”Daniel! ”

Both Daniel and Jay look up at the voice. Turns out that the voice belongs to Steven. After he asked Kai where Daniel is he immediately ran up to the dining room where all of them are located. He looks at Daniel and starts to get confused. He looks fine though.

”Steven, you are up! I was really worried, you know? Are you okay now? ” Daniel inspecting Stevens face while asking. ”Steven hyung said you were bleeding just now, Daniel hyung. Is that right? ” Now Kai is the one who is asking. Daniel widened his eyes and told them that nothing had happened to them but instead he found Steven fainted when he went outside. Suddenly, the room becomes quiet and suspenseful. ”Maybe your imagination? I think you are so sick that you can remember quite well. You don even remember that you fainted lol ” Jay explained.

Because of that logical statement from Jay, everyone seems to relax and ease. After a few minutes of silence, Daniel voices out. ”So, why don all of you rest now. I can show you guys the room because this house only has three rooms so I assume you have to share it. ” all of them nod at Daniel. The first floor is where Daniels room is located. Then the second floor, where both of the rooms are located. The first room is a little big so they give it to Steven and Peter and the other one to Jay and Kai. That night all of them take a break in their own room. Steven is still thinking of what happened a few hours ago and after thinking about it he decides to talk with Daniel even though he gets a pair of eyes from Peter after ignoring the younger where are you going question.

The sudden door knock makes Daniel startled and looks up from his phone, he knows it must be Steven. After what happened to Steven just now, Daniel also becomes anxious because it looks related to the television incident this evening. Without thinking anything, Daniel opens the door showing Steven in front of it. ”Steven? Do you need anything? ” he knows that Steven wants to know the truth or something from him but he tries to pretend that he doesn know at first. ”Can we talk? It wont take a long time. I don want to disturb you but this is important. ” Hearing that, Daniel nods at him and asks him to come inside of his room and sit. Then Steven starts to talk.

”I know it looks crazy but I am sure that I saw you bleeding, hyung. I want to help you but you keep bleeding non stop and it scares me. Im not lying, hyung. At first, you were helping me with those bags in my car and then I saw your face bleeding because you said you were attacked by a cat! ” Steven stops a moment to catch his breath. Daniel stays calm and listens to the continuation of the story. ”Then that time I saw the unbelievable thing hyung! ” he looked at Daniel with a desperate expression and Daniel just asked him what he saw. ”I saw your eyes. It is different. You have blue eyes to your right and green to your left but when I said it to you the green one suddenly changed to red. ”

”Are… you perhaps thinking this is related to werewolves. Because Ive heard about this sometimes. It occurred when they had to change. ” Daniel asked Steven. It makes sense but then who is the one that wants him to die? He wants to tell Steven the incident that happened to him but after he looks at Stevens concerned and scared face, he starts to doubt his decision to tell this story to Steven.

Knock knock.

Daniel starts to think if his house is really famous for knocking. Why do they have to knock on my door every time… but after thinking about it he should be thankful because they are being respectful toward his privacy. He opened the door.

”Daniel hyung.. Ahh Steven hyung? Why are you here? No wonder Peter came to our room and decided to make noise with Kai and now Im here. ” Steven then looks at Jay. Because of him Peter feels lonely and it makes him feel guilty. Because of that, he starts to walk off from the room without missing a goodnight wish to both of the guys. ”Now, welcome to my room customer, Ohh sir I mean. What would you like? ” Daniel asked with a grin on his lips. Its funny when it successfully makes Jay laugh because that guy is really hard to take any funny ment. Sometimes when they are laughing because of something funny he will be the one that is not laughing and blushing. Its not because he cannot understand it but it is his style, its not funny to him. His funny level is different.

”I take the guess that Steven hyung came here to tell you about earlier. Am I right? ”

”You know Jay, you are really noisy sometimes. But yes, he came here to do that. And I guess you came here to ask about it? ” Daniel asked. ”You know hyung, you genius. ” Both of them laugh at that. ”Is it real? What Steven saw is real? I know its not logical when he said that you were bleeding so bad but you are looking fine all the time. But at the same time, I am doubting my feelings and thinking that It could happen? ” Jay looks up at Daniel. Daniel just sighs and lies on his bed. Then he pointed to the door. Jay realized it as Daniel went to him out of his room and maybe because Daniel was tired or maybe because of an instruction to open the door. So Jay stands up from where he is sitting and opens the door but what he sees in front of the door, in front of him is Daniel himself. Jay then looks back at the bed where another Daniel was sitting just now and when he looks at it he sees Daniel is there then he looks back at the door, Daniel. He was confused, he wanted to scream but he couldn . He feels his throat being blocked and he cant breath at all. Is this what Steven went through this evening? Then this is real.

”—ay, Jay! ”

Suddenly everything stops. He can breathe and his view becomes clear. In front of him is Daniel and the only one is Daniel. Theres no one else like him. ”Jay, are you okay? I was talking with you when you suddenly stood up and opened the door and fell on your knees. Whats wrong with you guys! If you are not well you should tell me! ” Jay listens to Daniel when then a teardrop on his cheek. Upon it, Daniel starts to panic. ”Now ,now why are you crying? ”

”Hyung, don leave us ”

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