Kringgg , the bell is ringing showing that the school time is now over and all students are happily chatting together as they walk home. Daniel, the famous guy as usual, is now crowded by his fan girls and as usual he ignores all of them. Right at 7p.m., the doors of the class are crack open. ”Daniel, you late again! The guy who is already in the class who is known to be Steven voices out to Daniel. As Daniel sees to his right, theres another face that he knows who has been waiting for him almost like one hour. ”Ahh, Im sorry you know I have to bait all the girls to another place before I come here or they will see us and God knows what they would do to us… ” He explained.

Daniel once again apologizes to them and for once again they accept it. Jay, the one that has always been quite suddenly, looks at Daniel and smirks as he knows something that others don . ”What? ” Daniel looks at Jay confused. Jay immediately points his finger to Steven and then points it to Daniel showing a love sign with his finger. Daniels eyes widened at the younger language sign and yelled out, ”Yaaa! Why would we… Ughh you know if I don know that you have a problem that makes you stop talking with others I would kill you 3 years ago. So my point is SHUT UP! ”.

The others just laugh at the oldest ragging. As everyone knows, Jay doesn actually talk to anyone. Not that he mute but he can and that only five of them know the cause of it. Three years ago when Jay first came to the school and introduced himself through writing his name on the whiteboard and that made the whole class believe that he is mute, a handicapped. That time, Daniel only knew Steven, his best friend and Daniel almost killed Jay because of the middle finger that Jay showed to Steven. Jay doesn know what the meaning of the friend was when he came to that school at first, but after he witnessed how protective Daniel is to his best friend makes Jay want to try it and so he joined the club. The Magical Club is actually built by Daniel himself and only Steven as the member of the club. The school has already given three times warning to disband but Daniel the stubborn head will not take it.

Only after two years, they became so close to each other. The teacher also starts to take a liking at Daniels achievement as he scored all As in his exams and that the time where a giant baby, Kai or Huening Kai, a mix of Korean and German came to their life. The teacher wanted Daniel to teach and become Kais personal tutor as Kai was really bad at academics. Kai is a really tall junior which makes him an advantage in all kinds of sports. Not to mention that he has that handsome mixed face which makes Daniel fans fall for him too. The cuteness and easy going personality in Kai makes three of them accept him immediately right after he joined the club. But at the same time, a second-junior year student named Peter has his eye on the group silently. He admired their friendship and always dreamed of having a friend that loves him. Han, his brother, a year older always loves him but that doesn count as he wants to label them as friend not brother and that makes him really sad.

After debating with himself, just 2 weeks away Kai joined the club, Peter and Han joined it too. The school also started to give them permission to continue the club. Until one day, Peter came to the club room crying and told that Han had been missing for like 4 months and out of nowhere someone found him dead. No one knows the cause of death and the only thing they know is Han was found dead in the abandoned house with a knife on his right hand. So the police and school make it as suicide. But, Peter knows him so well, why would he suicide when Han so happy to get new friends? Everyday, they would talk about whats in their mind and almost all of what Han told is the happy thing. So why?

Now, what they do in the club is at 6p.m. all of the members should assemble and tell their daily stories. Everyday is the same but not today. Something is different for all five of them. ”I saw Han today, ” Peter said. Everyone turns their head to him. Steven then shows the sign at Peter to let him continue the story. ”Lately, Ive been dreaming of him. But I don expect to see him in front of my eyes and it feels real. Its not a dream. I talk to him but.. ” the sentence then hangs. He looks at all of them and Jay shows him what sign so they can know where the stories end. ”He said he doesn know me and he is the new student so he asked me to treat him well. What does he expect me to do?! I can .. ”

”Relax, Peter. I don know if its real or its your dream or imagination but I believe you. For now, just continue what you are doing. If its real, hmm I believe we have to investigate it? ” Steven then turned his head to Daniel to get the answer. ”Its up to Peter ” is all that Daniel said. Peter just lowered his head and kept quiet.

”Hyung, let me tell my story then! ” Kai excitedly raises his hand and Daniel smiles at that moment and nods his head to give the chance to the youngest. ”Actually, today I feel I am at the best moment but I don know why.. When Im in front of the school it feels like the first time Im into this school, like a first year junior. ” The happiness in his voice makes them happy even Peter who has been sad and confused just now smiles widely. ”Are you that happy when you come first into the school? And who the hell thinks the first junior year would be fun?! Its not for me ” Peter voices out.

The story then continues to Jay who said that he found a cat with different eyes colour each and he said it was so cute but Steven is not gonna take a like because he thinks it will be so creepy to witness it himself. Then, Steven himself said that he had a problem with his parents and made them upset with him. The problem literally just started when he said that he likes Daniel better than his parents. Well his parents love Daniel because they feel like Daniel would be their own son as he has lived in the orphanage since he was 10 years old because his parents died in a car accident but he refused it. He wants to be a good brother to all the kids in the orphanage. After all of them told the story one by one, Daniels turn also finally approached. ”Look, I don have that many things happening today but.. Today, someone, a girl among the fangirls whispered into my ear saying that I will die? ” At that, they gasped. ”Creepy! Why would you die? You are healthy right? Or you don ? What kind of fangirl is that?! ”

”Im healthy, Kai. Don worry ” The club then ended at 8p.m. Kai and Jay always go together as their homes are near each other. Peter loves to cycle alone and Steven will be invited by his parents car in front of the school. Now only Daniel left. Same as Kai and Jay, he enjoys walking home but alone because his home is opposite of them and its far away from the school. Daniel was just about to cross the road when something caught his eyes. He looks behind the tree where it crosses the road and he knows there is someone hiding from him. He thought that the guy was stalking him all the way but when Daniel looked at his face, it looked different. The expression the other guy wears is actually scared, not the face that the bullies at the school or any perverts have. ”Im sorry, but do I look intimidating to you that you have to be scared like that? ” Daniel tries to talk but theres no answer. Daniel thinks that he should just give up and think that it was some weird guy and about to start walking when the others step out from behind the three.

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