Six years passed. Daniel is now watching a show from the television alone while laughing. After his graduation, Steven had to move to another country following his parents and they then separated until now. Jay stops going to school and helping his family at their new restaurant, Peter and Kai the one who is still going to school but both of them are really different. Peter is really good at the academy while Kai is good at sports. But, Kai sometimes gets criticized by the teachers because of his bad exam result and his bad behavior. This might happen because of Daniel. He likes Daniel very much when the older teach him, his teaching is better than the teachers.

Laughing and laughing. Daniel is really happy when he watches that show until suddenly the television loses its signal. ”What the— who dares to steal something from me again?! If I caught you, you will be de— ” he stopped. The television suddenly alights again but this time its showing YOU WILL BE DEAD writing on it and then the television light back to normal. The show he watched just now also appears on the screen and Daniel would never think to enjoy it back just like minutes ago.

He remembered it. The time when one of the girls in his school, the fan girl, told him the same thing and after that he witnessed something that he would never believe.

Ding dong

The bell of his door startled him. He is really scared and careful at first, but when he sees the face that he expects will never come to see again after his graduation he opens it. Apparently, Kai and Jay come to celebrate Jays birthday and Peter a little late because of his extra class. ”Hyung, I really miss you, you know. I can catch up anymore with what the teacher teaches. I want you as the tutor. Will you? ” Kai confessed while kneeling in front of Daniel.

Daniel and Jay just laugh at it. ”Yaaa! Are you asking for a tutor or a husband, idiot! ” Jay. Jays funny ment is suddenly welcomed with a hug from Daniel. ”You are the idiot, idiot! Do you know how long I take time to make you talk! You know, talk? Talk? ” Daniel is really happy when Steven tells him that Jay opened up to talk to everyone so he can help his parents at the restaurant. But he himself doesn want to tell Daniel because he is scared to. ”Im sorry that I forced you to do that but I am really scared to tell you. When you found out that I just don want to talk to people and am not a mute, you get mad at me and it makes me scared until now! ” Hearing that Daniel felt a sudden pang of guilt. ”It was because you didn want to tell me until Steven told me that he heard you singing then you have to explain it to him and now it is the same! Steven the one who I can trust now HUH ” Daniel makes an upset face.

After they take time to get to know each others news, Peter also arrives at the house and they sing happy birthday songs together. Strawberry cake? Daniel is confused as Jay has mentioned that he doesn like strawberries and why they bought this cake for his birthday. Jay then looks up at Daniel. Looking at his confused face at the strawberry cake, Jay voices out. ”Kai was the one who bought that cake, hyung and I think he can remember well that I mentioned it ” No wonder the cake is strawberry because it is Kais favorite flavor. Well, he still thinks it was a kind of him to buy the cake.

”Hyung, I heard your doorbell and I think you have a guest? ” Daniel was confused. He doesn expect any guests at all today, only the trio that want to celebrate birthday are surprised. Despite his confused state, he goes to his door and opens it without hesitation. Ohh ”Hello you little handsome.. I came back to see you after a long time so why don you hug me huh? ” After like a few minutes of them staring and frozen, all of them laughing at the new guy who just arrived and making a cheesy comment towards the handsome guy, Daniel.

”What?! Handsome guy oh hi hello lets hug after not seeing each other for a long time… Duh, I don want to see this drama. Its too cheesy to get a high rating. ” Peter, who just likes to imitate them, then goes inside with Kai. Jay, who is the only one left with the main character, suddenly feels awkward and just about to run away when Daniel catches his wrist and says NO to him. ”Well, I don want to hug you now. But, I just want to say thank you for coming especially today is this guys birthday ” while pointing to Jay. Steven just smiles and instead of Daniel, he hugs Jay and congratulates him with a gift. A gift? ”Oh my god, Jay I forgot your gift! ” .

”Hyung don be! We come here with surprise and I don expect anything from you guys , even the cake from Kai. I feel like you guys just like the best gift for me so your existence and you all coming here is enough for me. ” With that confession Daniel feels so proud then he pulls both of them into a full hug and it actually feels really good for Jay. As the hug broke, Daniel went to help Steven to get his belongings in his car and something just started to happen again. A sudden yelp from Daniel makes Steven worry and it looks quite serious. Daniel just tries to take a bag from the car when out of nowhere a cat attacks him in front of his face and when he realizes, his hand was full of blood but its actually not from the hand but the face. His face is literally full of scars but still thankful that it was not bruised to the eyes or it will be really bad.

Steven who witnessed it immediately helped him to wash his face and apply the ointment that he had in his car for the emergency. ”Are you okay? ” asked Steven. Daniel nods but something catches Stevens eyes that he can believe in what he sees. He doesn know if he doesn want to believe Daniel saying that he is okay or to believe what he sees. ”But your eyes.. ” he stops but then he continues when he sees a face from Daniel. ”Your eyes.. its different and its different each and I swear its not the same as before because I saw your eyes just now. Its different! ” Daniel is really scared when Steven starts to panic and his anxiousness increases so he takes a look at the car mirror and he can feel goosebumps when he sees it. It look different

Both of them cannot believe it and when Steven realizes that they will make the guys in the house worry or mad because of the time they take, he calms Daniel down. He put his hands on the older shoulder and said, ”its okay hyung. Maybe you have some eye problem and your scars and bruises look worse so its better if we go inside and treat that okay? ”. The older one just keeps quiet and doesn even move an inch with his back facing Steven. So Steven makes a decision to pull the older wrist and take him inside himself. What he doesn expect is a face full of blood and the different eyes color. The weird thing is Steven already washed his face and it looks clean already. The blood is dropping from his head like its not from a cat but looks like he just got in a car accident. ”Soobin-ah, Im dead. Can you see me? ” A strange name.

No, this is not Daniel. This is not happening. No… No…

”NO! ” Steven opened his eyes wide. ”Hyung you awake! What happened? If you are sick you should tell us. Now look you faint! Faint in front of your handsome guy.. ” he then let out a sigh. He thinks that he is just imagining or dreaming because of his sickness. ”Kai, where is Daniel? Is he okay? ” From what he remembered he was helping Daniel who was attacked by a cat and was bleeding a lot. Kai then giggled. ”What do you mean by, is he okay huh? You are that worried if you fall on your boy. Oh boy ”. Steven rolls his eyes and disbelieves this. ”No Kai, but Daniel was bleeding a lot, you know. I helped him but he was bleeding again and I am worrying about him now. ”

”What do you mean by bleeding? His looks fine. No scar nor scratching and he is fine. I think you are having a nightmare, hyung. Daniel was really worried when you took a long time to come inside so he went to take a look at you when you just fell and fainted in front of him. Thats all, the end. ” Steven immediately rose up from the bed, surprised with the story. He couldn believe it because it felt real. No. It is real but why Kai told him a different story. He remembers it well from the start when Daniel forgot to give Jay a birthday present and Jay gave a touching ment. Then, when Daniel wants to help him take his belongings in the car so he can spend all day in Daniels house with all of them. That time is when he saw it. The cat, the eyes and blood. He couldn believe it. ”Now, Kai, where is Daniel? ”

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