the elderly with who only shook his head.

”What element did you awaken? ” The elderly asked since other people could not see others status screens since the screen is made with the said individuals mana confirming that only they can see it.

”It says Darkness. Do you know anything about it? ” Kioshi was curious since in his textbooks , they never mentioned an element named Darkness.

The elderly man waved his hand in dismay. ”I don know anything about it. But I do know that no one has awaken such an element. So you know what its means , right? ”

Kioshi , who thought for a while suddenly came to a conclusion.

”Am I a… an anomaly? ” With a stutter to his question , he received a nod from the elderly man.

Kioshi could only curse on his name.

Anomalies were people who didn have an element which was known. So there was no way for them to search how to improve or increase the abilities power. Even if someone does quests thats given from the system , it would give out quests that are nearly impossible to complete since theres no information on how the ability of the user works.

”Thanks for the help. ” Kioshi was in dismay and turned around from his position. He clenched his hands forming a fist which he released a few seconds after , then walked out of the room.

”Poor kid , wait- he didn even ask for my name. Tch , he must of thought that I wasn important. ” The sympathy he felt for the boy was instantly gone and the only ridicule was left.

But that was not the case , Kioshi didn ask the name of the elderly since he didn want to have any relationships connecting him to the elderly , even if its his knowledge about his name.

His SPD wouldn allow him to learn the basics of something such as a name of someone.


-Outside Of The Evaluation Center-

When Kioshi reached outside , he could see many more people like him waiting to enter the evaluation center.

The Evaluation Center was a place where people could test if someone has an element within them. Its free for first comers but after that , if you fail and want to to take the test again , you must pay $5,000. That amount isn a sum normal people could accumulate naturally.

When Kioshi walked further away from the center , he stopped and looked up in the sky , dazed.

”It seems that my revenge will be slower than I thought. ” In order to avenge his parents who were dear to him , he would even accept a bullshit element even if it means getting closer to his goal.

”Just wait , Mom , Dad. Ill exterminate all beasts and make them beg just like I did. ” Kioshi strengthened his resolve once again and walked towards the Centers bathroom.

His parents were the only people who he could feel emotions for with his SPD. Kioshi never tried to fully understand himself but he knows for a fact that his parents are the only ones he could feel emotions to.

After a 5 minute walk towards the bathroom area , he pushed open the door and headed inside. He walked towards the sink where the mirror was. All he could see was his usual attire which was black sweatpants and a greyish jacket. He did where a shirt but it got stained on the way when he was arriving to the Evaluation Center.

”I should start planning on what to do next. ” Kioshi turned on the tap and washed his hands. After he was done , he wiggled his fingers in the air causing the water drops to fling away from his hands.

He walked out of the bathroom and headed towards his household.

Kioshi saw many people on his way back and suddenly a thought occured in his mind that he forgot. ”How could I forget something so important? ”

He stopped and concentrated which caused mana to surge around him. A black gas like fume arose from the ground and came within his vision.

”Status Screen. ” When he said those words , the gas like fumes swirled together forming a background of a black screen with no information on. Letters and numbers started to appear with a fading white color which showed his details.

[Name: Kioshi Tadere]

[Age: 16]

[Rank: 1]

[Element: Darkness]

[Ability Section:]



[Strength: 250]

[Stamina: 250]

[Speed: 250]

”So my first ability is Umbrakinesis? ”

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