Chapter 26 - Affinity Level

Chapter 25 – A New Test

If there was something good about it, that was the fact that no one knows about Inna Malaka ’s aptitude yet. Of course, except the elder who made the test and her family. Juri didn ’t mind talking about a green level aptitude. They might be important, but they are not that rare. So he didn ’t hide their existence. Especially now that they have the Nari Tribe ’s help.

But there was a problem. When Mila was first born, she received quite a few marriage proposals from other Tribe Leaders ’ sons. Even the Kianme Tribe was no exception. Of course, the main objective was to bring the daughter away under their own ranks. Unfortunately for them, Juri rejected every single proposal and said that it would be Mila ’s choice. As annoyed as they could be, there was nothing they could do, nor would they start a war just because of that.??

However, Inna Malaka was another story altogether! It wasn ’t just a few surrounding Tribe ’s proposals. If anyone found about it, marriage proposals would rain over the Varen Tribe from everywhere! That includes influential families from the Astreg City and even the Hanoi Tribe, the Big-Sized Tribe controlling half of the region where they live.

First of all, Juri knew that his new system helped to produce better kids. But he couldn ’t believe that it was good enough for a Blue Color Aptitude one. Juri thought that there is a limit to how good kids from ordinary families could become. The fact that so many Green Aptitudes appeared was already forcing their own fortune way too much!

Juri even thought about asking for his Tribe members to reduce their time making sex… But he soon realized that he wouldn ’t survive a single day if he suggested such a thing. That being said, he immediately rejected that option. Don ’t look down on a Tribe ’s libido in a cultivation world. A person should not get involved in these issues for their own safety.

Poor Juri didn ’t know. Sure, his new system helped parents give birth to healthier babies, increasing the chances of higher talents appearing. This much was definitely true and would work in other places as well. But just this couldn ’t possibly bring such a drastic change! The real reason for that was two little guys with White and Dark Hairs living in his Tribe. Or to be more exact, a particular White and Dark light orb that connected their souls!

Including Rean and Roan, no one noticed, but the balance of Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth around the Tribe was almost two times better than any other place! That was the real reason behind the sudden appearance of so many Green and even a Blue Level Aptitudes. And it was far from over, the longer Rean and Roan stayed in this place, the better the balance would become. Poor Juri doesn ’t know just what awaits him and his Tribe in the future! One can only wonder if he will turn bald from worry.

That being said, Juri believes at the moment that Inna ’s birth was nothing more than coincidence. He totally doubts that such a talent would appear in their Tribe again. However, whether he is right or wrong didn ’t matter. The problem here was how to deal with all of those powers who would be coveting the Malaka Family ’s daughter.

That day when the elder found old about Inna ’s aptitude, he immediately called Juri and Alanda over. Fortunately, Juri had changed the aptitude test when Rean and Roan were born. Now the babies could only take the test alone, with only the elder and the baby ’s family seeing it. So he announced that Inna Malaka was a Green Level Talent as well, which also brought a few marriage proposals, but that he could at least refuse without causing much trouble.

Let alone he not wanting to give the girl away. The problem was that even if he wanted, he could only select one of those big powers which would make the proposals. Obviously, the others would be offended by that, which wasn ’t anything good for the Varen Tribe.

Juri made Inna Malaka ’s family swear to never talk about it, or it would bring calamity to their Tribe. At this moment, even Inna herself didn ’t know that she has a Blue Level Aptitude. She wasn ’t any bit less dangerous than Rean and Roan. After all, even sects would be interested in this kind of talent. Maybe even more than a Rean and Roan since their aptitude can ’t really be judged due to those weird colors.

Now, Inna Malaka, a blue level aptitude girl, was in the new batch with Rean, Roan, and Rivio. Others might think that she is a Green Level. However, this was still considered the strongest Martial Arts class to have ever started in the Varen Tribe.

Rean and Roan, of course, knew nothing about it. As long as they can become stronger and subjugate the other, that was already good enough for them.

The elder responsible for the classes changed every year. This year, Juri decided to not take any risks and immediately tasked Alanda with this mission. Alanda, of course, was more than willing to do so. One Green Level, Two Monster Twins, and a Secret Blue Level, his blood couldn ’t help but boil just thinking about their future accomplishments.

Alanda went to the stage prepared beforehand and spoke.

”It ’s good to see so many talents this year. Remember, from now on, you are going to become warriors. I don ’t care whether you are a boy or a girl, I won ’t go easy on anyone of you. There is no gender when we talk about battle, only victory, and defeat. If you wish to protect your Tribe, Family, and Friends, you should put your all into training! Those who I find out to be slacking will be severely punished. At the same time, those who prove to be putting their best effort will be rewarded, regardless of talent. The warriors are the Tribe ’s honor, and it is your honor to be the Tribe ’s warrior, remember that! ”

”By the way, my name is Alanda Ial, a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. I ’m also the Varen Tribe ’s Vice Leader. I will be supervising this year ’s classes and expect you to show the respect necessary. Now, those who I call get up and come forward. We are going to test your Elemental Affinity. ”

Rean and Roan looked at each other, puzzled. Although they had an idea what it was about due to the name, how come they never heard about an Elemental Affinity test before?

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