” Arrghhh ” Annabelle turned painstakingly stiff as the sound that seemed to be a strange call for help reverberated in her labyrinth. Immediately she tucked her phone into her small purse and encircled her hands round her bossom; Her mind contemplating whether to peep or just wait till everything sorted itself

Alas!, She had decided to let curiousity get the best of her , properly ensuring that she was the only soul that was left in the dim litted lobby that led to a well spaced parking lot, she poked her small head outside for a little bit to witness the scenery that was unfolding right in front of her

Annie could only see a woman tightly pinned down to the ground by two hefty body guards and the person she was speaking to she knows not so she could only watch with her brows taut in confusion

” Please!! Don do this to me , I love you with all my heart even if you don love me , I just want your attention towards me and the living being inside me and I can possibly terminate its existence ” The voice of the woman came out muffled due to the stiffled sobs that was an hindrance to her resonance

Only half of the womans face could be seen but Annie could very well see that the woman was very beautiful ; Too beautiful to let her self dignity as a woman wash away in the surface of mud. Her blonde hair was totally disheveled and rough similar to that of a newly made birds nest _ Moisture embedded in the boundaries of her eyes that threatened to wet her cheek at any second , Her pointed nose ruby red due to profuse crying..

” It seems you do not value the use of your tongue and I won hesitate to rip them out for you ” Came a males voice

Annie froze immediately she heard that deep breathtaking voice that sounded like a death call. Even though she couldn see him nor was he talking to her ; Rippled shivers ran down her spine in place of the person he was talking to..

” Punish and Flog her severely until the lump of flesh she calls a baby comes crawling out without hesitation . And if she collapses take her to the hospital and treat her and then resume the process till blood comes flowing from her inner thighs ”

Annie bit her lips desperately, Had he no mercy at all _ she thought . His frightening voice that could send a group of warriors running for their lives still echoed round the parking lot and she couldn help but shiver in fear ; whether it was stupidity that had taken over her senses or the sheer feeling of curiosity , either was totally bad ..

Waiting patiently until she could no longer hear any sound but only the erratic beating of her heart resembling that of which an hammer was being hammered on ones chest which had relunctantly stopped . And like that of a thief _ she took sneaky footsteps to embrace the feeling of safety and the cool breeze that would gently slap her in the face . Until she realized that she had walked into a bait ; A treacherous one at that.

An enchanting pair of glistening mettalic eyes like that of the sharpened edge of a sword under the blazing sun bore through her soul heating her body up in the process. Cold sweat ran down her back at the smoldering gaze that he directed towards her ; but especially his venomous and murderous aura that made the atmosphere kunk with tension .

Right before her stood the god of beauty _ A human with a beauty that looked truly out of the world . His midnight _ ink hair was a bit disheveled making him look like a snack that one would not wait to devour.

His thick brow furrowed engulfing wrinkles on his pale forehead that spelled curiousity. She wondered how his sharp jaw that looked like it could cut through the toughest of diamonds would feel under her fingers as to whether smooth or lithe ..

His small pink lips displaying a frown rested on a cordy thick neck that was attached to a tall and well muscularly built body frame. In all , his physique oozed utmost superiority and dominance. His impressive biceps were folded across his sturdy chest that oversees a broad shoulders and his back which in turn narrowed to a slim waist..

He was the definition

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