After hours of waiting, finally both of them get their rest.

Daniel is still wondering what Justin is doing and yet the name reminds him of the group of those three guys. All of them look more mature than his group of friends. Among three of them, he is sure that Sebastian looks the most mature and he might be the oldest.

”Daniel-shi, do you mind if I take shower first.. You have been daydreaming and wasting time. Should I go first? ” but without waiting for the answer, he just went to the bathroom.

”This rascal.. seriously ” Daniel murmur


”No doubt he is a magician! And all the people who come looking for him are.. ”

”Hey shut up, don you see that I want to sleep. Seriously Jay, you need to stop thinking about them and start to sleep ” Daniel cut him and nag at him like a mother.

”But, hyung you know, this is what our club wanted before! ” Jay. Daniel is about to sleep but when the club mentioned, he starts to think back about all the stuff that happened at school and when they arrived at the city for the first time today. ”I am and we are. But, its in the past, we are here for a vacation not for the club activities. If you insist on doing this, then I will bring you back to Olympia ”.

Daniel now are being annoyed but he immediately regrets and is guilty when he sees Jays face, literally wanting to cry.

”Huh, this kid. Im not mad, you know, but I just remind you. ”

”Sorry hyung, I shouldn mention about our past activities. You know after that incident, our group was quiet and abandoned until it disbanded. ” Jay looked at Daniel and was about to expect Daniel to mention it again but what he did not expect is he felt a warm hug.

”Don talk about that again. Even after everything that happened, its all in the past. Now, you need to move on and Im sorry to block all your dreams. So, if you want to be the magician I would never stop you again. Just.. be careful. Not everything we want we can have. ”

Jay smiled. He doesn have to answer that as he knows Daniel already understands him more than himself.


”Can we have a table for two people? ”

The worker nodded his head.

Daniel and Jay went out this morning to try to take a walk when they saw a restaurant or café in that homestay. When they went to the café they were informed that they could enter it and enjoy the food served for breakfast.

Theres a lot of food which includes bread, sausages, beans, meats, vegetables and more. The place is quite different from the magical concept of the homestay. While they were eating, someone greeted them.

”Hey good morning you both! Nice to meet you again ” its Joshua. ”Good morning Joshua. Nice to meet you again too. Are you staying here as well or are you working here? ” asked Daniel.

”Of course we are working here but for half time because we have students in our group so we need time to let them study at college and relax for their exams, ” said Joshua. Jay then interrupted, ”Group? What group? ”. ”Our group called Hope ” suddenly someone from the back voices out. Oh, its Sebastian. Jay, the one who is always curious with everything, asks again, ”Okay, an easy name for a group, but what kind of group is it? ”.

”Well, we can tell you more details, sorry. But, I have a better question for you. So how is your night here? Is it okay? ” said Joshua. With that question, they then get into a more deep conversation about the homestay concept.

”So you guys like magical things?! ” ask Joshua

”Yesss, we always talk about magical things in our club until it disbanded due to.. ” then Jay was cut off by Daniel. ”Sorry, I think we can tell this too. It is our privacy and secret. Hope you understand. ” Joshua then smiles and shakes his head showing that he doesn mind with that and respects it.

”Ahaa now, look who we have now. An owner who left his customer… again ” said Sebastian while looking at someone at the entrance door.

”Hey guys and hi to both young people. Im sorry I didn know that someone far from the city would come to this city at this time. Who would know? ”

”Daniel, Jay, this is the owner that you met yesterday right? ” Sebastian asks and both of them nod.

”HAHAHAHA, sorry youngster. I was doing my experiment. By the way, I am Valora with a man face. I know Valora looks kind of like a girls name but believe me Im a man. ” three of them laugh at that. Daniel then remembered what Sebastian said before, he said that the owner was named Justin. So is he lying or they have two owners? ”So, who is Justin? ” his question then was asked by Jay bluntly. Even though its rude to ask about other people, Daniel also wants to know who Justin is.

”What?! You know Justin? Who told you that?! ”

Both Jay and Daniel look at Sebastian and he still looks like its not his fault.

Valora sighed, ”Justin is the owner, but he has something to do outside of the city. So, with that I am the one who becomes the owner. I don know why I am the chosen one among our group because I have a lot of experiments to do. ”

”You are also in the Hope group? ” Daniel asks this time. Valora looks at Sebastian and Joshua knowing that both of them have spilled out that too. He then answer,

”Yup, I am. But my group and their group are different and its complicated to tell you, Im sorry ”

”Okay, its okay but what is Justin doing and where? Im sorry if its a sensitive question, don answer it if you can .. ” Daniel tries his luck.

”Well, its not mine or this groups secret, but his secret as we don even know what he is doing there. But, another thing is he said he wants to go to a place called Olympia? I don even know if it exists though ” he laughed and that answer makes Jay and Daniel blank. While Joshua and Sebastian look confused.

”Olympia? ”

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