He was so scared to think about it that long after that he fell asleep.

”Hyung, you are okay with Jay right? ” Steven asked. Jay grinned at that question and he answered it on behalf of Daniel. ”Of course he will. Im not Kai, you know. He will be so happy to have me instead. ”

Kai who heard it immediately defended, ”Heyy, Im not that naughty! ”

”Okay guys, don worry about us. Jay is okay so don worry. Thank you for coming here, I really appreciate it. Next time, we can go to another place for a vacation ” Daniel said hopefully. After that, all of them began to circulate from his residential area. Now, he needs to get out of his house before Iris comes back to know that Jay is still with him.

”Jay, why don we instead go on a vacation. You guys are still on school holiday right? ” At first, Jay does not look impressed with it because he thought Daniel was a homebody but after thinking it over again he agreed to do so. It is because he wants to make Kai jealous. What a childish thing from his usual side. Well, they don know where to go. So, they make the decision to travel towards the city.

Took about 3 hours from his house, Daniel packed all enough food so they would not be hungry on the way later. He must hurry when unknowingly something important is left behind.

Along their journey, theres a very peaceful and beautiful scenery. It was like recalling their old memories from school when they came home from school together accompanied by beautiful scenery. Just the same like before and they missed it so much. But now, they have their own lives and happiness to do. Jay and Kai may contact him whenever they want as they still stay close by his house. Same as Peter, even though he is not that sociable person he may come to his house when he needs someone but not Steven. He lives too far away and moreover he is a quiet man.

He remembers when Steven didn want to talk to him why he wanted to join the club but force him to accept his application into the club. But then, he knew that Steven obviously needed someone to be friend and he was desperate even though he did not tell him but Daniel knew it from the start.

Let the memories wander in their mind, at last they arrive at the first stop. They have no plans to continue on to the city but to stop wherever they want. Since its already night time, Daniel stops at a highway hotel called Angel Jade Hotel.

”Hyung, this hotel looks creepy but at the same time it looks so cool. Like in the fantasy drama. You know, Hotel Del Luna? ” Jay who just woke up looks more fresh than Daniel who has been driving non stop and was fighting with his sleepy eyes.

”Hi, may I help both of you? I am Jimmy here ready to help you. ” said one of the workers who welcomed them from the entrance.

”Thank you Jimmy, me and my friend here want to book a room tonight. ” Daniel answered. Jimmy nods knowing what he needs to do. He then shows both of them the way to the counter where another worker is already waiting there smiling.

”Here, Dylan will help you guys to book a room. Have a nice day ” said Jimmy.

After all the process, they finally got their room. ”Im not surprised to see all the workers are friendly here! No wonder this hotel looks great ” Jay excitedly walked into the room. ”I know right, and its quite a reasonable price for the comfortable room. I think we need to bring Steven, Peter and Kai here later. It looks too nice ” said Daniel.

The hotel seriously looks great despite its lower price. Tomorrow will be another long journey, so they need to take a good rest and continue the journey.

”Jay, go sleep. We will take a tour in this hotel tomorrow. No need to go by yourself cause I know you want to go out now. But, no, you need to rest so you can accompany me tomorrow without sleep. Thats important. But before that, I need to get my phone in the car. So, stay here, don go anywhere. ” Daniel warned.

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