”Hyung, don leave us ”

”What? Where should I go? I am here Jay… ” Jay looks up at Daniel with a sad face. He cant believe what he saw just now and he wont believe it. He doesn want to believe it. He hugged Daniel tightly and cried. Daniel was shocked but he understood. This case just comes out of nowhere that makes Steven and Jay terrified and the main cause of it is no one other than Daniel himself. He knows what happened now and he will keep it as long as he can.

A pair of eyes at the edge of the door just look at both of them who now sit on the floor. ”Hyung, is everything okay? ” Kai asks Daniel if he just realized him at the door and maybe witnessed the mess. Daniel must not have realized that he was in fact yelling out Jays name loudly so that all of them in the house could hear that. Only Kai who bravely went to check on his brother while Peter was really scared and Steven locked up in his room. ”Im sorry Kai. I must be so loud right now. We are okay and Jay just has some emotional time maybe? Im sorry to wake you up. ”

”No hyung, you are not bothering us. Im just worried, you know. Im glad to know both of you are okay. By the way, we have not slept yet so don feel a burden. We come here to have fun right, just be yourself hyung and I love you ” with that Kai leave the room. Now again, only Daniel and Jay. Daniel gives a lot of time to Jay so he can calm down from the current condition. After a few minutes Jay is asleep , Daniel takes the chance to check his house once again. Steven locks the door and Peter is still with Kai so he assumes Jay will sleep in his room tonight. He then goes to the kitchen but suddenly theres a cat. He knows thats the cat Steven saw, the one that attacked him. ”What do you want, Iris? ”

The cat named Iris looked at him with a fierce look. When he didn get any answer from the cat he ignored it. He then opened the refrigerator to take a drink. Guess he was too thirsty before but he was too busy to handle the kids. Huh. He turned to his back just to see a guy in front of him. ”I told you Daniel not to bring those kids here. Why can you understand?! ”

”I think its not me. You yourself know that they come here voluntarily and I cannot drive them away. ” Daniel talks calmly. ”I don want to know how but I give you two weeks, Daniel! Two weeks and all of them have to get out of here and never come back. If they come back then I will kill you! ” Daniel widens his eyes and protests. ”No you can do that! Its dirty! You promised me before that you wont kill me and my friend! Don cross your line Iris! ” Iris now is sitting on the kitchen table with a smirk. His face looks handsome and his costume makes him look like a prince of a kingdom land. Iris, a boy with a smirk then looks at the front door then looks back at Daniel. ”Yes I said that but I also told you to not bring any friends here. You know that the clan are looking for them, your friends. They are different. They are not the same as us. ”

”but— ” before Daniel can continue his word, theres a loud crash outside and they are startled and when Daniel turns to Iris he is nowhere to be found. He is really frustrated now that he can say what he wants to Iris. ”Hyung ” Daniel once again startled. Now huh there is Jay who is standing near the kitchen table where Iris is standing just now. He woke up to no one in the room and was about to enter his room when it was locked by Steven. While looking for Daniel, he heard a loud crash and was running knowing that it must be Daniel. ”hyung, why are you here? Are you okay cause I heard a crash and I thought you were in any danger but hmm. I was so scared. ” Jay walked towards Daniel to look at him more closely. ”Im okay, just want a drink so I come here but I don hear any crash, Jay. Maybe you heard a cat playing outside. So don worry, lets sleep in my room. Steven doesn mean to leave you alone but hes so tired that he just sleeps and forgot about the door. Forgive him ” Daniel says while smiling. Jay just gives a nod and laughs.


After a long time of sleeping, morning came greeting all of them. Steven is already in the living room watching television with Kai. Peter is helping Daniel prepare breakfast while Jay is playing with his phone.

Jay then sighs which makes all of them look at him. ”Whats wrong? ” Steven asked. ”Im sorry but here my parents left me dozens of messages yesterday but I didn realized and guessed what they want to say dear Im leaving you with your friends cause I am abroad now the fu— ”

”Not that language in my house Jay, so now where will you stay then? ”

”I don know, Steven hyung can I go to yours? ” Jay looks at Steven with hope. But Steven shakes his head and refuses the request saying that he lives with his uncle so it will burden the old man if he brings another person in the house. Then Jay looks at Peter with the same face. ”I would rather say no because you know my mother still cannot overcome Han. If I bring you to our house it will be chaos and she will think you as Han ughh I have that experience so no. ”

Hearing Hans name everyone lowers their heads down. Well its a tragic case. ”And mine is a happy family but my mother will scold me if I bring people to come. Im the only son so she will love me only thats all. ” Daniel laughed a little. ”You just give an excuse to not go to my home or my mom will love him instead of you, knowing that Jay is more obedient than you ” Then everyone is looking at him. Daniel is confused but then he understands it. He has made a promise with Iris, what should he do now? ”For how long? ” Just for one month, he said. One month. What to dooo But without thinking more, he nodded his head without emotion and agreed to give permission to Jay. Jay then smiles and thanks Daniel.

Hoping that Iris will give him a chance, he takes a breath and continues doing his work in the kitchen. According to the plan they want to stay at that house only for a week but then Jay has to stay longer and then he will be busy with the exam. While he was cutting the vegetable he didn even realize that the knife was near to cut his finger until then he felt the pain and when he looked at the vegetable, blood had covered them. Peter who just saw it immediately takes his finger and wash the blood off while asking if he is okay.

”Peter, are you okay? ” Peter tilted his head confused. ”You stumble just now. Do you have a phobia with blood? Its normal if you said so. ” Peter is once again confused. Did he have the phobia but when? He literally studies pure science. A lot of time he sees blood but why now? Both of them were frozen at the place in front of the sink with the flowing water. Peter looked at the sink and asked ”Hyung, did you hurt yourself? ” this time Daniel the one who tilted his head and shook his head.

”You are the one who hurt Peter. I saw you clutching your head like you were in pain and when I called you, you didn hear me. One thing I guess is that you cut your finger a little so theres blood. Thats why I have to use the water. Im sorry ” Peter touched his face realizing that his face now is wet. No wonder the sink is red with blood. But what he sees then is it a plot twist? Isn the one who hurt Daniel? A sudden headache struck him and he asked Daniel permission to take a nap. Steven and Jay have been through this but from his knowing none of them feel pain so why did he feel it. He saw blood but at the same time he felt it. He was so scared to think about it that long after that he fell asleep.

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