As Daniel warned Jay he immediately went to his car to fetch his phone that he left just now. Something that he knows is someone following him.

”Hey ya. You follow me till here? ” He then turned his head facing no other than Iris.

”Great, now you bring your friend out of your house? I thought you wanted you and your friend to be safe but you are making it more risky and dangerous Daniel ” said Iris. Iris who is now without the prince outfit like Daniel saw before but just like an ordinary boy. Daniel kept quiet for a while. When he looks around him, he can feel the different vibe than what he felt when he first arrived. It feels lonely. Alone. Is it because he is tired or just a lack of love from his friends?

”Iris, I don care about losing myself but not my friends ” said Daniel. Iris looks shocked but at the same time he laughs. ”I know you will say this but I don think it will be this quick. Then tell me what you would be like if your friend died ” its a question that asks Daniel whether he wants to answer it or not but instead of being silent he answered, ”Then Ill be the loser ”. He has promised them that it will be them or die. He already thinks about it many times. It makes him sad to see all of them hurt because of him. Reminds him of the event where Steven, Jay and Peter experience some scary things when they are with him. Curiosity hit him when he remembered all of those events.

”Did you.. I mean, are you the one who causes chaos to all my friends when they stay at my house? ” This time Iris showed his shocked face without laughing. ”Daniel! Thats it, you have to run. That was a warning to you and your friends. ” said Iris desperately. ”What? So it is you? ” the question once again answered,

”No, its not me. ”

With only that sentence gives Daniel goosebumps as he starts to feel scared. He remembers when his television stopped and the death threat appeared.

”What are you doing here? ” a sudden different voice startled Daniel. He looks around to expect Iris to be gone but when he looks to his left, Iris is still there. ”Hi, Jay. I am Jaden, Daniels friend. Nice to meet you here ”.

Jay was actually sleeping after being warned by Daniel but after hours, he realized that Daniel was still not in the room. ”This hyung seriously shouldn have warned me if he himself went out alone and had fun. ”. And thats when he saw his hyung but with other people beside him. He tried to hear what they talked about and only got the Ill be the loser part which made him curious. So without waiting he just walked towards Daniel.

”Oh hi, Jaden hyung. I am Jay. I think you must know my name from Daniel right? ”

”Its Daniel hyung for you. I told you just now to stay in the room and sleep, didn I, Jay? ” Daniel faced Jay with a mad face. Jay just keeps quiet. Daniel also suddenly realized that Jay became talkative with a stranger that he just met. He is the one who would rather be silent than talk with someone he doesn know. ”Wait, Jay… ah nevermind. I think we have to get back to our room, Jaden? ”

”What hyung? You are about to ask me a question? ” said Jay. Daniel hurried shooed him in shock because of Jays boldness talking like that in front of Iris.

Iris just laughs it out. ”No worry Daniel. Its nice to meet you here. Hope you have a great journey! ” and with that Iris walked away towards a car there. Well, Daniel doesn even see that car before and remembers only his car and a hotel van parked there.


After all the conversation between Daniel and Iris was over, both Jay and Daniel went back to their room. Even on their way to the room, they can see Dylan and other workers are having dinner.

”Jay, are you hungry? I must have forgotten about dinner. I thought you felt tired but didn realize you could be hungry too ” Daniel frustrated.

Jay laughed and replied, ”Its okay hyung. I already ate some ramen. You are the one who brought it so Im fine. But you are the one who doesn get the dinner yet. Unless, you went to eat with your friend there just now. ” Daniel himself doesn think that he must be hungry but he was in a hurry to get to sleep. ”No, I don . Im tired so Im just thinking about sleep more than food now. Say about that, since when you become talkative to strangers, Jay? ” Daniel asked then.

”Me? Its because of you hyung. When he said he is your friend, then I know he must be someone special or hidden that none of us know him. You said you live just for your friends and I want to believe it. ”

”How do you know none of us know him huh? Hes.. not that special and he.. not that nice. ” suddenly silent. Then, Daniel continue,

”But, I think he can be the one who can save our friendship ”

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