Chapter 16 - Arrival

Chapter 15 – The Tribe ’s Decision

Around a week later, the Varen Tribe received a piece of news. The Nari Tribe ’s Leader, Iaman Nari, would be paying a visit. When Juri heard that, a frown appeared between his eyes.

He knows about the Nari Tribe, after all, the number of Medium-Sized Tribes is a lot smaller than small ones. Especially since the Nari Tribe is at the upper side between the Tribes of the same level. If possible, he would simply reject this visit.??

However, they are a stronger Tribe, and offending them would not be a good idea. So he made sure to prepare the Tribe to receive the visitors with open arms.

The Tribe immediately started to get agitated. Everyone knows that the way the Varen Tribe treats its residents is entirely different than the majority. If they were a Tribe that acted on the fear and oppression system, the higher-ups might like this type of event. But they are not, so be it the ordinary member, warriors, or elders, none of them felt relaxed by it.

That same day Juri gathered together with elders of the Tribe to discuss it. Inside the Elders ’ Hall, everyone ’s expression was grave. It was evident that they don ’t see the visit of the Nari Tribe Leader with good eyes. It is no secret that the Nari Tribe is one operating in the system that they hate so much. If possible, they wouldn ’t let him get even close to their territory.

Juri Varen was the first one to speak.

”What you all think about this issue? ”

Alanda Ial, the Tribe Vice leader, was the one to answer.

”We are not idiots. The timing was way too good to be a coincidence. We had just found two new talents, and suddenly, Iaman Nari decided to come. It doesn ’t matter how I see it, he definitely expects us to hand over the Larks ’ Babies. ”

Tirin immediately shook his head.

”Then he can keep dreaming! It is hard for a Tribe to give birth to talents of the Green level or above. Although Rean and Roan ’s aptitudes can ’t be described with common sense, everything indicates that they are no worse than Mila Huinan. As long as we groom them correctly, we might get at least one Foundation Establishment Realm in the future. Perhaps even three! How can we simply give them away? ”

Another elder with sharp eyes then commented.

”That is not the real problem here. Considering the distance and relations between our Tribes, they shouldn ’t have known about Rean and Roan. I believe you all know what that means, right? ”

Juri Varen and the other elders narrowed their eyes. It is obvious that there is a third party behind this event. This third party was definitely someone from the same territory as themselves too. It was most likely one of the Small Tribes allied to attack their Tribe in the past.

”That being said, we shouldn ’t be expecting only the Nari Tribe. There is no doubt that this other Tribe will be coming together to increase the pressure on ours. ”

Juri looked at the elders of the Tribe.

”Before we continue this talk, we should first decide what we are going to do. If we give Rean and Roan, or maybe just one of them to the Nari Tribe, this issue will be over. Of course, there is a chance of he asking for Mila too since he is already here. ”

”If we do that, not only will Nari Tribe leave straight away, the third party behind this issue will immediately depart too. This is the easiest way to resolve this issue. ”

”The second is that we will be dead set to not giving anyone of them. But we will also be incurring the wrath of the Nari Tribe, which is a lot stronger than us. Not to mention this other party behind the scenes. ”

Suddenly, Alanda Ial ’s aura then burst forth, and he smashed the table in front of him.

”So what?! If we give up our Tribe members as easy as that, it will only cause uneasy to the other Tribe members. We fought a bloody battle to get rid of the Irik Family in the past. A lot of those who died have family living in our Tribe at the moment. Giving our kids away would be going completely against that purpose. I say we should be dead set on denying the Nari Tribe. ”

Everyone was taken aback by the Vice Leader ’s outburst. Still, they all agreed with his instance. Even Juri couldn ’t help but smile in satisfaction.

”Good! Is there anyone who thinks otherwise? ”

The other elders immediately got up and shouted.

”No! ”

Juri Varen nodded and stood up as well.

”Very well. It is good that you think this way. Since that is that case, let me tell you another thing. If we had really given our kids away, not only would it affect the Tribe ’s moral, but also influence the other smaller tribes around us. They would think that we are not as strong as they thought and might rally up once more to attack us. ”

”But that is not all. If we keep giving our talents away just because of a stronger Tribe request, our own Tribe would never grow up. In the future, when Alanda and I pass away, today ’s kids will inherit the Tribe ’s responsibilities. If there are no strong leaders left behind, how do you expect them to protect it? So do not fear, do not waver, protect our members and families. If sacrifices are needed, we shall pay them for the sake of a brighter future. ”

Juri Varen took a deep breath and said out loud.

”We fight! ”

All the elders roared as well.

”We fight! ”

Only after deciding their path did the elders finally start to discuss what they should do now. They stayed in the Elders ’ Hall during the entire night, and only when the sun began to appear in the horizon, did they return to their houses.

”Alanda, stay behind for a second. I need to talk to you. ”

Alanda looked at Juri and then smiled.

Once the two of them were alone, Juri finally asked.

”That aura before. Could it be that you…? ”

Alanda couldn ’t help but laugh.

”Indeed. I was planning to keep it a surprise for later, but it seems I got too agitated earlier. It is as you think. I have finally entered the Foundation Establishment Realm. ”

Juri couldn ’t help but laugh out loud as well.

”Great! Keep it for yourself, and don ’t let the others know. In case the Nari Tribe is planning something in the shadows, you will be our trump card. ”

Alanda nodded.

”That shall be done. ”

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