Chapter 30 - Rewards

Chapter 29 – What Are You Looking At?

When the first class was over, Alanda called Rean and Roan over to ask about how many meridians they had opened so far.

Rean and Roan said at the same time.??

”97. ”

Alanda was taken aback.

”Yo-You! You are almost at the Energy Gathering Realm already! ”

That was entirely out of Alanda ’s expectations. I thought that they would have at most 20 or so. But the speed they opened the Meridians was just way too high!

What Alanda didn ’t know was that surprisingly, Rean and Roan Meridians Positions were precisely the same. Well, almost. The last ones, the 104th, were the only ones on different sides. But thanks to the other 103 being in the same places, they had an easier time opening them. That ’s because as long as they wish to share their memories, they can also share what they learned. That being said, they agreed to open different meridians each. Once they learned how to do a specific one, the other only had to copy it. Sure enough, their speed multiplied!

In the end, Alanda could only sigh and say.

”Anyway, go back to your homes. I will try to see if we can find a compatible Cultivation Technique for your elements. For now, just focus on learning how to write and read. It should give me enough time to think about what to do. ”

Rean and Roan nodded before leaving the room.

Alanda then got up and went straight to Juri ’s house. After giving his report…

”Both of them have a rare elemental affinity as well. Not only that, but those elements are also at level 7 each. However, I ’ve never heard about a cultivation manual made for Dark and Light elements. Perhaps, only the sects would have such a thing. ”

Alanda nodded.

”I thought so too. What about you go to the city to search for it? Perhaps, you might find something good enough for them. ”

Juri nodded.

”I thought so too. Although I doubt I will find something, I have to try at least. Still, to think that Rean and Roan already opened 97 meridians. They are only 6 away from entering the Energy Gathering Realm. Judging by their speed, they might finish opening all of them in the next month or so. ”

Alanda agreed with him.

”It is okay, they still need to learn how to write and read, which should take at least a few months. A cultivation technique will be useless before that since there is way too much to remember. ”

Juri nodded and then decided.

”I ’m leaving tomorrow. Take care of the Tribe while I ’m out. Considering the scope of the search, I might need over a week before coming back. ”

Alanda didn ’t mind.

”Don ’t worry, I ’ll take care of everything. ”

Juri and Alanda conversed for a while longer before Alanda decided to return to his home.

Juri then left the next morning without anyone knowing.

Time passed in a flash. During this week, Rean and Roan also participated in different classes.

There were fighting classes, which the two grow-ups obviously aced, only finding an opponent at the other. Of course, the only thing they felt was that they were bullying the kids. There was not a single hint of happiness in their faces after those classes. However, Alanda said that the 10 kids at the top of the class would get 3 Spirit Stones every month. So they had to make sure to be there.

Rean and Roan also had the chance to leave the Tribe for the first time to go hunting. Because of the level of this class, the Tribe put three times more warriors protecting them. Even Alanda himself followed the kids during the hunting training.

The forests around the Varen Tribe were mainly occupied by Stage One Demon Beasts. Different from humans, Demon Beasts are categorized by Stages, not Realms. If we think about all the forests in the south region of Astreg City, you can find demon beasts varying from Stage One to Four. There are also rumors of Stage Five ones living deep into the forests, but those beasts could only be dealt with by Core and Soul Fusion Realm cultivators or above. Something far away from Varen Tribe ’s scope.

During the two hunting sessions that happened the last week, Rean and Roan were basically the only kids that didn ’t feel afraid. The reason was pretty simple. With their Cultivation at the peak Spiritual Vision Stage, they could totally fight a Stage One beast head-on! Just how many times did Rean and Roan fight each other for whatever reason? They didn ’t even hold back when they did that. But because they would always barely win or lose, they felt frustrated… As for the target of their frustration… Let ’s just say that a few Stage One Demon Beasts did not have a good day.

One week later, Juri was finally back. Unfortunately, all he could do was to shook his head. Sure enough, he didn ’t find any cultivation technique for Light and Dark elements. The majority didn ’t even know about other rare Element Affinities ’ existence, let alone have cultivation techniques for them.

”We can only have them try the other Elemental Cultivation Techniques and see which one they feel to be the best one. It is still better than having none. ”

Alanda nodded. He would help the twins with it once they learn how to write and read.

Two weeks later, Rean was at home looking at Roan gloomily. At this very moment, Roan was eating his dessert. But there was nothing he could do about it since he lost. Roan (Death) learned how to read way faster than he predicted. In fact, Rean was quite dumb to make such a bet. Roan knew all the languages in their home universe. Even if this planet ’s language is different from anything he knew, it is still easier for him to put the pieces together. That was a difference in their experience!

Roan noticed Rean looking at his desserts and snorted.

”What you looking at? I won fair and square. Also, it was you who placed this bet, not me. So these desserts and mine. Even if you kill me, I won ’t give you a single one. ”

”Hmph! ”

Rean turned around after finish his dinner with his parents and went back to his room to train. But not before leaving a few words behind.

”You just wait! ”

Turen and Hamarlia didn ’t know to do with those two idiots.

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