When mankind was introduced to magic 1000 years ago, strange monsters surfaced on to the Earth, and a dark sinister aura came into existence. That dark aura was known as ”Shadow or Dark Energy ”

The Shadow Energy split into ten life forms all over the world, those life forms were later came to be known as ”Black Spirits ”, a threat to man because of the immense Shadow and Nature Energy each one possessed.

Man sealed the Black Spirits inside vessels to lock away their power from the world. Peace was attained but the greed of man can never be satisfied….


She walked in the passageway full of doors, the solid floor was damp with shallow water everywhere. It was very quiet, only the sound of her feet splashing echoed as she walked slowly ahead.

The passages lights died one by one behind her as she kept on walking. Diego showed no sign of fear of the place she was in because she had been here before. The sound of singing caught her attention and made her pause. She decided to follow the melody until she came upon a purple light that looked like it was steaming from somewhere, in the shape of a glowing mist. Diego followed the purple mist which led her to a room with no door, the singing had now grown stronger.

When Diego walked in the room, the lights that lit the passageway had completely died out.

The room was dark except for the purple mist that poured out from the Black Spirit.

”Why have you come? ” the Spirit demanded in a mocking tone.

Diego replied calmly ”Your singing…is distracting me from thinking. ”

The Spirit chuckled, ”Thinking? ”

Diego took a few more steps. She found the Black Spirit on the wet floor sitting with its head facing down. Diego couldn see her clearly because of the darkness, but she knew who that was.

The Spirit was a female with powdered blue skin, long red hair and wore no clothes. Her naked body had stains of purple-black

substances that covered her left leg, her right arm and her right eye which made her look even scarier. The Spirit was in shackles from its neck down to its ankles.

”What thinking would you be busy with when your life is going to end in a couple of hours? ” the Spirit laughed.

She looked at Diego with her red eyes. Her black lips stretched into a smile.

”Don tell me you
e thinking of escaping, child… ”

”What else would I be thinking about? ” Diego replied in a disrespectful manner.

”The design of your coffin? ” the Spirit mocked.

”I cannot just sit around and help that mad king plan to kill me ” Diego said.

”Well look at it this way, hes basically freeing me from all this, ” she lifts her shackles for Diego to see, ”and freeing me from you. ”

”Don be stupid, you won be free. The only reason he wants to extract you from me is to absorb you in his own being. Thats just another prison for you, ” Diego explained.

The Spirit giggled ”I know. But he and you differ in ways that are beneficial to me. Unlike you, he will be easier to control, and he looks like fun. He wants to see this world burn, and well, so do I. Once he overuses my power, which he will, his body will be mine completely. ”

Diego said nothing, she knew that to be the truth for a fact. Diego had unwillingly used the Black Spirits powers maybe once or twice before. She hated that power because it made her feel like a monster. The Spirit used Diegos rampages as a window to control her and cause destruction.

”So, do us both a favour and sit down and be humble ” the Spirit said happily. ”Your death is my key out of this pathetic body of yours. ”

”I thought you despised men? ” Diego said calmly as she looked down at the Spirit.

”True, ” she agreed, ”Sometimes men can be so stupid that you end up liking them. ”

Diego thought of King Dorian Sande.

”Face it child, there is nothing you can do. You are leagues away from Theronia, far from Zikhali Reed and trapped in Dorne in the custody of the Dornish. You are finished and you are left with no one. ”

”Im left with you. ”

The Spirit laughed aloud ”You
e funnier than Lexii. Not much help I will be to you though ”

Diego was desperate.

”You have some nerve asking me for help, ” the Spirit hissed at her. ”Lemme get this straight: you want my help to escape so that I can be imprisoned inside you forever? Is it me or does that sound dumb? ”

Diego could find no words to respond. ”Im sorry my dear, but this is a once in a lifetime window for me. We never liked each other anyway, ” the Spirit said with contempt in her voice. ”Now be gone! You
e ruining my victory song. ”

”Ill just kill myself then, ” Diego declared with newly found confidence.

”Dorian already volunteered, ” the Spirit responded.

”My death will take us the same way, ” ”Are you that desperate? ” the Spirits smile faded.

”Hmph…are you scared? ” Diego asked, feeling she had gotten through to her.

The Black Spirit showed no sign of fear. She called Diegos bluffs, ”You
e not nearly that stupid to take your own life. ”

”You don know how crazy I can become, ” Diego snapped back.

”Funny, we are one being. You are crazy, and Im outa my mind, ” the Spirit laughed. ”Be gone, Diego! ”

The Spirit said, hanging her head, continued her singing.

Diego was powerless, her hand clenched into fist which she soon let go. She decided to take her leave, the Spirit made it clear that she wasn going to be of any help to Diego. She walked out the room disappointed.

”One last thing, ” the Spirit halted Diego as she left.

Diego turned and looked at her.

The Spirit winked, ”Your life sucked anyway. ” Diego just walked away.


The Dornish maidens brushed her hair lightly as she gazed at herself in the mirror. It was probably the last time shed ever see that reflection, she thought to herself. The maidens were sitting around her, making her look beautiful for the ritual for some reason. She looked more like a depressed ward than a prisoner in the castle.

The Dornish maids left her room once they were finished with her. Once she was alone in the room with her reflection, she started contemplating. The blue woman inside her was no help at all.

All she cared about was escaping from her body.

Diego Reed stared deep at her reflection like shed never seen herself before. Her long charcoal hair was brushed down to her back. Her eyes were as clear as a cloudless blue sky shaped in a sharp oval shape with dark linings. She had a small nose, an oval face, and a lazy, expressionless look. She was dressed in a white gown and slippers.

Tonight, the ritual begins, Diego contemplated anxiously. She was scared to death; she did not know what was going to happen nor what to expect. From the mirror she walked to the balcony and stared at the Eastern Sea as its waters waved endlessly. The wind blew through her long black hair then she let out a sigh.

Its been two months since her abduction from Theronia. Nobody saw it coming not even her father the king of Theronia.All Diego could remember was seeing a female knight dressed in black robes and with a concealed face. The female knight had somehow infiltrated the kingdom of Theronia with a few mages at

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