Dark Side of the Truth

Chapter 1 ~ The Folder ~

”Hey Ash. ” said Iris Crusher. Iris is my best friend. She has blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. Iris is 17 and taller than me but, not by much. Oh wait, you don know who I am. Im Ashlyn Martinez. I have auburn/brown hair and people say my eyes are weird. My eyes are a very ice like silver. Im an only child, well at least I think I am. Im 18 but Iris acts older than me sometimes, yet she isnt. I promise.


See, I found this folder while cleaning the office room, filled with a few papers. In the folder there were 2 birth certificates and 3 or 4 letters. The first birth certificate was mine but the second one belonged to someone named Ashtyn Martinez. Her birth certificate was almost identical to mine the only difference was the name. The letters were from Ashtyn and I don think I should open them. But I wonder…. who is Ashtyn?


I showed the folder to Iris and she was just as confused as I was. ”Should I ask my parents about the folder? ” I asked Iris. ”What if you get in trouble for snooping around in your parents stuff? ” Iris replied. ”Well I don want to get in trouble but I want to know the truth about this… Ashtyn! ” I answered.

I wanted to know the truth but I was afraid that it might not be a good one. Do I have a sister? Would my parents be mad if I asked them? Could I ever meet…Ashtyn?

”Are you sure you want to talk to your parents about the folder? ” asked Iris. ”If I want answers, Ill have to ask them because I don want to live knowing that I might have a sister. You know I have always wanted a sibling… ” I responded. ”Well then, lets go get some answers! ” Iris said anxiously.


I crept into the living room where my parents were both reading on the couch, momma her favorite book and papa

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